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A Message To all Indians:: Time to Think.

It is very easy to shout against the leaders, who have resulted the death of hundreds of soldiers cross border or in our heartland, in Mumbai. If you feel for those warrior's blood, then why not save them from the whims of the men at the top, but choosing the WHIMLESS... It is you, who pointed the finger to Mr. Achutanandan! Finding the name familiar. It is that same CM who soured our thoughts by calling a Martyr's death worthy of a dog's sacrifice!!! You did burst out then, what happened now?

When Kolkata Votes, I will Vote on 13/5/09.
When your locality Votes, answer the call... Justify those thousands of bullets, where names of many Brigadiers, Captains, Subedars, Sepoys lie carved in blood.
Answer yourself... Are You doing it right by sitting back?
Answer by looking into your mother's eyes... are you doing her Justice, when thousands like her lose people like you because of faulty leadership?
If you think what will your one vote do...then re think again! Drop by Drop, w…


Not a Fly!!!

No No, Its not a Dog even!!!

Its the Politicians, who faces smells the "Sweet" Smell of Leather. Sometimes Nike, sometimes Woodlands and sometimes the Indian Made Rubber Back hawai chappal (Sandal). After the Iraqi Journalist showed the way, Indians have used it more often within the last one month, spanking the "good for nothing" Politicians, with their foot gear!

#1) Mr. P. Chidambaram [Congress]. The Home Minister had to duck to a Number 7 boot of Mr. Jarnail Singh, the Dainik Jagaran Reporter for spanking a shoe at him when he was shoving off the Tytler issue regarding the Sikh Issue. The report found it's place in my blog. Click here for details. P.C gave his smile and generously asked him to leave.

#2) Mr. N. Jindal [Congress]. In our times we have had our share from our school teachers several times. Back then it was never an issue. Now when Mr. Jindal got spanked by the an elderly school master at a vi…

The Gen-Y Leaders.

It never happens again that Mr. Sharma wakes up one fine morning to see that his newly painted Jade Ruby paint has received a white tinge. On closer observation, he never lacked the insight of finding out that it was not his Gillette shaving foam that might have been notoriously sprayed onto the walls by his six year old son. It was done more meekly by a group of "nightlings" (better say certain Ugly Ducklings) who have had their work done for the betterment of the society at the expense of the beauty of the locality! They are the Party Men, who feel merry at defacing the walls of the people with "lime frescoes" begging the people to vote for Mr. XYZ!!!

Now, this never happens now. With a tough call by the Election Commission of India, whereby they have recently sent an ultimatum to all the political parties that such display without proper permission from the premise owner, would be wiped off with proper amendments and the bills would be forwarded to the parties wh…

An Emphatic Match.

Three days back, I spilled the beans after the literal surrender by the Kolkata Knight Riders' in the hands of Deccan Chargers. The mood was uplifted, but not satisfactorily after the rain truncated match was awarded to KKR, via the Duckworth Lewis system. (I don't prefer a truncated match being decided! After all, the fielding side needs 10 good balls to win a match, while the side chasing needs more than 11 runs to win, as always!)
Today, 23/24th April (IST), a match did glue us to our seats. More in Jaipur and Kolkata, the whole nation witnessed a thriller! Rajasthan Royals ultimately won the match snatching victory from the jaws of Kolkata Knight Riders, in a tie breaker over, called the Super Over! RR won with two balls to spare!

Chris Gayle started a "Gayle Storm", uprooting the Rajasthan Royals in a run chase of 151 runs in stipulated 20 overs! Initially, the Rajasthan Royals created an impact with Yusuf Pathan creating fireworks! He was joined in by R. Jadej…

Winds of Change.

