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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SSKM... The Institutional Hell.

( I take all the responsibility for this TRUE story. If found guilty for treason, I will be more than happy to know that my NEWs, surpassed Star Ananda, 24 Ghanta, Kolkata TV and other media news channel, who make news to get a better TRP!)

Responsibility begins from home, and I fear, there is NO RESPONSIBILITY by these Ad-Hoc Media Channels... Sometimes, they spill out too much stink!

27th September, 2010:
I came back home from my Lab, to find my mom shaking her head in disgust, gazing over a very intriguing debate conducted by Suman, Star Ananda. Its on the present situation of health care, where the SSKM junior doctors are on strike since Saturday, 25/09/10. Today, the situation became grim, with the Junior doctors taking aid of sticks to beat up the patient party.

Great Cook Up!

I paged my friend (to be refered as representative of Junior Doctors' Forum), who is at SSKM, junior doctor. This representative is a year younger than me and as I am, is also very irritant when things are not legal and just! I wanted to have the news from the Horse's mouth.

The first word mentioned was " Fuck Media ". Being a sensible third party I was pretty taken back, but then, being educated I wanted to listen to the actual story. The Media, as I always know play with the news...edit them, to make them look gullible. I know this from my Presidency College Union Days...

My friend narrates me the truth. Although it started from a relatively older one, an incident occuring two weeks back, I listened... at last I was induced by my senses to advise my friend to join the protest with FORCE!

Diagnosis can always have success as well as failure, but that doesn't mean to take to violence. (I have protested this long time back, in my blog, where I mentioned that failure of treatment doesn't make a doctor killer! And that doesn't mean to hit the doctors like Hooligans!) Two weeks back, the same happened with my friend, who in the dead of the night, 3:30AM was dragged with colleagues to the Bawanipur P.S. The "treason", they couldn't make a 75% dead body alive! The media, fueled in, by advising the insensible patient party, to take the names of the Junior Docs and make an FIR. My friend said that instead of being neutral, they loved to spread the fumes of anger amongst the patient party and take good images. My friend was slapped many a times, but it was shown on TV that the patient was murdered and that beating the doctors was justified!

Coming back to 25.09.10.

Demanding on Junior Doc's security, the same docs staged a day long protest. The security was tightened but for a fortnight. The problem that was risked was entry of too many patient's relative (refered to as patient party). If any mishap happened, that resulted an agitation and a fight! Fortnight later, the security was breached by bribery. The same happened on 25.09.10. Too many patient's relatives as well as some X-factors (I will also reveal these X-Factors later on), beat up a MCH doctor, a doctor of high quality. It was night time. A commotion followed, opening the wounds, just two weeks old! The junior physicians, PGT, MBBS, House physicians sat on strike. The demand: Lack of Commitment in the name of Security. 

The strike was decided to be called off officially on 27th Sept, 2010 and the Juniors would join the work force. Sunday night, a make up incident took place that would shatter the noble decision, taken on Sunday.

The Paediatric department had a patient, at around 11PM. The on duty Junior Doc checked the child and diagnosed with min or incident and after advising medicines, asked the family of the patient to take him back, as he would be just fine! Suddenly, the patient's family members got agitated interpreting it as refusal to admit. Some more men joined the commotion (X-Factors included). The outsiders came with sticks to beat the Doc on Duty. The Doctor ran to the second floor rest room and locking himself from inside, called upon the hostel boarders. He shouted over the phone: "Come as soon as possible or you will not see my corpse as well". When the boarders (~ 50 junior docs) came down, with axed down branches, for self defense (Something provided as a Right in the Indian Constitution), found no one at the gates. The agitated party fled. Still the Doctors didn't give up!

There is a rule at SSKM. For night stay, in  critical conditions, the doctors issue RED CARD to restricted number of patient family members. This rule was implemented keeping the safety of Docs in mind.

