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27th Feb 2007. Standing at the shores of Bay of Bengal, in Digha. The sky was dark as it was 8PM. Suddenly a friend of mine uttered some lines in bengali which simply meant: "when the sea cam and hit my feet, it seemed to surrender to me. But when again I did bend down to reach her, went away. So I decided to write my name on the sand, which would emphasize my authority over her."

At that pleasant note, I suddenly uttered something which came out spontaenously with my head nodding: "...still the sea is almighty, for she revolts at your demand of authority by erasing the waves from her mind."

Isn't it so true?
At a juncture of so much of a generation gap notion being uttered world wide, with changing cultures and attitude of youth towards life, somethings never change. One such example are the group of 11 people who made their small trip to Digha and the other example of unconquered reality is the sea, which kept on oscillating to and fro through ages and ages over…

Expressions un-fulfilled.

There are so many words to describe happiness, even detect it. It can be a small smile to a heartful laughter. There is one strong act to express distress, fear, anger and helpless ness. A single basuc expression thats worth a million words, and thats Cry.

But whats the gesture to express love? A small kiss? Is it everything? Is holding hands and making the bed warm all that is for love? Can anyone at the end of the day say that his or her love was complete? Can anyone ever feel the fact that LOVE is NEVER complete. Its always incomplete. Be it the love for money or for work, be it the love for children, fiancee, wife or girl friend. A small kiss just increases the expectation for more. A night on the bed increases the thirst and the lust seems to be un bearable. Its always incomplete.

And whats more immensely romantic as well as painful, when the love seems to end up in dead air, when everything else moves on, but one individual life seems to come to a stand still. Its the example of a…
The girl within the circle, Sunandini or our dear Sonu turns a year old this 12th feb, 2007. I wish her Happy Birthday on behalf of the whole class. May god bless you!!!

44 hours in Kanyakumari Express.

The journey started on 22nd January, 2007 from Howrah station in Kanyakumari Express. The scheduled time was 16:05 hrs, and the train started on time. The first picture on the left is the last picture taken on the day, whilst leaving Kharagpur and as usual Bengal. On my way we had three big rivers of India, the Mahanadi which I missed due to night time, the Godavari as seen on the right picture and the Krishna which is an almost dried polluted river. The pollution of the south is having its toll on some of the greatest rivers of the subcontinent.

On my way, I was really lucky to snap some of the finest sceneries that can be viewed by rail road. It some how managed to erase the cumbersome journey that was having its toll towards the end, as it neared Kanyakumari.

I have never ever in my life visualized a wind mill in real, except in the idiot box. Kanyakumari journey allowed me to be the silent admirinf spectator to some of the most intriguing creations of mankind, that were not only im…

Kanyakumari, an unbelievable natural beauty.

The southern most tip of the Indian mainland, geo morphologically is placed at the conjunction of the Eastern and the Western Ghats towards northern edges of the place and the soutern edges are all surrounded by the great Indian Ocean, The Bay of Bengal and The Arabian sea. The most notable landmark of the place is the Vivekananda Rock, where the emminent Indian Scholar, world renouned Swami Vivekananda sat for a three day medidation in the search of true light of knowledge. Each and every natural beauty just simply co matched with the human creation, of which the temple is worth mentioning.
Most people keep the target to visit the temple on the Rocks, but there is another site of attraction at Kanyakumari and its a 30 Km drive from the town to a place called the wooden palace. A detailed description of the "Eternity on wood" would be dealt in another article, which would follow shortly! Its a 400 year old palace, complete made of wood and is made one of the newest addition …

Tour de Kerala.

If some one wants to describe it with a one liner, he may do it: Its a Fabulous place. The main attraction of the place is that its almost dust free with the tourism starting from the transportation to accomodation, the palate lovers to the nature embracers, its a paradise away from home. The scenic beuty of all, from the hills and vales (that of the Western Ghats) to the beutiful warm-cold breezes of the sea, its a place of awe!
The best season is the December- February. The places worth of viewing are like the Trivandrum for its Padmanabham temple and The renouned Kovalam beach, the Backwaters starting from Allepy to Kottayam, the Spice hubs of Kumily associataed with the Periyar wild life sanctuary. The hill view of Munnar and the coastal history of Kochin. The added pleasure, just like the cherry on the icing is Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.
No wonder Kerala is called Ecological Hotspot, one of the 25 Hotspots found in the World and one of the two found in India, the other being the th…