May be it's too early to comment. But looking at certain trends, it can well be put in that compared to last time, this time Trinamool Congress would be harvesting a much better yield. In 2004 election, after the communal tainted BJP (thanks to Ram Mandir, Ayodhya in 1993 and the Godhra Massacre in 2002, TMC could yield only 1 seat out of the 42 contested. With an alliance with BJP and a rift with Congress, the votes got distributed, making CPI-M victorious in various strongholds of TMC and Congress!
The breaking news at the moment is, Forward Bloc candidate for the election has taken one hand in revealing that it was CPI-M and more so, Chief Minister, Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya had ordered the police firing in 2007 over the protesting public mob at Nandigram. The massacre witnessed a massive uprising against the government with the public unrest against the state leadership and executive machinery. Forward Bloc is an associate of the Left Front, that had been ruling the state for …

Bheja Fry and Rasgollas Dry!!!

Following one of the posts from one of my junior's, whose impact was not felt due to a sedentary life for the last few days! But the junior, Dwaipayan Adhya still makes to the University through the daily route to the University felt it more..than what I did!

Sunday saw the mercury in Kolkata soar to 41.2'C while the day ago was then termed as the second hottest day in April since Indian Independence, with mercury at 40.8'C. The last time it was in 1952, with mercury kissing the 43'C mark! (information from Star Ananda- Alipur Meteorological Database.) The MeT office has already pressed the panic button with heat waves and my personalized iGoogz predicted Tuesday (21/4/09) to have a waltz with 42'C mark! What a luck to be in Kolkata. Better still, if the prediction is far fetched, then Thurdays could see the history repeat with temperature soaring 43'C!!!

Dwaipayan mentions:
" Do you ever wonder how it would be like to taste your own brain curry? If you are i…

Aussies + Indians(Bengalis) + Experimentations = Disaster!!!

Whenever the above concoction is available, it never cures..but creates disaster. The last time this happened when Greg Chappel was the Coach of Team India, did India see a hula-bula in the field of cricket, on and off field. The removal of the Captain, Sourav Ganguly resulted in anointing the deputy, Rahul as Captain of Indian Cricket team. The result? India was shown the door in the first leg of the World Cup, 2006. India had only one credit to her name, posting the highest WC score against Namibia, which was 400+ runs in 50 overs! Cheers!!

Now, on a much smaller version of the game, John Buchanan, the former Australian Natioanal Team Coach and another Australian by birth have taken the reign in his hands and removed Sourav Ganguly from Captaincy of Kolkata Knight Rider's team, in the IPL Edition 2. The result? Disaster. Knights lost to Deccan Chargers on 20/4/09 comprehensively by eight wickets, posing the lowest IPL 2 score batting first and utilizing full quota of 20 overs!


IPL 2 | Kolkata Knight Riders.

Its back. It will start off in a few hours.
The venue: South Africa.
The organizers: B.C.C.I.

Indian Premier League will be turned on with all the mind boggling battles at stake, which was witnessed by millions all over the world, and which changed the face of Cricket once again, since the Prudent World Cup, 1971.

Eight Teams battle it out for the millions of dollar worth of money and fame! After all the tournament not only given India but other nations an opportunity to recognize the talents that was once overlooked or remained properly un-dicovered! For example, after playing for the King's Eleven Punjab last season, Ross Taylor got a call as a regular New Zealand player in the ODI as well as the Test Team, leave aside the Twenty 20! The once retired Shane Watson got a recall in the Australian team after his match winning performances in several matches last season for Rajasthan Royals, that sealed the berth back upon him! India also unvieled talents in Rohit Sharma (who played for …


May be the out burst upon my side was too much. But if this is how one common man can say..and feel... there are billions to encounter. May be most of us wont heed the prayers of a common man. Just another face in the crowd of millions in a city? To live, get out for work and then get back to home! But it is for these illicit (again harsh, but can't help), that we cannot help but think something else other than the normal and accepted schedule.
Today I hear that the gallant officers and the pedestrian captured Kasab Ansari would be treated partly on humanitarian grounds, as according to the International Council of Law. Show humanitarian regards to a person who does not know what it means to be a human. He had pleaded for his other's visit? Why? Let him rot in the prison (as long as he is not hanged!) without meeting any of his "close" ones! Feel like pumping a few bullets in his close one's heart infront of him! Insane! Piglet!
Iask one question? Why does it alway…


Hang Him... We haven't forgotten the pain that he and his illegitimate Pakistani brothers did to our innocent countrymen. We have not forgotten the several gallant soldiers who lost their lives just to snub down the worthless, FUCKING, Pakistanis. HANG KASAB!

