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Legitimate Thoughts

It comes across your mind, when you have other legitimate chores left for you to complete. How I hate them like many of you. Can't they come when I am idle or sitting with our empty caps on! Crap, they are... Crap they go!

How does your day unfold with backlogs in your mind? Still I would love to win all over them with smile. But, sometimes, it seems lodestone over your lips. They scream out for your pity state, thinking nothing else, but being a bimbo!

A short post. Let it go down your mind as a potion of bitter idle life, where nothing seems to move. And this happens when people become very close and you feel they are far away!

Sunshine at Midnight.

Not a celestial awe. Not even a magical movie; but its magic, I call Magic of Life!
Warmth and Enjoyment. Something that the modern nucleated society is lacking day in and day out. Even the couples see each other at dawn, thanks to the immense work schedule, I fondly remember the days that came and went away, swiping it's magical wand across the canvas of my life and also of my friends, my colleagues and really good group!
This post was long due. Thanks to the Molecular and Human Genetics of CSIR-IICB's joining party, this post was bound to be penned down in my blog. A short story of few days that culminated into our lives with immense happiness, missing each and every drop of the wine that we still would like to taste, when ever possible. Not to mention, it brought pain into the ears and sleep of the neighborhood!
Anirban Da and Madhuparna Di, your fond memories still lurks when ever I cross the terminus near Harisabha ground at Jadavpur area. That rented flat did buy us som…