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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Excuse Me India : They are FEMALES and not FREE-MALES!

I have always said so, heard being said so; to get touched at free will, to fulfill the malicious desires for free, to be kept for torment and played with your masculine power for free; Excuse me India, I am a "Female" not a "Free-male"!!

Sometimes, I guess why is Delhi still the capital of this country? But again, where would you make the capital of this nation, which has many eunuchs crossing the streets at free and then pouncing upon soft targets for soft meat? You have Kolkata? It had it's sporadic episodes of being raped! You have Mumbai, it too has her own story lined within the shabby dark corners of the city that never sleeps! You have Delhi, highlighted like the role model... come on! If the capital can have so many, then it comes to be licensed by all! And then you have the enlightening leaders who have their excuses against the ladies of the nation! Provocative dresses!! Oh yeaahhh.... Seductive walks!! Yeaaahhh Yeaaahhh Yeaaahhh... come on! These are the licenses of the being preyed upon, have the freedom to be inserted with anything; personified with the drop coin  weighing machines!!! You insert a Rupee coin and the you get your weight! Here too, you have rods, candles, knifes and what not to be inserted for free and let all the blame be on the victimized girl, for she was seductive, provocative... you have your cards!!! Some banners will rise high for few days and then everything shall be pointed towards the girl... for she was freemale. Excuse me India, they are FEMALES and not FREE 4 MALES!

But the incident reported nationwide about the 5 year being raped! She was wearing a frock! Thats provocative!!! She tried to get a hug from you or ride your back! Come On! That's very much seductive! How can you resist your leaking pipe from being opened up, pouring the white filthy fluid upon her! She tried to hug you, I do remember!!! Or may be she was licking the lollypop that you bought her on her 5th birthday and reminded you of some good licks and sucks of your... you know what! Come on, how can I mention that on the public portal, you have your honour nah! The 5 year old punter's honour is FREE for sale!! She is a FREE-male for you; but not for us... the many Indians who would like to lick your balls with acid!!! Don't worry, we taste better things, I think acids are better your scrotum! Too much hot! needs to be hotter I guess... Nitric Acid would suffice, right?

I am sorry.... Sorry that you were present in the wrong place. May you get on with life and believe me, the Indian Government should make a new law... Acid Test! For advice, see Ajay Devgan starrer, Gangajal.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Circus Called Bengal

To a Bengali research scholar, field trip means loads of knowledge explored from the unknown corners of the world. Work, mixed with intellectual visualization and realization of the senses, fulfills the thirsty mind of a bengali. But sometimes, the intellect can face a dumb road block called over-thinking and mis-management of thoughts, that makes Bengal and Bengali, the most colourful Circus of the present era.

I was realizing the variety of Bengali dialect that is present from the Sundarbans to the hills of Jalpaiguri and then spanning across the border, into Bangladesh and re-entering the region of Assam and Tripura. The dialect varies in term, tone and mode of speaking that will always ear-mark from where the Bengali comes from. But, that's a cultural variety, loved by all and called as one of the sweeter version of human languages ever evolved from Sanskrit.

But, to think of the thoughts that run under the political banner, it is can be believed that is this the place where the great minds like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rabindranath Tagore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Vivekananda, Ram Krishna Paramhansadev, etc have come up from? You fight on... for no reason! I know, it is Bengal who showed the violence against the British, that muscle can be an option to free the Motherland, but here? Muscle to voice as to who is powerful?

I condemn!

Be it Red or Green or Orange or any damn party, you cannot come to violence as an answer that will turn as a question for the next day which will be answered by violence again! I believe, the minds are in good place and the party leaders will "train" the dogs to be responsible. If not, then you will be the loser, because if Nasiruddin Shah can kill terrorist being a common man, another common man will do the same, by not voting for you. As it is, all political leaders are great... its the perspective you look into.... I look into....

Well its highly condemned!

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