What does the Indian government of judiciary want to prove? Being Noble Nation? Noble to whom? to certain Dog-FUCKERS? Noble to whom? To Pakistani citizen? A nation who has nothing in their asses except their lost identity? Who has nothing in their goddamn chests except the dungs of our cows? BullShit! Why would Kasab meet his mother? Some one who has erased so many sons from their respective mothers? Come On India... please act like what USA did to Iraqi Monster Saddam... HANG HIM WITHOUT NOTICE!!!

The Indians are very angry with the system. At least don't try to test their patience with this Sister-Fucker!!! Already the shoes and slippers are flying every where. If you want more, we can do something like this: CLICK HERE.…

Bengali New Year: Poila Boishak.

I wonder how it would have been in 1912, when the day before the Bengali New Year, the then biggest ocean liner..the "invincible" Titanic kissed the bottom of the Atlantic? It was some 97 years ago, and my wonder is nothing but a vague idea to start off with. But one thing I can account for in that year, from my Great Grand Father's notebook, Mr. Satyanarayan Paul wrote:

15th April, 1912: (Bengali) Aaj 1319, Bangla Naba Barsha. Kintu kal jahajdubi-r por ajker din ta fyakashe... Today, 1319, Bengali New Year. But after what happened yesterday, as per the news,a ship-wreck the day's celebration seems very blunt and faded!

Bengali New Year. In colloqial its being termed as Poila Baisak. The first month being Baisak, as according to the Bengali Calender. According to the Gregorian Calender, it falls in either 14th or 15th of April each year. The Bengali calender was devised earnestly because of various practices that were once upon a time practiced in the subcontinent. Hav…

Future Engineering Job Sector: Bicycle Mechanics.

Quite a peculiar heading to start off with. Eh?!! Well it was just to make you people interested as to what is written in the blog article. The norm as written in the topic has already been shown in the Indian commercial, issued in the public interest, by PCRA, Petroleum Co-poration and Reasearch Association. A government undertaking instituition who have had appealed to the people via media (both motion and print, as well as Radio-FM)They are targetting to save fuel so that our regular amenities run on a much regular basis, with smoother outcome. Hence, in the following advertisement, a school student, in his dad's car suddenly sprouted the idea of becoming a cycle mechanic. To his observation and conclusions, his dad as well as other drivers kept their vehicles on even at the red-light stoppage at a crossing. The child infers that the way the fuel is being consumed without reason, soon there wouldnt be left on the earth and then every one would have to avail cycle for daily tran…

Bigger than Ever.

The battle for the crown will never be bigger than ever. It was never like this since the inception of the tournament in the history of Indian football. Previously termed National Football League (NFL), the second edition of I-League (Indian League). The tournament started like a fairy tale for many teams, having dream runs, nightmare matches and some did up their tempo to fight for survival. As it always had been, Bengal and Goan teams made the most impact with some other regional teams making their impression in the tournament.

At present,
Churchill Brothers --- 43 points.
Mohun Bagan --- 43 points.
Sporting De Goa --- 40 points.
Dempo SC --- 30 points.
Mahindra United --- 28 points.
Mumbai FC --- 28 points.
East Bengal --- 27 points.
Air India --- 24 points.
Chirag United SC --- 23 points.
JCT --- 22 points.
Mohammedan Sporting --- 22 points.*
Vasco Sporting --- 10 points.*

*Relegation Zone as on 12/4/09

The points are following all the penultimate matches of the league are over.

The Scenario:Moh…

Wishing a Calcutta-n in Arizona.

