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Monday, November 27, 2006

Maine poocha chand se....

Well, dont worry am not going to remix the great Rafi sa'ab's song by any means. Like the moon seems to be alone in the sky, this passing by scrap or rather crap is just to lament that i am also rueing the missed chance, somehow or the other...lets see when the sun shines in my luck!!! or shall it ever sign? god knows! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 24, 2006

Blogger Blabs....

The monotony of life has creapt in my beautiful garden of eden. Its all darkness around, only the beauty is to think of the fact that somewhere there is light, although the span or the illumination is very small, but there is light.
Taking the examples of the last few days. Its being just University and home and back to University. Post Graduation is not a child's play. Its full of hardships. It would really have had been better had i managed to slip into the Joint Entrance and become a doctor or may be atleast an engineer. Atleast I would have had a job top savor at the moment like my other pals.
But as life hates to give a second chance, similarly I hate to look back, but the ifs and the buts and the because does change the life into a monstrous alley, which is dark..with few lights. Its mystery future lying ahead and am sure of that!
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some Fun...

Click the topic title or here to view some of my creations in the world of Videography....
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Meet The Other Scorpio....

Happy Birthday dear pal.....
Sandip Saha, born on 22nd November, is the other scorpio of the S5 after Sangabaran. May be its too late to write the post but as the saying goes...better late than never...
He is now in Bangalore preparing for his Semester, but is in a really jolly mood....hats off to you pal, with all the best wishes from all of us here in Cal.... take care. looking foreward to meet you in Jan.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Coming Together....

This is the first ever photo where all the five have had come together.... the members of S5 are marked here... its the class X excursion to the North Bengal, and its being taken in Lava Lolegaon...
There are some of the really interseting incidents in this trip especially Sandip and Sourav repeatedly and in form of a relay were faling ill. Today after studying Human Physiology i know theye were simple victims of Hypoxia, which was not acute though! Here i would like to narrate an happened in Mirik//! It was really foggy, but we alonfg with few others...Sanga was not then in the group....decided to trek outside the hotel in teh foggy mountains.... wecouldnt see 5 ms the visibility was so low! And then suddenly Soumillo made his way inside the hotel, and came out with a sunglass and Sandip's camera..reason: HE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HIS PICTURE the clouds!!!! that little incident is a spice amongst the five of us till today..and its some 7 years old story from today! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Every Point leads to S5.

(L-R): Top-----Sourav, Sangbaran, Soumillo. Middle----- Somnath (me), Sandip.

The Story of S5.... As every point leads to something, in our lives....almost every point leads to S5.... this is a group where there are just five members, who have had been the best of friends for the past 7 yeares, since their school era. The group started to come together in bits and pieces, but slowly it gained momentum and today, we just have to meet some time or the other to just have a taste of the golden yesteryears and to have a good shot at the present with an enjoyable note...always. Today, Sangbaran, Sourav and Sandip are doing Engineering, Soumillo is destined to be an economist and well as far as my carrer goes, am trying my best to become a geneticist and also become a teacher in near future.
These episodes of S5 will be on the screen now and then and it is a story to be told, with the very best intention in mind....that is to show that amidst the busy life style, friendship has to live on, for a better living....

(to be continued...)
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Happy B'day Sanga

Pic: Mr. Sangbaran Dasgupta.

One of the most integral member of our group, recently jhave passed his 22nd birthday, on 6th Nov, 2006. We wish him all the best in the coming 365 days and so on.... We the members of S5 are really very very proud that this fellow has crossed a nos of hardships in life...especially dealing with the rest four monkeys, who are Sandip, Sourav, Soumillo and myself Somnath. With lots and lots of love. May you fulfill all your wishes..happy b'day yaar! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fly High.

In this modern world, everyone tries to fly high...higher...and ultimately reach the highest. In the course of their trajectory... they forget that the world is round and some day or the other, the person is bound to fall down...may be not from the position, but fall into the lap of death. Then all those positions, all those up streams are useless, and the person dies an unfulfilled death. Why I say its an un-fulfilled one , because, in the course of their flight, they forget what they are leaving behind in haste. And thats emotion and relationships. Flying is good, looks nice, as the jet plane flies across the sky. But, one should have a destination and a focus, beyond which just like the jet, the person should take a rest off the flight schedule to rejuvinate and recap his or her path,for a new beginning.
Best of luck to those who are reading this blog of mine!
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