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Those Days of Science College, Ballygunge- V

With the entry into the second semester, and the organisation of the Digha tour, the Nebula has been activated whereby the Proton Star or rather put it like this, the Kernel of The Proton Stars got initiated. With the Black Holes initially avoided from being integrated, especially the BHODKU 8883, which would have sucked all the existing matter in a matter of no time. Such a cataclasmic aversion was possible with the correct strike of spark between JOY P125 and the emitted fumes generated the needed momentum to drive the matters of the Nebula away from the Monster!

The Stars amidst the Constellation called LYAAD GROUP:
JOY P125
ARI G125
AVI B125
KAN B125
ARP D125
DHM D125
ABI B125
SOM P125
BAS R125/1
SUN S125/1
ROS R125/1
The /1 were no more to be sparkling in the heavens within the constellation, for certain mismatch in theor laws governing Astro Physics didnot allow them to co-exist!
This costellation was later re named as Lyaad Party with a minor belt called The B…

Those Days of Science College, Ballygunge- IV


When I came to this place from Presidency, my Under-Graduate instituition, a thought dawned upon me. I will miss Presi Days and amongst boresomes, my life will become a whole mound of soaked alluvial. Potent, yet unused because of amount of Sweat content! That first semester was a night mare to put it in the correct sense. At that time, had very few friends to chat with. With Sukesh, Sayantani and Diya in Biochemistry and Kanad in my own department, I had very few people to chat with once they went away home. I being a Canteen - parasite slowly started missing Pramod Da and developed a kind of de-taste for Gopal Da.

There was transition soon. Sukesh left to pursue his dreams in MBA while Sayantani made way to Rajabazar Campus forPhysiology M.Sc. I became almost a loner, when slowly but surely I started to discover few more gems in my collection of friends. It was LINKAGE 2006 a departmental Reunion as well as fresher's welcome that I slowly discovered th…

Summer Splash...

Deliberately the Sun is shining too high... breathing hot upon our shoulders. Too close for discomfort. The roads seemed steaming towels, soaked in with the sweats that falls from the forehead, be it the Business Tycoon in the large Multi National Company to the small street business man who haggles all over the day to get a profit of may be thirty rupees. They all sweat. They all earn, some having a big smile after a day's profit in millions to a wry smile after a day's profit at par.
In such a summer noon, at around 1400hrs or so, I happened to return from my University, after having a nice swipe of thy pen on the answer sheet. The smile was of content, when I saw a small street hag. Covered in dust, he was rubbing relentlessly against a black Maruti Esteem, at the signal. The Traffic Signal was red, halting the traffic making their way from Ballygunge Phari towards Park Circus. The light mightbe red, but the thousands of worn out muscle fibres in the child's right arm wa…

Going Paces...

... and to Places... The student life has gradually deminished down to last few days. Its a screeching halt, with few childish feverish wishes beholding the last days in our post graduation course. After this it will be a boring time for few and again it will be a rough time for others. Getting into the earing gear is what will bog down many people and then others are always there ready to get sucked up into the system of research and scientific aptitudes. With all these, the student life closes its lids... may be it will be cherished all the way through, as the BEST DAYS of My Life!!!