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A Poor Story

Funny as it seems, the bright side is the title of the article being a poor story. A story that repeatedly bangs on and makes it's way into every household through media. First, there was some killing over the beef issue, then came protests and marches, followed by some crakers in Patna to Pakistan, National Cow Forum or something, the Kerala House, SRK and now.... Amir Khan!
Doe it take the nation anywhere? And is it news if Amir Khan's wife wants to go outside the country because of being insecure? She can go to anywhere! What does it take for a common man who is trying to go places and earn food in peace? This lousy media boils will only brew a soup that will bring about a communal disharmony and later will give enough fuel for the political parties to rally more! Believe me, after seeing these, what SRK or Amir Khan is telling may be their feeling! Celebrity... their voices will surely be heard! But what Kiran Khan wants to do and buy a home in the Palm Beach Resort, is t…

50 : 30

You have been 50 years and 1 day... I was waiting for this magical number to come forth, so that I can write this small token of thanks for entertaining 20+ years of my life.
Hi SRK, this is Somnath. Naam toh Sunah hoga...
That Somnath who reads your tweet and occassionally tweet some, to be "shared" by you on one occasion. Yes, I am that person, who still likes to watch your movies over and over again, but never speaks the good infront of your die hard fans; because I know that I cannot match their stamina. As it is, it will not be worth to pester you infront of your gates, when you try to take some time off for Gauri and your kids! Its like, Abhi toh Family baki hain yaar....
Shaking hands with you will not be enough, as it's better to keep immortal. If I touch you, you are mortal. Well, in true sense you are, but somewhere Gods are never mortal! :P
I know, there will be many eye balls popping out, I have never been in talking or discussing all these and have always t…

A "Beef" Story

According to Hinduism, God resides in every thing, starting from the inanimate objects to the human being himself. Scientifically, we have all come into existence from the inanimate objects created millions and billions of years ago, in the super kitchen called the stars and the cosmos. Literally, we all are star-born, but still we have our differences! Differences that have helped the leaders tame us to our fears and angers, which if being diverted to a fruitful energy can bring much better and developed society.
Very recently, the beef story has been flashing in briefs all over India. Starting from the murder for the palate near Gurgaon to the uproar in Kerala Bhawan, the Holy Cow has been in media for the past few weeks! Why is Cow Holy? Because mythology states that Lord Krishna address her like a motherly figure, giving Milk. Well, taking of milk, all mammals do; starting from the mouse to the cow, all have mammary glands! Not only cow, every organisms need to to be spared then!…

পান্দেল-এ পান্দেমনিউম

পুজো শুরু....

এদিক ওদিক ছুটছে মানুষ,
উড়ছে ধুলো,
দুলছে ফানুস -
পুজো এসেছে আবার করে,
উমা এসেছে মর্তলোকে।

ঘুরছে চাকা,
উড়ছে বেলুন ,
Guiness Book থেকে আসছে কজন ;
মানুষেরই সমাগমে,
দেখবে বিদেশ উত্সব কাকে বলে!

এইনা বলে মানুষ ছোটে,
দিশেহারা  রুদ্ধশ্বাসে!
চটি খুলে,
ঘেমে নিয়ে,
পুজোয় মানুষ আনন্দ করে..

রাতের শেষে, ভর হয়ে যায়,
খুদা তৃষ্ণা থাকে একই জায়গায়,
অন্ধকারের চত্ব শিশু,
আবার করে দিক্বাজি খায়।

তোমার পুজো, আমার পুজো,
বিশ্ব সেরা দুগ্গা পুজো,
সৃষ্ঠি সুখে মানুষ হারায়,
অন্য কারোর জীবনের দায় ,

আসছে বছর আবার হবে,
পদ দলিত মানুষ যাবে,

সুধু জেনে রেখো মা সর্বাসুখে,
ভিক্কুক কে দুটি অন্ন  দিলে,
মন থেকে পুজো পূর্ণ হবে!

---সোমনাথ পাল

4-0. Does it really matter for Mohun Bagan, statistically?

In the world, where number rules now a days, with a sad heart I still do feel that does the scoreline of 4-0 really matters? 
Here is a small data:
EB: 135 times winning 20 trophies. Since 1920.... 2015: 1.42 trophies per year. ( MB: 246 times winning 54 trophies. Since 1889...2015: 1.95 tropies per year. ( Still my fellow frnds shall say... talk after 1920.... so, I am talking after 1920 for Mohun Bagan....
MB: Since 1920...2015: 213 times winning 42 trophies (*IFA 1911 is also excluded): 2.24 trophies per year.
So, with so much at stake, the defeat of Mohun Bagan can be only for the day. In the long run though, statistically, Mohun Bagan is still 1.58 times ahead in  trophy win per year, considering data from 1920 to 2015 till date.

