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Pujas 2009: Sasthi

This year round, to make my blog a place with a tinge of a tang, I will be posting a day to day event and list down the number of places covered during one of the greatest festivals of ManKind, the Durga Pujas. For past 1 month or so, my blog has been flooded with such articles, entitled the Pujas 2009. But this is the foundation stone of a very personalized criticism of the various pujas that the eyes of the blog owner [i.e ME] have rolled upon.

I start with Maha Sasthi, the day of strength and poweress of the goddess durga. Although I have been hailing in the office yesterday as well as today [24/09/09], which had not been the cae in the past 10 years, when my Pujas always started with the inset of Panchami. Still, nothing can be done, except that after completing my work at office, I headed out, did some shopping and then with the remnant time, managed to scrape out some valuable moments and went to Suruchi Sangha.

Picture by Somnath Paul.

Fabulous. In one word, they did stick to the…

My Schedule...

This is for the people and my friends, who can visit my orkut profile or a recently uploaded and linked in online album to get a look of the various pujas that I have for you. It will be, in short, a complete Puja Parikrama.

Some of the biggest names to be completed, but this time round, if the rain gods permit, I think I would penetrate the suburbs and the village pujas, just for the essence of puja!

Saptami: Morning ~ Behala Parikrama. Evening ~ Rashbehari & Kasba.
Astumi: Morning ~ Central & North Kolkata. Evening ~ South East Kolkata [Park Circus /Ballygunge]
Nabami: Not decided ~ but may go to Garia and beyond.
Dasami: The sad tunes of an end and a happy tunes of hope ~ Bhasan @ Babughat!

Think this will cover up every alley! Eh?

Season's Greetings...

I am bit busy now a days, to increase my ratings and bring back those readers who once came and peeped through my thoughts!

In the course of the day, I was searching something productive to be posted. The days are ahead with the festive season coming upfront and one of the biggest festival is on it's way: The Durga Pujas. I wanted to wish my fellow bloggers and all trhe people around the world about Happy Pujas, or as per as the bengali colloqui goes, "Sarodiyar Preeti o Suveccha". I tried to post a greetings card here and so I proceeded: " Pujas Greetings + HTML Code". Google gave me thousands of option but 123 is relied upon always and hence I came up to this link to budge me out of the place of unknown: Embedding a e-card in my blog. The site:

I click on to Share Options and here is what I have for you:


I have never been so perplexed. This is the fourth time I am completely editing an article. Initially this article started off with bashing Mr. Kapil Sibal, Honrb'l Union Minister of Education for Reforming the education system in India, which I believe is for the worse!

Then the hype of the tour to Gadiara came upfront, so I redirected the thoughts to that!A day before the scheduled tour, the tour gets cancelled and the post that I am editing was the one post cancellation ready to vent out the vexation! Frustation... Even one of my friend who is in a similar situation mentions in his Orkut Profile: thru d---'no memory' land!!!

But I always believe and look up for the positive, hence I will walk through the 'memory' path and recollect the last time I had a trip in the Durgostav with Sangbaran, one of the vibrant colours in S5!

It was way back in 2007. Back then, S5 was segregated by geography with Sourav @ Hyderabad while Sandip was @ Bangalore. Sangbaran was then a…

Direct from the OT.

The following will be received with un-adulterated precision. A common thing for a doctor and a normal thing for a biologist, especially a Physiologist like me. With the advance of mobile cameras, such pictures come to our social community network, thanks to some very good doctor friends, in their pre-matured era of being a Doctor!

The picture that is shown below is that of am amputed leg, with the pale white "bow" shaped article being the joint region of the femur with the lower bones of the legs. That region resides within the sinovial joint, protected by the patella. This is the terms that a common tenth standard can understand!!! The amputation is done by means of Gollitine [hope the spelling is right!] method.

The objective of the article is not to mention discuss about the ethics and whether one should publish such pics in the social networks or open forums like Blogs. I write this in support of the ideaof having a colour X-Ray directly from the table of the surgeon. Suc…

Offisial Atyachar.

Its time to tickle some of your funny bones with the new kid around you. A simple get-away company, an online tour company has made the moto of "WORK-PRESSURE" into something sensational, visiting which, I can ensure of having a good laugh and so will you.

The website is called: OFFISIAL ATYACHAR, a parody made from the tune of "EMOTIONAL ATYACHAAR" of DEV-D, one of the biggest hits in 2008 bollywood cinema!

Please have a look through the video, to get a prelude of whats in the website. You have logging off tunes, of which the "Tridev" rocks! You have some downloads and others and at the end of the day, you will come up to one site being linked and patronizing the whole concept: GET A BREAK fro WORK, before you get BURN OUT WITH WORK!!

Enjoy the Video:

To visit the website, click here

The Wet Edge.

Its a long spell of torrential rain that have been soaking Kolkata, India for the past 24 hours. The spell, caused by an excessive depression over the South Gangetic Bengal, has carried along till date. Looking ahead, one with a mentality like me is naturally induced to write down a post with such a boring heading, WET EDGE!!! Come PINK feeling around!!!
With just three weeks left for the inception of Pujas 2009, the grand festival for a Bengali, a rain can be as sharp an indent like a blade, cutting through the hopes of fun with loved ones, family and friends, to the shredding filaments!
The thought came to mind, while I was strolling across the corridor, talking over the phone. There was a sharp shound of electric shock waves, followed by a huge bang! A thunder must have shoved past us whose shrill stringed noise made me stuch with awe! Then the person across the phone sa id, "If this continues, then Pujas are a gonner..."
Its very interesting to note the human mind. A…