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Friday, March 30, 2007


Justice, Commands and all the ho la low stuffs that the authorities pass is really explainable? The theist would say its not very cunning to have the decision of life in your hands, while the practical minded person would say that its really great to have anti socials out of the society and makethe society a safe place to live in.

But has any one decided or thought about whats the main reason behind such an occurance? Why are the people whom we term antisocials by the true acclaimed meaning turn so? This is a million dollar question, which I have not raised, but some philosophist and scholarly people have really asked times ahead of mine existence even!

After (quote) We (unquote) are responsible for making them turn antisocials! This small bloggy is just to narrate a small incident that took some days back in Wellington, which really evoked this question in me again, after a long time.

(since i dont have the picture i am using a seperate picture)

There was this small road side cobbler, who was just a minor. Its common in the streets of Calcutta, India. An office goer dint accept him the price he demanded for polishing his shoes and there was a commotion on the streets. Suddenly the cobbler guy stood up, took hold of the briefcase the other person was carrying and made a run down the crowded streets. He manged to escape the nearby crowd, but was caught just further down the lane and was beaten up harshly. Dont know what the cobbler will do next time. May be he will have the best chance that earning the legal way is not worth, after all the suited gentle man refused to pay him his dues for his work, which was not at all insanely high, as it was just Rs.5, which is normal in Calcutta.

Who is responsible?


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The in built desire to catch the Sun shall and will never be accomplished, how much super cool dress one may discover. Similarly, sometimes certain logics dont find its application even if they are cent percent correct and right in the groove... somewhere or the other it fails to reach its goal amidst lots and lots of hopes and aspirations running high, some ligics of life donot stand out correct!

Once I across a friend of mine who have had faced a lot of hardships coming to negotiate with the fact that his fiancee drinks although he was an ardent non supporter of the act! He knew the logic behind her drinking... it was party time and just two sips from a whole bottle of white rum was not at all illogical amidst such a party like atmosphere. His logics never came to terms and so he had to break up! He still rues to his decision and now he himself out of mere frustation drinks from the bottle which once made a wall of glass between he and his fiancee.

Logics are good..clear conception towards life is also very neccessary, but strick, non flexible logic is not true... it cannot change for good...but always turns things for the worse! let your thoughts be as versatile and as flexible yet strong as the waves in the sea..they break, but with force...which emphasises its existence and strength and yet again its flexible enough to creep into the nooks and corners of the shore!
Make your logic as smooth and flexible, yet the Sea Waves!

Better luck next time.

1983, The Summer at Lords. England. History of Cricket then just nearing a century old, saw for the first time the term "underdogs can win big tournaments" came true, when Kapil Dev lead Indian Cricket team became famous by registering the final blow against the then all mighty West Indies, and win the World Cup. That night, as heard from my elders, no one slept in the country and Calcutta was jubilant.

2003, another summer at Johenesburg, South Africa. Sourav Ganguly lead team India just managed to be lions till the finals, where they lost to the then almighty Australia, led by Ricky Ponting. 20 years later, the cup didnt return home. But the Ganguly taylor made team showed the hopes that may be next timke, in 2007, in West Indies, the Indian Tigers will growl!

2007, Rahul Dravid lead team managed to break billions of indian hearts, when they simply failed to qualify for the super eight stage, the big stage. The Indian lions "turned" Australian Pussycats, managed to lose to the Bengal Tigers of Bangladesh and the Lankan Lions. In the Big Cats game, the Australian Kangaroo hopped with joy as his countrymen, the Aussies would now win the World Cup...atleast has the maximal probability! This detoriation started two years ago, since 2005, when Ganguly was tactically dropped as Captain and then "kicked" out of the team!

The coach, the Aussie Kangaroo said that He was answerable to BCCI only and none else (press). Then where had his ethics gone when he filthed out that Ganguly wanted to be in the Team and as Captain because, he loved sponsors and loved only money! Somewhere down the lane, Greg is most responsible.

1 billion Fans will wait again.....

Now how ever the team may be changed and whatever may be done, the fact that another chance of the World Cup coming back home has gone down the drain. Its now just hope for another 4 years till 2011, when the World Cup event will be held in India. I along with millions of Calcuttans will wait for India to lift the cup. Eden Gardens will wait for those glorious moments! We will wait!