The Junior Docs now charged into the rest room, where the family members can stay for the night, in critical emergency situation. They asked for the RED CARD. One silhouette was noticed at the corner window. The on duty doc recognized the man to be one of the leaders of the commotion. As indicated, the junior doctors rushed the man out of the campus, along with several NON RED Card Holders!

They also used some force which the STAR ANANDA and 24 Ghanta portrayed as HOOLIGAN Docs. Surprising was to learn that police came in 2 hours later and randomly caught hold of 5 Docs. As per my sister, all are brilliant students!

The question:
What is taking place? No Media is true as they use camera with out sensibility.

X - Factors: 
The State Opposition is trying to show the dilapidated state of the health affairs in West Bengal.

Then what is the ruling body doing? Commanding to join work, and accusing all bad was from the Docs' side! The reason? VOTE 2011. They want to have the votes!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Enemy of the State

The names are being announced with an ascend of the treason ladder.


With the Delhi footbridge collapsing, certain questions flocks my mind, rightfully voiced by Arnab Goswami (Headlines Today; man I love his conducting skill). When will the politicians step down from the sports organization?!!!

The question is When?

At this juncture I would love to name a list, of people who are wrongly at the hot places.

> Sharad Pawar; GOD! Has he ever played the ball of even a single run and he up there as the head of BCCI, the President if I want to mention.

> Suresh Kalmadi: Head of Olympic Governing body at IOA. I guess he know any kind of sport, leave aside facilities and infrastructure.

> Jaipal Reddy: He is such a short fellow that how come he manages to take the initiative of even cutting the rope of such huge structures... may be he sways to much on the ropes during cutting, for support that the elephant headed ministers' weight cost the bridge... money of the Common, going to the gutters.

> K Gill: I dont even know in which kind of subject is he specialized...leave aside sports!

Is India lacking a good healthy mind to take up the charges? I mean, when will these un-deserving politicians leave in their heavenly abode. even their sperms stinks...some ovum those of Shiela Dixit, Sushma Swaraj, Mayavati.... O the latter one's rot in the ovary...!

With Judiciary at the helm, a public petition should be filed that only qualified individuals having valid degrees of administration like MBA in Sports or Event management should specifically lead these organizations... Or else they are disqualified, son of BITCHES!

I was shocked at some of the comments that Mr. CHADDI (read Reddy) had expressed to the media, after teh collapse of the footbridge, New Delhi:
#1 " Its an event of no major concern" Guess it would have been if Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was crossing underneath the bridge.
#2  " Its rained so the thing happened " So, after the CWG, we would have had a normal expectation of the bridge collapsing, next MONSOON.... here comes the RELIABLE comment from our Urban Development Minister.... more than half the budget would be found in his well planned sewers!

One day, when the shoes would stiop flying and kicks will meet the balls of these illiterate politicians and some die ON SPOT by public beating, that day they will stop playing with our name and money. How come they are so reluctant to spoil their own mother's name, GOD KNOWs... I know one thing, sometimes, some individuals grown in Brothels try to gain way to the administration and political post to use the power to know who their Dad "are"... My sympathies are with them....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Bioscope of Olympus FX 150.

Back in August 2006, it came into my grasp after paying off Rs 11,500/- only. The big occasion would seldom go missing for a freaky photographer like me, who go by the mood. I give a self reckon to my skill as Mood-o-grapher, rather than a photographer or better say Mooderaman rather than a camera-man. Thats my way of thinking, and unlike my photoes which receive a stamp of authority, undersigned my name, I will keep the terms at common...for common use. May be after five years Oxford or Cambridge will fetch these two terms as their then "latest" amendments. Will love that though...

