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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Modified Sensation

27th February, 2002. "I was getting ready, brushing up and ready to engulf the last left overs as my Maths exam would start around 9:00 AM. Dad had been very ill today. His pulmonary infection relapsed and I was doing everything on my own. I never thought I would be writing such an incident. But God knows his mercy and may be I shall read my own lines some years later...."

This is the excerpt from my diary, that I wrote 14 years back.

"... suddenly mom came running back. She asked me not to go to school today (I was surprised as there was Maths Exam!); as the musalman patti (muslim colony) has some commotion near Lord Para, just behind my school. Some muslims had burnt hindus in a train in Gujarat." 

I remember how she frantically looked into the Anandabazar Patrika. There was something in it. There was something in it.

"And there was in the headlines that reaffirmed her overheard news."

That day, the exam did take place, but the school was let off early. Doctor did not come in his chamber and dad coughed harder over the night. The nation was too busy to hear his cough. I, a standard eleven heard them, soothing his back for relief and saw in a flash, the face of a man who portrayed like a Demi-God to many, Satan to others.  And there is always two sides of the story. In this case, there were many lives into it.

Diary. I smile back to those pale yellow pages scribbled all along. The chronicles of a growing soul. The chronicles that after more than a decade, would re-open to think that a Satan back then can even be praised a Demi-God. And then there would be many, to salute or kick., a "Modi"fication. So, this is what I think of the"Modified Sensation".

14 years back, Modi was a name of terror. But the name turned into an Iron Fist to convert Gujarat? I don't believe that completely. Gujarat was booming, well before Modi. It's greatest asset was in Anand. The milk industry with it's greatest pleasure all over India as well of International acclaim. Brand Amul. Even before Mr. Modi had taken his office in 2001 as the CM of Gujarat, Gujarat was self dependent and economically strong in textiles, gems and jewellery, petrochemicals (Reliance leading the way). Mr. Modi didnot start all these? Development was rooted, Mr. Modi just harvested and irrigated them.

Then why Modi? A Modi Model? A Gujrat Model!! In this context I would like quote some leader in the recent elections (LS'2014), saying that "Gujrat Model can be for Gujarat, not for Bengal, Assam, Odisha or else where." True! Geospatially not possible.

Then why Mr. Modi and that too with a seat for BJP that counts a staggering 280+? Not in recent history it was possible and no body could get it. I have a small notion to it. It's not models... not only development... This time the Indian Citizens voted for the attitude and persona of this person with white beard (animated looks cute!). Its about a Prime Minister who would be known and heard and not asked by failed by Rajnikant to open his mouth (facebookers know the joke).

Mr. Modi brought with him persona. He represented a National Party and so he made inroads all over the nation. There is another leader with the persona... I will come later on with that.

Prior to the elections, I have been a frequent viewer of debates of better say political speeches. Hailing from Bengal, I would like to ear mark some aspects that I believe made a mandate in Bengal.

1) Mr. Modi. BJP won 2 seats. His speech had versions of development, but also had adverse versions of communalisms. In Bengal we don't like the latter, but former.. we always want so.

2) Mr. Gandhi: He only criticized Mr. Modi. No remarks on his vocal performance.

3) Ms. Banerjee: The present CM of West Bengal, the TMC supremo had development. She has achieved some and promises to achieve some more for the state in near future. Pleasing to hear. She wanted to be a force at the Center. Federal front or not, Bengal gave her mandate. She is a force, with 34 MPs. She can ask or argue for many aspects.

4) Mr. Bhattacharya. Ex-CM of Bengal was all but dissappointing. An alumni of my Alma Mater had nothing but Sarada corruption to hold upfront to criticize TMC. Bengal gave them their toffee... 1 seat!

Just by taininting someone is not politics. Policies and Implementation is Politics like implementation of Biological knowledge is Biotics, so is the former! Modi gave hope of a strong economy and stronger India. Atleast, we will have a stronger PM to seat at the PMO. Mamata Banerjee gave her words and she is believed in Bengal. She got her lion's share while people like Mayawati, Mulayam, Nitish didnot have such a lucky poll this time.

I just wanted to express my congratulations to all the candidates. We expect a lot from you. Hope you will not dissappoint us, just as us, the Indian citizens have not disappointed you.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Perplexed Purple.

Not about Kolkata Knight Riders. I have stopped viewing IPL at random. The colour is of the dried sweat, blood and skin admixture. And more purple it gets with the summer heat.

A decade back, elections was different and this time round; its full of Maggi Hot and Sweet- Its different.

A decade back there was all Red; pompous and pride... people decided to cool them down and brought a green serenity to the state of West Bengal, a few years ago. It was a change and so will it be in the center this time. Or atleast the common humbled good for nothing futurists think so and the leaders will sip in champagne within the Limo!

And I being a general public feel so perplexed. Politics and leaders are one who has got a good grip over their vocal cords! History knows how Hitler overturned the German sentiments, how Napoleon over took the Chapel, how Netaji boiled the blood of the masses. A few years ago, your decision would be partially influenced by the speech delivered by the political maestros! But today, given it any colour or any symbol, I feel so perplexed to realize that there is nothing but waste of time to listen to them. May be the Election Commission of India sensed the inability of the leaders a little bit earlier and so deviced a No Vote button in the EVM. But, again.. given all odds into the offering, to press that would mean no use. It will not stop the bad to go ahead. (Bad has got different layers; some are good too... Lim->good). I will vote for a proper candidate, but that might reduce the purple, but perplexed mind will eat but the banana after May 16th, 2014.

So... DO VOTE! Many will say what will it matter or how will it matter. But believe me, if your vote goes against the winner, the winner will win by lesser margin  and that will play a phsycological aspect to atleast do some work, otherwise next time would be a tough time. 


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