Wireless from Across the Atlantic : First Week

Getting in the pressed clothes, the journey started foe me nearly 10 days ago. A journey, that extended the first day of "hopefully" many more days to come. The day of Aug 20, 2015 was 29 hours for me. 2 hours in India, 15 hours in flight and then another 12 hours in US.
And then started a string of images from across the Atlantic for people back home to have a look, through my eyes. Specially my mom, who recently is taking her first strides into the World of Facebook.
There were two reasons, to be here. One to visit my wife and second to deliver a talk on my research activities at a Global gathering in Philadelphia. To a person like me, its all new... and the next few articles in this blog will be on that. Fresh from the neural network to the digital network.
Courtesy: Google Maps.

Normally, people back home use to compare the "cleanliness" of US. I would like to admit that I am no exception. But, they do not explain why. They do not think why? Population back ho…

A month of NO 2 Minutes : Looking back to a busy lifestyle without Maggi.

Approximately a month back, Indian household faced the Lead hurdle and their easy gate away to a morning breakfast, lunch and even evening snacks crashed down like the crunchy uncooked "Maggi" noodles.

"Maggi". A term that needed no introduction. I guess, just like Abhimanyu learnt the way into the Chakravyuha, the new born learns and tastes the ecstasy of Maggi, right in his/her mother's womb. You don't need a father like Arjun to teach him that; even a lazy dad can make one 2 minute dish, with the best taste to offer.

Enough of the introduction. How have we fared amidst the dawn of "Maggi"-less diet?

I asked a few friends of mine and they came up with mixed reactions.

A: Its like living without peace.
B: I don't feel anything different! We have more reasons to worry than our platter (he dashed off to do his experiment). I got you bro!
C: Very difficult! There are so many more things and the Government wanted to ban the cheapest of them all.…

My Choice. My Choic. My Choi..... My Chai....

Feel lost?

Well another of those bread and butter videos without any feel to it. In the matter of feminism or #Empowerment as they would mean, Kalki's video was better than the rest! Come on. You cannot keep boxing in the feminism. Its about individualism and freedom that is in question and if Ms. Padukone and her team in Vogue were to emphasize on the lame statements made by "heroes" of the nation about Women etiquette in dressing, timing, kissing and snoring; those heroes have been trolled a million of times and I guess they even cease to exist to comment on those at the time!

The Vogue initiative to me seems very Vague and I may face the hot iron the face of the Rock Solid Feminist Face; but to me, the truth is feminism is all about respect. If you want to work for it just show it in the right sense. Yes, I liked the starting like my body, my soul... and ending may be somewhere, the Universe; but to the mass who worship Ganga as Mother and sit down to piss on her fac…

Notes of The Owl

For the past several days it has been going on. Indecisive feelings, cutting chai... minutes turned into hours. Then somewhere deep down within, voices tried to burst open the flood gates; onlu to fail. Men dont cry, says the Angel.I walk through the gates of Sealdah station. Trying to board the train and jump in for a seat. 4 in a crampy 3 seater. Like every common man its an adjustment that you always make, with a smile. Even though you have your bystanders sweat driping over your head, feet and sometimes... better leave that.Today, something different happened. Something worthy enough to pull me out of the isolated quilt in the world of blogspot and start tapping on the keys. A man. Aged somewhere 45-55, boarded the Sealdah Sonarpur local. 10:55am. The train started. This gentleman was kind enough to make way so that I may seat. #Reason. I had a bad ankle, twisted.I asked him not to, but he said. You are like my son. How can I see my child stand in pain? It was awkward to see this …

Byomkesh Phire Elo

My first movie in the theaters in 2015: Bomkesh Phire Elo. As it always had been, the Byomkesh is an all time favorite, given that the plot is revealed in a very succulent manner and the culprit is exposed right at the end. With the other favorite been on the go, Felu Da, both incidentally played by Abir Chatterjee, feluda plots are very vibrant and dynamic where you somehow get to know the culprit midway the story. It rests as to how the culprit managed to do the crime. But Byomkesh goes with the crime and the timeline sets in perfectly. In this movie, many more things could have been the interesting way. But, a good entertainer.