For the time being its dejections, pain and that feeling or rather say, sense of being decieved that prevails amongst the fans....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Aguner porosh moni.

The touch of fire....

In hinduism, after death, the body is burnt and the soul is made to abode the heavenly chariot whose path is traced out by the rising fire. In one of the short stories by one of Bengali literature's emminent author, Shri Saratchandra Chattopadhyay's creation named "Abhagir Swarga", the heaven for the ill lucked woman. The description of the heavenly path, carved by the rising flares and the fumes from the wooden funeral stack made the woman's son stare towards the heaven with the wish that had he been able to fulfil his poor mother's last wish.

The touch of fire completes one life cycle, and its ready to take up the next challenge, which the ancient Egyptians termed as Afterlife while the Buddhist claim as Complete Freedom of the life cycle and attain Moksha. Life is just about half the way round the circle. Its still another half to move along. May be by the time the breath holds up its rythm, I would have seen a lot of drama in this world. May be then life would be complete. But what about the desire to make it complete now! What would be lost if it is achieved now? One thing one can achieve or gain is a completion of the cycle. Can that be possible?

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Titanic Battle.

A simple battle of survival, better say a battle of pride and disgrace, the winner shall only nurture pride and bravery, while the loser shall succumb to their injuries of disgrace.

The match is between Sri Lanka and India. With Srilanka looking quite comfortable at the top of the group C in the Cricket World Cup, 2007, India still has to fight for its existence and move into the Super 8. With a world record win in the records as well as teh WC highest score of 413 against minnows Bermuda, the team looks confident with the sportmen falling in the right place in the right dear old time. Its time, they roll over the opposition.

Such an incidence came some 8 years ago in the 1999 WC, then held in England. The then Indian team had many players who are still there in the squad today. India needed to win the match against SL, who too were fighting for their survival, but then the Indians had the better luck with them and what a match it was with Sourav Ganguly smashing the then Indian highest 183 in a single innings crashing the long standing Kapil Dev's 175 against Zimbabwe back in 1983 WC. This match of 1999 occured in Tauntan with Dravid nudging in a well played 153. It was some game to remember with India amassing over 300 runs and winning the match withoput ease.

Should the Lankans remember that, then its a tough match ahead. All the Best boys, may you fight till you have your blood running through your arteries! Best of luck!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Nandigram, the terror lingers.

Three four days after the massacre took place, reports come in of continued violence in the village of Nandigram, Midnapore dist, West Bengal. The villagers leave their land and flee into the cold unknown for the sake of thier lives. They say: 'orra amader mere felbe!".[They (police) will kill us!]. Interesting to see and know that the protectors of law are turning out to be law breakers! These are poor day in day out farmers, who are so so simple and innocent that they are like ducks, who just wont easily fall as a prey in the hands of the oppressor! They better run if their protest seems over turned! And more and more news creeps in with men missing.

In a private news channel, two small children, brother and sister were seen sitted near there lone hut, for one and half days, in the wait that their parents would return. When asked, the innocent, who are mere 5 years old, who doesnt know the meaning of life and death, say in a panic: "orra bolche amar baba ma k mere feleche!" [They (villager neighbors) say that they (police) have killeb our parents]. Their partents indeed went to the protest front, never to return till date, may be!

Police beating up women at Nandigram!
From the political watch dogs to the elite writers, singers, dramatists and the Students have come down heavily. Come March 19th 2007. College streetwill witness one of the largest apolitical rallies the city and state has ever seen. We feel for these children. We feel for these people who just demand a little shade on top of their heads, a little land to live in! What knid of constituition is it that cant gurantee a place to live for it's citizens? Or is it that the Government doesnt obey the constituition?

Some more Pictures:

19th of March, if the police comes and beats us up, we will go in for the bloody war for survival, we want our RIGHTS to be safe.... what will happen if some day, you face the same problem? wont it be better to safe gurad the problem rather than face it?

Let it be Bloody... after all we are all blood brothers!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Voice

Today, the state wide strike in West Bengal was nothing less than being successful. With Trinamool Congress ahead in their agitation, there surely have being some very bad incidences through the state. In the previous strikes, called by the same organisation on a similar issue, concerning the Tata Motor factories in Singur, WB, the situation was not so barren as it was today!