The big events that my camera covered or being with me are mostly spanned through the Pujas since 2006. This year, it shall be covering its 5th year, year, I have certain plans. Last year, the plans were little bamboozled by the rains and little lethargy (as I was in a corporate world, so its understood). This year, I need not mention that the work load has decreased, but the monotony that was there in the last year's job profile has gone as its more of the brain and less of the cash train! Like... "If you miss the train I am on.... * you will know the CASH has gone ... You will hear you boss shout... a 100 miles *..." Well a little innovation from my lack lustre music data base! ;-)

The year 2009, a year where lethargy maintained the Pujas. not very much roaming...just lazying around with my friends. Amongst the most memorable time that I spent was along the banks of the Ganges (Hoogli), in Princep Ghat. Always wanted to snap the Roman styled monument, with the Modern marvel of the Vidyasagar Setu in the back drop. As I wished, I got some... two days...and it was full of satisfaction.

Pujas 2009. Collage via Picasa 3.0

Faded, the memories will remain bright with then promised drink from Sanga at One Step Up at Park Street. To me, it was nothing more than luxury, coz when its festive  mood, I like to twirl the golden rum, ON THE ROCKS! So we had.... followed by something un-usual, finishing dinner at KFC! God...I must have had been out of my minds! We were....

A year more, I had one of the most appreciative picto-puja, the retro way. Styled the least... moved out the most, spanning from North Calcutta to South. Nothing...and I literally mean nothing was left un-touched. But yes, I would rue that this was the only puja, since I was in Standard XI, that I had lived through without meeting S5 or the members for once. Some how, the gang never met up! But yes, I had new friends and new company. As part of the appreciation, the folks in States relished the Kolkata Pujas through my lens... I had hoped to be in the same line in 2009, but I hoped too much and may be luck never let me capitalize!

  Pujas 2008 Collage Via Picasa 3.0

Sephia.... not vagued.

I remember 2007 as one of the most exciting Pujas of my life. Some how the snaps have gone missing, but Pujas 2007 excitement will never be. I, for the first time participated in a Stage Drama show during the Pujas. Its not new that I have been involved in this somehow...but during the Pujas...gave me the Victorian Thoughts of Drama- artists of yesteryears, acting out some entertainment for the Art-loving Bengalis. Thanks to Ankita's  residential complex to give us the opportunity to act Birinchibaba, on Saptami. I have some snaps from the rehearsals, which I am keeping as a reminiscence of Pujas, 2007.

Pujas 2007 Collage Via Picasa 3.0

Well, my digital romance started from 2006. The first Pujas and the largest images on display in this article through the collages, Pujas 2006 was a juncture between my Presidency Years and my M.Sc Years. The joint had the remnants of B.Sc with college friends going out for the last time. I remember Khotu's comment when she was in US, as that she missed my Conducted Pujas Tour through the serpentine lanes of North Kolkata. Behala and parts of South Calcutta had already been organizing good Pujas, but believe me, I never ventured past Ekdalia and Singhi Park... reservations: Didnt know the Serpentine lanes; literally speaking, South Kolkata lacks them very much.

Pujas 2006.

The battle between the North and South shall prevail. But this pujas, 2010... I will try to hop back into my 2006 shoes and span the Kolkata...for the sake of the taste of the festivals...for I think... chances for next time should never be taken!!!

I will miss S5... :(

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Understanding Dilemma...

I had tried to bring back the flair of writing stories - the ghastly ones, but may be its too early for a 31st October adrenaline to fire and smog up my blog. When I came online tonight, I headed clicked onto Cutting the Chai, one of my favorites and observed the sense of professional outlook that the blog bore, when I desired to address myself into Wordpress from Blogspot. Just then, some tears from within, some unspoken words that never meant anything to the world, due to lack of correspondence, started knocking back, diluting my thoughts. This shifting always bring back memories of leaving the old and start off for the new, may be this time I will hold back!

My Priority Inbox showed a mail from a person, who once was a very good pal of mine. It mentions ideas and desires, that will bar a number of aspects from my life, but may be I was a loner and will remain so. People will always get past, destroy and move forward... nomads as we all will always be. A sms, during my college era mentioned that Friends are very Bad Tenants... When they stay they give great company, but when they leave, they tear off the wall papers and dismantle the room they had occupied for years, yonder (may be).