Arizona, half the way round the globe would be the pin point location whose weather is quite different from the tropical climate experienced here in Calcutta. Hence, if I decide to have a step into the land would require me to have a thorough check up for the weather and it's difference. After all, weather and climate is the first thing that an individual eagerly notices out of his/her's window-sill. At present, I am in Calcutta (presently called Kolkata) in India.
While Calcutta is always wet and humid, Arizona is amongst some of the rockiest states amongst all the states present within the US union. Hence, the climate there would be comparatively dry compared to Calcutta.

1) Calcutta is humid through out the year, with the maximum dis-comfort level surmounting during the months of April to September every year. In comparison, Phoenix, a town in AZ, USA has it's moderately tough times between July to September.

2) Calcutta, owing to a distance of 130 kms from the sea shore,…

The United Progressive Alliance: A Review.

All over India, various media channels and prints have delivered their news, their way. Many interviews, starting from the college campus to the local trains, Indian media is gearing India up with what the India will be looking towards, being the largest democracy in the World.

2004 to 2009, five years, held at office with few nudges down the lane. The United Progressive Alliance tried what they could do the best. Run a Government, facing the atrocities of both external and internal elements. The seventh largest country in the world saluted a number of "wonders" in political fabricated terms, in these five years, and again, time and again failed to meet them. Now is the time for one of the common man to place his view, for what the UPA has achieved and what it hasn't as according to their common minimum program* (to be referred as CMP herewith). This no televised interview, not is it an edited voice. Its my voices, sounding Cacophonous withing my Canonical Cacophony.
[* CM…

The Blues of Midnight.

I have become an insomniac for the past one and a half years. Reasons may be different, but the truth is sleep eludes me till 3AM or 4AM at times. All Indian Standard Timing. A few days back, I was standing in my little roadside facing balcony, trying to look over the sleeping souls on the streets, the ones whose daily living is from the roadside tea stall to the pulling the hand carts in the day time through the bustling streets of Taltala, Calcutta, India. Now it was so silent. The occasional flights taken by the crows who seemed perplexed with the sight of me, a great fat mass standing in the balcony! (Come On! Its time to sleep and for Us to pee... ), that is what they might have been crowing at me!
I had a different thought in my mind. I wanted to observe the night sky. It was crystal clear... ironic.. with twinkling stars and the Moon was clearly visible. It was a whole white disk, blazing in her own rightful glow... cold. Many beggars look up at it trying to eat it, thinking it …

The Sho(e)man's Show.

After what the Iraqi journalist did to US President G. W. Bush, the man who regretted being remembered as a president who wanted War, it was the Indian counterpart, who protested on a similar line, but the atrocity shown by him was on a more homely basis.
The Supreme Court declared Jagdish Tytler, who was on trial for the past 25 years, after he was accused of being a culprit in the Sikh Unrest in Punjab, way back in 1984. An event or rather say a Massacre resulted after the two body guards of then Prime Minsiter of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, opened fire on her and assassinated her on 31/10/84.
He was a congress man and on the eve of the coming Union Parliament Election, he was presented with a clean chit by the CBI, who was performing the investigation and words spread that he would be competing an election from the Delhi Seat. This had spread unrest in the state of punjab and all over the nation.
It was on 7th April, 2009, Mr. P. Chidambaram, one of the cool headed political leaders an…

My Shadow...

I am posting something after a really long time, after my standard of almost regularly updating. I admit that for the past few days I have been really busy with a lot of applications and other stuff! More over, for the past two days I havent been online from home, coz my computer's SMP blew off!!! (not literally)
But agains, certain things happen for your own betterment. Ask why?
The two day's forced exile from the cyber world let me fall back on certain tools of entertainment and murdering tools to kill time. My article diaries, the last article I wrote was in Novermber 2004. About five years old! I read to some of those un kempt articles that came out from my figments of imagination! Those were my Presidays... a time when everything was vibrantly changing it's meaning and colours!
Then I came across the testimonials that my Presi mates hav so carefully compiled for me. I revisited my past... the way I was and today the more composed individual that I am! Khotu (…