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Same Place.

Recently there had been a commercial running on the Indian Television, depicting the inefficiency of a Maruti-Suzuki model, where a long lost friend chirps over a social networking side to her friend in the city, to meet up at the "same place". Perplexed, the guy moves into his car with very low fuel to search her. After crossing through the several "gallis" in Delhi, he found her in wait in-front of a cafe called "SAME PLACE", quite like the innmerable spots, in the city where i have had used to stand for you. Hours!
The dew settled in the long grasses of Maidan and Victoria Memorial; I used to trod among the longer grasses soaking my socks and boots in the moisture of purity; dew. You came and we used to move across the gates, trying to relive some past years and try to live in the present and look for the future. That "same place" will look barren, without your footsteps.
The commuters' platform railing of Esplanade metro witnessed by inces…

New India. Age 20 years.

It started 20 years ago, on the same date of 24th July, 1991. Back then, I was in Standard 1. Never knew what was done by the PV Narashima Rao Government and the present Prime Minister, the then Finance Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. I only remember those years to be turbulent after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Then two years later, it was 1993 bombings of Bombay. But, today we are supposed to enjoy the fruits of the nationalized as well as the international brands.
Those days, a BMW was a wow on the roads of Kolkata (the place from where I am). I still remember gazing at the pics of the bikes and the automobiles that originated across the border. Back then, it was only America for us. Tinge knowledge of the globalization settled our minds. Today, even a toddler knows about the Nikes and the Addidas, the Porsche and the Mercs!
Globalization have taken its stride to introduce international brands settle in India, providing jobs. Before '91 there were only the government firms an…

Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara...

Life, there will be no second chance to live it!
Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara is a very nice film and I loved it to the full. But have we ever spared a second in thinking for the lives of those, who faces the tough truth, if they don't get blood on time.
Just think.
You have almost 6 liters of the  red fluid in you. Getting bruised and waste it  for useless things, are common. It will not matter if you part away with just 300ml of it, annually, to make things sweeter for you. Not even sparing 10% of what you have. But it means 100% for those you deliver it and those eyes that look through the glass opening of the ICCU/ICU just to see their loved ones, wake up from unconsciousness and wave at them! That's why I mentioned, what I felt: The currency of happiness is Blood. Donate it to receive your pack of happiness.
Think.... and then read on!
IICB Research Scholars' Association (IRSA), is quite analogous to the Graduate Student forum, at Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (A unit o…


From figments of imagination...

The chariot will be due in a fortnight.

Time will run in a different direction.

Relation will web a new lease of life in a different continent, based from Kolkata to half the way round the world. The waters of the Ganges will recycle back to the Gomukh, may be at least once, before the nuptial rights are knotted in place.

The sun will do His business more than 365 times, playing like a messenger of warmth, that I am warm in Kolkata, looking out for her steps, retracing... and when the eyes come back, watching upon you. Radiant...may be ever clad like the little princess, or better say the little red riding hood!

Just after today's dinner with you, while walking in the rain, I made this for you...

যখন ব্রিস্টি নাবে।
আকাশ থেকে যখন ব্রিস্টি নাবে, তখন মনে হয়-
তুমিও একদিন ছেড়ে চলে যাবে, মেঘের বুক চিরে চলে যাবে উর-জাহাজ়; সেদিন আমারও বুকে বাজে সে সুর, চারিদিক হবে শূনসাণ। তোমাকে দেখতে চাওয়ার ইছে গুলো, ডানা মেল্বে সেই আচিন দেশে।
পাহারি গান আর সুর- উঠবে সূয্য,

Now and Then

The Question is: What has Changed?

I put forward one pictures of Pre-independence.
Time: 1905.
Incidence: Partition of Bengal.

Calcutta, 1905.
Then, the Viceroy in Power, Lord Curzon decided to divide and rule, making a scar on the face of Bengal. Today, P. Chidambaram and KCR does agree on the same.  What has changed? The faces.  What remains same? Personal gains. And also one letter... C!
To cleave the Hindu Muslim unity, such a step was adopted which later on helped some "nasty" intensions of Jinnah to divide the nation. That time too, Indian National Congress got subdued. This time also.  What has changed? National demand. That time it was International, now its National!  What remains? The segregation on simple regions and castes. Humans no longer say or stay...its the caste that does!
To counter the above cause, today what people in Telengana and Rayalasema are upto...

What has changed? The cause! How has they changed? By partitioning your own MOTHER!
Aah... there is a litt…