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Saturday, August 27, 2011


They just covered me up, when I was just about to finish off the day's chapter at IICB, signing off at the gates last Wednesday. It was 10:37PM and I was little worried that I might be missing the K8, the only vehicle that could take me to my destination called home, at this dry hour.

Think of dry! It started with a few drops on my cheeks, eye lids and then in gripped upon the rhythm of tips and taps, with occasional slush from the speeding cabs and bikes that tread past the S. C. Mullick Road, Jadavpur.


They made me swim through the sweet times. Those red eyed scoldings that I used to get from you and my mom regarding my special adaptive hobby to get drenched in the rain. That day, when I described myself to the lifeless tree standing in open air, drenching with the hope of getting some life back. That is how I described myself to you and described you to the rain. Our first date... started with and in the rain...

Life has taken several years to settle into this groove. The incessant trials to crack the competitive exams... "incessant"...again a colloquial for the rain forest, describes our lives; at present. Several miles disrupts our regular becomes life savers. I envy the several ads of cheaper local calls... (Why weren't they present when you were around!)

Last Wednesday, brought to me the essence of water to life. Life savers, no doubt. It had really been a strenuous day, but like the most suitable chemical reagent and justifying its title of being an Universal Solvent, those drops of water dissolved all those pain. Infused life and made me remember those days... shining within the corner of my eyes... when you were around.

Today, your smile and eyes are around me... in the Drops...

Courtesy: Kanad/ Joydeep/ Arijit. (Aug, 2011)

Somnath Paul Photography


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