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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time to Realize the Dream Yet again...

The Climax of European International football has dawned upon the soccer crazy faternity as the two Giants of Euro 2008 meet on 29th June, 2008 at the Austrian Capital of Vienna to decide as to who are the bigger bullies in the European circuit. With some closely anticipated matches, like the one between Turkey-Portugal, where Turkey put forward their best foot to edge past the Chech Republic to the Quarters. Croatia turned some tables around beating the formidable German team and in the due course annexed the Group with full, no loss basis points.

The Netherlands under coach Van Basten ( a legend in his genre) shot past more than braces agianst the World Cup Champion Italy as well as the World Cup Runners, France. But The Neths couldn't hold their tempo and sinking many people's aspiration and dreams to meet the Germans in the Final went at bay, when they couldnt even manage to square up against the Guus Hiddink trained young Russians, who were there to spring surprises by reaching the Semis. In the Semis they lost to Spain. The graceful Nani and Ronaldo of Portugal couldnt do what their Neighbour, the Spaniards, did with their Armada having the likes of David Villa ( the first Hattricker of the Euro 2008), Xavi, Xabi, Torres, Puyol and most importantly Cassilas are ready to face the ever determined Germans. They too have their artillery ready with the likes of Ballack, Klose, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Podolski and their goalie, Lehmann... It feels quite like the Hitler's Nazi out there to sink the Spanish Armada.
I support the Germans, although had the Netherlands too in the top notch. The Germans are warriors with never give in attitude. The Spaniards are fast... What ever it may be, its time to realize a dream again...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


The token of feelings vary. From the apt situations to the bamboozling lies. The taste varies all the same.
Today while walking under the arch portals of the Oberoi Grand, Kolkata with my friend Kanad Banerjee, a few lines did touch my heart like a flutter of land bound moisture laden clouds from the Bay. ".... I would manage to live through eterny with the smell of her hair, the touch of her hands and the kiss of her lips....", the cool North Westernly blew across our face, fluttering the soft linen around my ever growing waistline.
Campering through the streets, trying to regain the lost grounds, I made my way to the dry hive trying to recollect back some honey...
I hurried up the stairs.... the extruding sweat moved across the arch of my brows. It moistened the curl when suddenly the thunder struck followed by silence.... interrupted by the frequent taps of the water drops into the empty bucket.... The fan kept it's pace, and then the bossom of the dry earth quenced it's six month awaited thirst.... and the thunder struck twelve....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Those Days of Science College, Ballygunge- VI.


Amidst speculations, the Summer of 2007 crept in. Many new friends made through the net, many faces known but voices unknown till the second semester, came prominent. And not to mention, the many new people who managed to shape up my summer project days at Manovikas Kendra, Kolkata, an enjoyable one. Not missing the names of Disha Di, Debarati Di, Emily Di and Achintya Da along with my Sir, Dr. K. Nandagopal. Besides Samikhan Da, Subhrangshu Da, Barsha Di and others made it a smiling experience. Sitting at the E.M.Bypass tea stall having the brief lunch and then hurrying back with my western blottings, the frequent feasts and the Grand Fiesta at Hiland Park Food Court are some memorable experiences well gathered in those two and a half months spanning from mid-May 2007 to July 2007.

The frequent rumors of the second semester examination result out was always in the air. With Biotech and Micro-Bio results already on the board, we awaited ours! In that course, we had some false outings at Rauls after a futile visit to the department! Joydeep, Budhaditya and myself made our respective ways for the chart busters!

The major gang of the time was out stationed or un-available! Be it Arijit who was in Noida or Kanad, who was in IIT KGP. Basu was in VMS along with Arpita and the dilapidated Lyaad Group, counting down to the mere three made our presence felt once every alternate week. Those days made the realisation of a service life, be it research or simple office work... the feeling of compulsion and responsibilty merged with a compassionate proportion that made the feeling unique and quite valuable for a future use.

At the end of the day, the Project entitled: "GARS-AIRS-GART a trifunctional enzyme protein used in de Novo purine biosynthesis and its relation with Down Syndrome" stood its ground, whose presentation was scheduled in the last week of May, 2008.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dreaded Limbics..

The Limbic system around the Hypothallamus posses the office for all the various emotions, be it the smile to the giggle, to the cry to the fright! The Dreaded Limbic section is always fully active on Friday the 13th, which this year, 13.06.08 brought with full of dreadedness hidden by!

With the TV commercials highlighting one of the most mythical days in a calender, that bears no synchrony with the calenders nor the years. Suddenly at the end of the day you have a glance at on the paper, and you would see it glaring at you. Friday the 13th!

People say that its a day when the shadow of evil moves round the Earth. And with the gong of midnight, they strike the hearts with shrilling cold sweat moving down your spines. Today I seat hereby to get a taste of that. The cool wind from blows around, mumbling the dried up leaves fallen at the foot holds of the 200 year Banyan tree. Not a soul on the move...or may be I fail to see them. The dogs move from one crevice to the other, to get the shelter from the unknown and unseen dangers. May be they also know that the Headless Horseman of the Briton Moors goes out this day. They know that the Highway man still robs ob his White Lining... they know that death strolls amongst the streets of Calcutta, unseen by thy eyes... as ever.


00 00 hrs, the Church sounded its bell...or is it the Knell for the Mass? Its the midnight Struck 12 of the Friday 13th! India may have the 14th day rolling in with the strike of midnight, but the world wakes with the 13th day of June, thats a Friday. As soon as I wrote this......

Friday, June 13, 2008

Quenching with the Drench....

Walking in the Rain was a Cherished Compulsion,
So that others wouldn't notice that I was Crying...
It was a Cherished Option,
That I would like to have it Day in and Day out,
With a smile...
I keep Praying....
For thy Life.....

When the clouds opened its' pipeline, letting the torrent beat against the umbrella lamina, the heart sounded with the pump, the pulse beat with the pressure...for you were there with me, on the same branch, since the inception of our location, it was the first time ever.... I loved thee, drenching to quenching a unknown yet pleasurable thirst to be there under the God Given pleasure and face it.....

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Where mind meets the soul, the Tethys Sea starts its rumbling back to existence. Peers of pressure on the abuting fronts, it stood dry for the past million minutes. The previosu sentence seemed a jargon of words that possesed only but illegitimate meaning. Its time to go back to the basics and search for the answers as to what brings the cracks in thy threshold of the once sealed up Tethys, forming back to the abysmal cave in of an ocean.
The culmination of Time and the Flight seemed out of focus, always arising aberrant results. The inuit remained heated through the ages, but the capitalisation aroused the realisation of of faulty techniques that better be healed through or else, the drops would start coming fill the abyss. Asit is, it shows its silent appearance... ooooooooooo.... there goes the Trickle.....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Will it be a Swan Song?

Will it be a Swan song or the Rythm Divine? Lord almighty knows the answer as the end of this day, things would turn up either beutified by the Tanning or may turn Tarnished and sour. A lot depends on the situation and the mood of the superior individuals who would be in the process to make us endured enough to be successful in our respective lives! Facing them is not a compulsion, nope, not a mere compulsion but an honor as well as dignity, where by we will come in touch with the best in the business of the University and around. A good rehearsal for the days to come, where by as I am dreaming to be in States in a year from now, it is really a very good excercise no doubt!
But amidst the positives the feeling of leaving one of the greatest friend circle possible with whom I managed these post graduation years with grace and pomp show was really mind blowing achievement! It was whole lot of fun with Climaxes and AntiClimaxes, Liquor and Tour, Fun and Laments! Wonder Years in true sense! But at the end of this day, the tree will remain but without proper leaves on it.

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