Picture taken on 16th March, 2007. Trinamool Congress, Indian National Congress and SUCI supported "Bandh" in West Bengal.

© Somnath Paul. March 2007.

After the massacre at Nandigram, the Left Front meeting took place where the associated parties with the CPI(M) namely the Forward Block, RSP, CPI shruddered at one of the most illogical and mis strategical step taken by the Buddhadeb Bhattarcharya's government. The Union opposition led by BJP and the organisation of NDA has asked for a formal apology of the CM and also his resignation. And while this drama was setting in, Kolkata saw some pieces of violence in the 12 hours strike, from dawn to dusk. With the BDO office in Howrah ransacked and three buses being burnt in the Central hubs of the metro, the roads remained barren, and this is what I mentioned previously as difference between bandhs of yesterdays and today's!

Not a single person was seen to play on the open barren streets which is always the scenario in a state or city "Bandh". For the sake of humanity most of the people in the state supported the strike!

Picture taken on 24th December 2006. This was also a TMC "bandh" regarding Singur. But then, people did walk and some cars moved!!

There were some disadvantages like the State Board Examinations for Standard Twelve was cancelled and so was some National Board examinations, whose papers will be set specially for the State students sometime in April!

But still..the search goes on, as many children dont know for sure whether they are orphans or still have their loved ones praying for them! Still the villagers flea away from their homeland, just for the sake to live! The Right to Live have got violated, yet the government cant ensure the basic Fundamental Right, empowered by the Indian Constituition couldnt find its strong hold in Nandigram!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jalianwala Bagh Revisited.

14th March 2007: The massacre of Jalianwala bagh revisted the land of Bengal, where in a small village of the State of West Bengal, Nandigram, allowed the notion, "history repeats itself" come true. With a huge company of police brigade, incessent bullets were rained on the poor villagers because they protested against the atrocities of the Bengal Government. The Government needs land to set up a Chemical Hub which promises to provide jobs to many, but also promises to demolish the environment with its huge fumes of toxic chemicals! After Singur where thegovernment was some what successful in making the villagers learn the importance and advantages of teh Tata Motors factory, in Nandigram, Midnapore, the villages refused to see the government's point!

The most ironic part is that, even after giving assurance that land will not be taken by force and taht is the villagers refused to give their consent the Hub plan would be shifted from teh zone! But today morning, the state machinery penetrated the village and literally killed the villagers who protested! They beat the women and as many as over hundred dead have been recorded!

In this post independent era, The largest democracy has to see such an incident is really very unfortunate!

The Chief Minsister, Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya!

The Authority says that they have fired because the vilalgers started shooting with missiles of small stones and rocks! If it is so, then which part of the constituition empowers them to shoot the villagers, aged men to young children, not even sparing the women to shoot at their chest or head? Being a non police man or a non army agent, I, as a citizen know that one can fire in their legs at the maximal scenario! Why was it not done? Why is there so much death? Why is the cause to live, a Right empowered by the constituition of India to its citizen not respected? Does the Right to Live varies with status? Its so unfortunate to point out, but some how some where the voice has to be raised! Who is responsible?

Why isnt the opposition leader or the press people being allowed in the Scenario? This violates even the International Law by the United nation where it clearly points out that the Press wont be harmed in a War!!!
Mamata Banerjee the leader of the opposition faced resistance while going to the affected spot! The British were better! Atleast they allowed Gandhiji to go there (Jalianwala)!

Time has come to take some evasive action.... It is time to show the power of your fingers. Its time to reckon what should be done or not!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Things which one doesnt want to do, yet it happens. This is true in the game of lawn tennis to cricket, from the passing of the soccer ball, to the wrong move in the heat of the time. Unforced errors are always a GAME, whether in it or out of it in our life, where we hunt for success, and the unwanted "game" called the UNFORCED ERRORS comes up in our lives!