30 days from now, we are into the Pujas. May be I will not have any piece of S5 meeting here  in Kolkata, which hurts a bit. Sanga, Sammy, Sandy and Pachu... will miss you yet again. Aaaahhh.... I cannot dilute my tears with the thoughts of Pujas.... It was a bad start to the week...the morning saw ZERO yield of Results in my experimental work and now it seems more pestering to think that I am ending the day with sour and bitter tastes...and Mind it...the Graphiti Edition (12.09.10) of the Telegraph, Kolkata mentions in the Zoduiac Column by Kusum Bhandari, that, Leo will have a great week ahead in both professional and home front! If this is Good..then I dont want any more!!!

God knows what's up ahead....

Copyright: Somnath Paul for Canonical Cacophony.
2008, Pujas.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Call is ON: EMVT.

Time to get Techno and write something out of desire, thanks to few friends who are already paddling their feet onto the Accelerator, Brakes and Clutches, the ABC of driving.

The new age is on and with India already posing a challenge to the world for her ultra low cost model vehicle, the Tata Nano, already being on the road, its time that my Blog post # 386 talks something more exciting. And with a low on budget, space for accomodation but a super high desire, I would like to present to the Indian consumers, something very very interesting.

The idea of EMVT (Electric Motor Vehicle Transportation) was known to me, thanks to the Discovery Channel. Later on, when being associated with ZEN INTERNATIONAL, I had the opportunity to learn the art of searching and getting Gizmatic! I came across the Porsche, electric edition and the prototypes of Hyundai, back in 2009. all for electric cars. My inquistion led me to a website, to be surprised to see an Indian manufacture ruling the World with it's Electric Cars. REVA Motors, click here. The Cars...truly stylish and feels that ultra futuristic!

Now the War steepens up. With the regular, lowest cost Tata Nano coming at US$ 2200/- (Roughly Rs. 1.15 Lakhs), the Electric versions would be soon sleeking its space in the roads of the nation. The first Big name, a company of Indian origin ties up with Renault and Nissan to produce its first ULC (Ultra Low Cost???? ) vehicles which would be fully electrical, able to be cahrged on a mobile pin head. Its the Bajaj ULC.

The above model, prototype being revealed by the Bajaj MD, at an automobile show would cost as low as US$ 3000/- (Rs. 1.5 Lakhs), but rumours call it a bet at Rs 1.1 Lakhs, close the to the Tata Nano price. But just as Tata seemed to be outstered from the name game in the market, it reveals its Nanao EV, the electrical version of Nano, at the auto Show in Geneva. The picture shows the trendy Nano.

It is said that this master piece would cost Rs. 1.35 Lakhs to start off with, but in the price intensive market, even a single paise would do the required affinity towards a brand. Afterall, both being Indian having a well known expertise. Lets not forget, if Tata is one of India's biggest Multi-sectorial giant, Bajaj too played its part in making India proud, producing various electricals, apart from being India's second largest auto-bike producers!

What ever it may be, though Nano looks impressive on the go, I would call for the pricing... and by 2012, i would like to fulfill my dream!

... Follow Ups.

To carry forward with the previous post, today, I have been witness to some more nostalgia that brings the vivid pictures of my childhood. The Border, a patriotic movie and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge captured all imaginations. 5th September, the birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan is being celebrated as according to his desire, as Teacher's Day, since 1964. This, being a day to mark the tryst that the teachers of the nation use to put it annualy to reap a good mind in almost every child. With galore of Oldies being played by the cable channels, this impetus was enough to trigger the thought process to recollect the good old days of my school. Each year, on the occassion of Teachers' Day, the school was being decorated to the maximum, especially the auditorium where the main programs were being organized and the staff room. e used to celebrate the music and the air of celebrations, that we always had and expected to deliver to our teachers. There was always two segments of the program, one being the soccer match where the Sirs used to participate against a student team and the cultural and game-show program, where the lady teachers used to predominate the proceedings. .....ahhh, those days of Calcutta Boys' School.

