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Research: The Path For New India.

People say, facebook is a platform that is worth a time machine, that makes you lose your time. In most of the cases, it is taken with the negative mindset. But sometimes, facebook does help you to learn new things; but this is not the New India that I am talking about.

The world states that India is shining and time is not far away, when She will yield gold. But then, there are confounding factors that try to portray that She is still in the darkness of illiteracy and poverty. But, I being a researcher, in the field of molecular biology came across a world report published SIR (SCIMAGO INSTITUTION of RANKINGS), that details how the nations fared all over the world with their resource and scientific mind, pooling in more than 3000 institutes all over the world and providing the critical analysis and associated ranking for the institutes. The aspects that they considered included publications, progress and contribution towards the society. I have gone through the aspects and found out …

Entangled Twine, Evening Wine: Prahuti

The onus was on the human shoulders, when the society demanded to be civilized and Maniktala Kolpokatha decided to do it in a tune of it's own. Kobikatha and Nohi Samanya Nari stood to their notes and expressed the culture and epics of thousands of years, amidst the barbaric heinous act that India witnessed; with pain, our journey started...                   .... and it was a journey to remember.
Living amidst the shackles is never approved by us,     We decided to come out into the air, Work and Livelihood made us jeer,     Music is what that tuned our hearts! We came together,     We formed together, Laughter issued us the certificate of joy,    From dew of the dawn-        To the water of the ocean,          We bid to cover it all, Slowly....                  Maniktala Kolpokatha was a figment of imagination. I remember the inception of the concept. IICB, May 2012. After a cultural program, Nandana came up with an idea to me: "Somnath, how about setting up a group th…