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Presidential Blues

And its all about Presidency University, whose confluence behaves like those of the College! Of course, the college cannot be undermined, presenting some of the best academicians and thinkers that India will boast for ever.
People used to lick the cream, cast in the yesteryear. The out going Left Front Government of West Bengal decided to play a political trick, of reviving the face of Bengal Education, by releasing the clutch of University of Calcutta, over the renowned college. They passed in a bill that embossed the title University, beside the name, Presidency.
Being a Presidencian (Physiology Hons; B.Sc 2006), I am happy like many. It meant delivering the following: 1) Right to formulate a competitive Syllabus that would help us crack All India Entrance Examinations for Post Graduation. 2) Right to appoint Faculty. 3) Develop an ambiance of Research and Development. Given the Laboratories, many state of the art instruments can be installed to help the Undergrads take the opportunity t…

The Change that Chain...

Is the topic making you feel like a pup? Or like the bigger figure, a bull dog. Recently, I even heard that the present Indian Cricket Team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni would like to chain a Royal Bengal Tiger; ahem... I mean, adopt him. Not only him, many others have achieved the feat. So, how would the chains look like? Studded with Diamonds, as for Dhoni's pet or a simple steel twines round the neck of the poodle, that you may spot in your neighbors balcony? What ever it may be, its a Chain that speaks for the status and also, its a chain that speaks your personality. Compare the widths of the stuff that I been blogging for the past few lines, between the poodle, tiger and say for example an elephant.
Huge jump eh?
Well, in our life style, our outlook always chain in our mood. The way we present ourselves reflects the mood-o-meter's present status; is it the P-mood (Pessimistic) or is it the B-one (Brighter). Changes always synchronize our lives, with our personality and our …

CSIR - NET: A Positive Change.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), is the highest funding organization in India and is being considered as the heaviest investor in Scientific research in Asia. It, along with UGC conducts a National Eligibility Test (NET), for candidature in PhD in different arenas of science, in India. The arenas include Geo-Science, Life Science, Physical Science, etc. I have had taken this examination to qualify for the better position and blend a better life style with research. It was never tough to crack the Lecturership position, but it was tough to crack the JRF-position. The pattern of examination, with respect to life science always had two papers. The first one was a general science knowledge paper while the second one was subjective, but in that too... it had all the life sciences inter mingled with it. It was hard for a Physiology graduate to cope up with details of Botany, Microbiology, zoology and environmental science, in the first go!
Now, from June 2011, a huge ch…

Planning a Trip: Feeling the Elderly Family Man.

Feels good.
Although these plannings would materialize in the Pujas, but planning a trip for just over a week is really a work that can bring in some grey waves across the curls, you so gently combed in over the years. And then, you start feeling that you have grown up. Similar incidences were common in the past as well; but there was a huge reversal of act. Those days, Dad and Mom used to chalk out all the trips and the finances, while I was too excited to pack my binoculars (bought from the Hongkong Market, Siliguri in 1994). There had been quite a number of trips that I had the opportunity to make with my Dad and Mom. I still remember then thin and thick:
1988 - First ever trip of my remembrance was to Puri. 1990 - Second one was Digha. 1992 - It was Puri again. 1994 - Darjeeling, Gangtok, Rotang, Changu 1996 - Delhi, Agra, Mathura, Jaipur 1998 - The last trip with dad was to Digha.
After that, many equations in life had changed. Although I was frequent within the trip books, making a all …

Finances: Getting hold of Nothing!

It is a simple story of a simpleton from a simple-town. He wanted to invest and dream of winning the races in a very short go. Just like the famous song of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. The famous film has significance in everybody's life. The one, who has always been dreaming of money, house, car, servants...better food, drinks and girls/boys! Well, RBGG has SRK in everybody's mind. It was a dream come true for the slum dweller to dream big and become big, thanks to the luck of meeting a GM who has the desire to love the slum dweller. Who doesn't want the properly waxed legs come walking in their life.

Today's Raju is different... he is smart, is gizmoed... he smokes heavy, party hard, even spends too much on the deo! You have the online solution for everything... finances come fast, mutual funds, insurances, public provident funds, fized deposits and then we have the share market as well... money runs in hard as well as easy. Today need the luck to have the easy lips kiss …

Lineage: Mobiles and Me.

Of 25 years of its inception, since Motorola introduced the world of mobile phones, an eon has passed over, making the mobiles from a Bulky Black Monster piercing holes in your pocket to the sleekest smart phones, symbians and androids! The requirement of mobiles, to just be an "in touch" device has evolved into "touch screen" device, bringing a plethora of apps that not only counts your heart beat and pressure, but can even drive your car along with its bluetooth... and then you have a deserving sleep.
Of the 25 odd years of its operation, I have had the fortune of coming in contact with them for the past 9 years. Since, 2003...its being a really great experience... sigh and sometimes alleviated!
I have created a small illustration of my mobile lineage. Simply from the world of black and green screens (Nokia 3315), I shifted for the colour and then came the music system and camera, which now follows the 2G internet facilities. Life mould along with the needs, that c…