But... as every post has a twisting social values within, I would like to write about the lack lustre texture of Teachers' Day. A few sms from some of my students who never fail to forget me ( not blowing it out of proportions!) But I wonder, how the term or celebration of Teacher's Day stands, by today's standards? A Teacher, has changed the meaning, thanks to some un-toward incidents that take place day in and day out.  And the Student has also done the same somesault to change it's meaning. Some incidents:
1) A Teacher asks for a Laptop, in one of the prestigious school in Kolkata, in return to promote a child. Even after recieving the Token of Gift (understand as alms to a beggar), the greed stepped up its tempo, ending the story into a tarnished image.
2) Same school, different incident leads to a student suicide.
3) In another case, a student commits suicide because he has been greeted with THE cane, when he was trying to slip in the class late. To add to the drama, the parents were blindly adamant to punish the teacher because the teacher landed a legtimate punishment to the child... (I have been detained outside the class, for the whole day for coming late and also for missing out a few books on another occasion. Both the time, I gained respect for Mrs. Zaffar, our class teacher in Class II and one of my favorite teacher. My Mom nor Dad have moved to the court, nor did I commit some "SWEET SITE"; as I would pronounce the act in those days. ;-P )

All the above action comes from the Jet Age, that lacks dignity at the helm.

Moving into politics, I guess Dr. Radhakrishnan wouldn't have liked the trend of reservation. The authorities may increase the seats....but not decrease the opportunity for the real bright students, in the face of farce of Education system in India. Today, the Victorian structure of Indian Education system makes the brains sharper than the Americans, who prefer to take a snap shot in their Polaroids, of the Board Work, rather than take down notes! At least we can use the lines of our fingers to calculate 3+ 4 = 7!!!

Why not 2+2....! Well, I had to prove my point...the American juggernauts know that by now, after hearing the jokes on them.. being thrown at the Beer Counter at the Billy's.... eh man?!

Politics within education and education for politics are the two fangs thats gripping the Indian Education system. I have always protested, and on this day, I woudl delightfully pick up the pen to protest again.  Please donot take Education as a weapon to win elections! Which ever the government that comes to the helm, they always deprive the good brain thanks to the Quota system for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other Backward Classes. Its a personal observation that these backwards classes live in posh locations around Kolkata. The political parties try to recapitulate the situation, on a path that is totally logic less as per the calculations! Divide on basis of Caste and Creed! In a land, where men like Mahatma Gandhi, Emperor Akbar have taken birth, tryin to erase all kind of castismn, seggregation on based of education ignites the splinter that the a secular nation like India tries to supress! Still the seggregation continues, although the Parties mention in Unity!

Copyright: Dec 2006. My M.Sc Classmates, Dept of Genetics, University of Calcutta.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Running Past My Shadow.

Can we ever Beat our Shadow, which grows longer each year...? We have to compromise with the thought that our shadows will always be nose ahead, where ever we grow! A progressive mind would comment on my last couple of lines and compare them to being pessimist, as man always run towards the how Shadows grow in-front of you? The Laws of Physics also stays on the Critic's side, proving them right and me - wrong.


Lets think it on a different frame:

How about running into the dark nights of Cold Death? The darkness smudges from the sides to bid your materialistic body a farewell.... from this Earth? Now that means running with the Sun behind you... and the shadow grows taller than you... Ah!!! Just like a Human heart, mind and desire, Physics takes my side...

Its all Relative!

Today, while going through the pages of Perspectives in Genetics and Cytology, an annual Scientific journal published by AICCG Organizing Committee, this time published from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, a journal which I have played a part as Assistant Editor; it dawned on me that the All India Conference of Cytology and Genetics (AICCG), is almost over by nine months, last taking place in Dec, 2009. It dawned on me, that my association in the world of research has also taken a leap by ten months!

And then I turned into the pages of FaceBook....