Taking decision in the heat of emotion is always linked up with the fact that it makes life really hard and uneasy to do! Today I am in such a scenario, where if I wanted I would have had become an Engineer and would have a job by now instead of pursuing Genetics as post graduation! But just as life become hard, no doubt, but if one has the will and the determination, then one can surely make a mark amidst all the adversities. That I am looking to gain inspite of an error! may be what happens is for your own good! I pray for my succes as well as pray for those who are in quite a similar situation as I am!

Monday, March 12, 2007

hoo haa India... ai ai India....

The journey has indeed started. The voices has started to come out of it's boxes. Its time to repeat History and bring back the glory to the nation, The Team India has its task cut out, but the million and billion people away from the tournament center, half way round the globe sits in anticipation as to when will the matches start... when will we all be able to cheer our warriors so that the can ultimately get hold of the cup. This World Cup tournament in Cricket is the last of its kind for amny great palyers. Some are the likes of Sanath Jaysurya (Sri Lanka), Marvan Attapatu ( Srilanka), Brian Lara ( West Indies), Glenn McGrath (Australia), Stephen Flemming ( New Zeraland) and then we have our very own Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble. On the larger perspective India seems to be the greatest losers in terms of players after this edition of the World Cup gets over.

At this moment millions and millions of Fans are waiting for the Team India to repeat 1983 and take their rightful claim of the Cup which they missed so badly in 2003 final.

In 1983 summer, in England, Kapil dev and his then Team India made it possible to be place example, and win as underdogs, coming from the corner to take the stumps and run away with the cup!

We came close in 2003, but couldnt manage the magic in J'burg. Will it be done in Barbados thios summer of 007? will it be possible. Its just a matter of time! Lets hope those hands are of Sachin, Ganguly, Dravid, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Shreeshant, Zaheer, Bhajji, Kumble, Uthhapa, etc....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two sides of the Coin called LUCK...

... and I happen to posses both, at the same time. Absurd idea eh? or in my dear friend Arijit's words: ABSURD PHUCK!!! It really is absurd, as how can one posses something's one side when the two sides are inseperable. sometimes though, certain things come in one way...but here too, the normal sensible thing wasn't separable.

I have the curse as well as the life potion. For a guy like me, who is at the fag end of his early twenties, being single is somewhat a blessing in disguise, again some where down the line, it seems a curse in the waiting. When the ever thnking mind shifts from a mood to another, it really feels lonely..really tries hard to accomodate and accept the defaults..trying to sooth with the positives, but the then negatives really seems too unbearable and hence the after taste bitters the normal for a few moment, days, hours or seconds!
The coin is still flipped. It is awaited as to what face will it land and will show its face. Till then as the coin twirls and swirls in the mid space, like as the view is vague, the thoughts shall remain vague, without a goal to attain in such a field as yet!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Age which it doesnt seem to be Right...

For anything...

Two ANTI SOCIALS I guess,, drinking at a minor age...

The Question: Should this be allowed? Should the Youth of India let loose to go into the gutters?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Belated B'Day Soumillo.

Last but not the least, Soumillo Sanyal, alias the 5th member of the S5. It was his birthday on 2nd March and I am so so Sorry dear fellow to write up such a stuff today. As you know that I am damn busy now a days. Anyways, many happy returns of the day!

basanter nana rong.

akasher majhe nil rong ta dekhte besh bhalo lagge. sudhu bhabi takke nijer jibone anle kemon hoi... dilam chure neel abir. takhun hothat suryi mama ranga kore dilo charidik..dik digante chuye dite chailam sei lal abir... kintu durre shyamol baran kore thaka math, prottur prantar jeno kemon kore amar dikke takiye ache...chure dilam tader dikke, nijer dikke sei shyamol barn-er abir.... sab seshe jakhun basant-e kokil kuhu kuhu kore dakke..takhun basanti rong diye rongin korte chailam nijer jibon k.... sabseshe jakhun seesh mahal er samne daralam..dekhlam sei rong..sei...sei chokher antar mahal e lukiye thaka sei jiboner rong..jaha sundar oti sundar... kintu koi.... hothat kotha tkeke ektu ashru jal dilo sab mati kore..dilo muchiya chokher kone lege thaka abirer kona gulo k....dhuye gelo..sab dhuye gelo..beriye elo ashol rong...Ajker Manusher Gayer Rong....

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