Very recently, following one of my present Departmental Juniors, Smritikana, from Presidency College, Department of Physiology... I decided to put on the pictures of my Presidency Days (2003-2006). Since I lacked a handy and sleek digicam back in those days, most of my pics were Analog! In one pic, whose link I am sharing from facebook, I re-discovered the Goodtimes and Taste of a Good Senior Junior Relationship... something that I also mention to my Present Physiology students, to make this as a habit to interact with the seniors...

The point is: Those Days of Presi were Great... a reverberation that always makes me miss them!

The Link, click here.

The Picture:
Department of Physiology, Presidency College Picnic.
Somnath Paul, Dec 2003.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Apocalypse 2012

2012, be it predicted or technologically gagged and tagged as one of the most highly priced movie out of Hollywood, be it the Aztec calender that stops at 2012.... the World and its antenna looks up to the recent tremors in the world of space weather. Apocalypse 2012 is at which man kind stares. The Solar Maxima year, 2012-13 upholds one of the largest solar storm, thrown towards Earth, having the capacity of ~ 100 million Nuclear Bombs. Its DOOMS DAY!

Solar Flares and Solar Storms are caused by altering magnetic domains within the surface of the Sun. The Sun, as we all know is a highly molten mass Hydrogen and Helium, undertakes a fusion reaction liberating energy in form of heat and light. Due to un-equal rotation of the Sun's mass, the Equatorial regions spins at a faster rate compared to the polar caps! This churns the molten mass within the surface, creating cracks of magnetic shell on the surface; a region that is low in magnetic activity and fusion, creates black spots, called Sun Spots. The appearance of Sun Spots follows a rythm, where by it fluctuates between very low amount on the surface of the sun to large numbers. The year in which the later is achieved is called Solar Maxima and the other is Solar Minima.

Magnetic Lines of Force on Sun's Surface.

The localized "holes" for inward and outward movement of the lines of force generates the black spots.

The Sunspots generated, conjoints and moves around on the surface and during an intense pack-up of the spots, the lines of force generates the flare of highly charged atioms / ions that can cause a number of damage to life, technology and properties.

The damage that can be dealt in a Sun Storm are:
1) Total Black out of digital communications and even the satellites will be effected.
2) High intensity of gamma rays can penetrate the earth's magnetic lines of force. If they do so, then they can cause immense degree of biological damage. God knows a whether 2012, the Apocalypse date be overcome by humans or not! Till then, we have no other options other than waiting for DOOMSDAY!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Things have always been on change and what more, Blogger introduces the new stats section, which looks quite like Google analytics, which I have activated as well. My age have taken one more turn into the 27s...and few more grey lines have been spotted. I have also become conscious about the ripples and the cripples that have been associated lately behind eye horns! Man... ( and woman)... I am growing...ahem..OLD!

Its very hard to realize that Kolkata is losing some of its glories. With the old names in the Cinema Locality of Dharamatala and Esplanade already giving way to the Multiplexes around the city, my recent observation was regarding the hand drawn rickshaws being replaced by the tricycles... No doubt they demand less on power and energy, but the tradition goes as Kolkata (Calcutta) is the only city in the World these hand drawn carts and rickshaws still ply! Its too sad that we are living in the future super power State, called India, but we can't maintain such traditions, while our neighbors keep their Tradition's Flag hoisted up proudly. Yes I am talking about Pakistan...our neighbors who have maintained their tradition... First in post World War II they begged for some land from India and now they keep begging from the Bookies.... in their Cricket Matches abroad...! Gosh...we cant manage our tradition!!!

Recently, I have been enjoying pieces of mockery by MIR, in the The Telegraph. The recent one was a wit written on the condition of the roadways in the City of Joy, filled with Pot Holes! The mockery was too good. Since I donot have permissions for Re-prints, I would certainly recommend you to have a laugh, by visiting the Online edition! After all, it requires sheer innovation to compare the roads of dream in Kolkata with Hema Malini's Cheeks and the actual scenario as Om Puri's Cheeks! Cheeky!!

But anyways...all tribute to ANYONE... I have something for You Kolkata!!!

© Sep 2010. A Floral Tribute to Our Beloved City.

So who are the winners?


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