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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wireless from Across the Atlantic : First Week

Getting in the pressed clothes, the journey started foe me nearly 10 days ago. A journey, that extended the first day of "hopefully" many more days to come. The day of Aug 20, 2015 was 29 hours for me. 2 hours in India, 15 hours in flight and then another 12 hours in US.

And then started a string of images from across the Atlantic for people back home to have a look, through my eyes. Specially my mom, who recently is taking her first strides into the World of Facebook.

There were two reasons, to be here. One to visit my wife and second to deliver a talk on my research activities at a Global gathering in Philadelphia. To a person like me, its all new... and the next few articles in this blog will be on that. Fresh from the neural network to the digital network.

Courtesy: Google Maps.

Normally, people back home use to compare the "cleanliness" of US. I would like to admit that I am no exception. But, they do not explain why. They do not think why? Population back home is astounding and loud too. Here, the best you can hear loudly are speeding cars. No honks! No swearings at random!

I would take the privilege to autopsy the situation. The only thing that comes upfront, to make a city like "clean" is the people that stay in here. Rather than getting mesmerize with the "beauty" of US or may be any European Nation; even Japan or Korea, it is very important to reflect on our habits.

It is said that "Indians become more disciplined and act like the locals when they are on foreign soil". Actually, looking at the surrounding, you won't feel like littering it but loiter in the lush green, clean ambiance. If they can do here, why not back home? I think, given an opportunity, this habit; Every Indian city has the potential to be like a "clean city". Mr. Modi has already flagged the notion of "Swacch Bharat". If the habits change, then population will never ever be a problem.

People might still poke in, I am in a less populated city of US, like Milwaukee. Well... I agree; but I have been to Philadelphia too. I do not find people pee-ing on the roads or spitting pan on the walls. Its a disciplined behavior that can change the outlook. Its not difficult! Its simple. Just it shall take some focus to follow this simplicity.

Have a look of the surroundings on a rainy day. Do you see any mud puddles?

I took a stroll around the place, to take some pictures of rainy, waterlogged, puddled streets of Milwaukee. This is equivalent to a township area, outside the main city. I have not come across one place where the water was above my shoe sole...

This first article is nothing change the India immediately. But I have my friends, who after reading this will help to spread the thoughts of "disciplined habits" to their known faces. I hope, someday, this notion of "Swachh Bharat" will not simply stay on as a notion. Its like a duty; for the city or town... on a bigger picture, India, feeds you and holds you in her bosom. Lets not cripple it's beauty.

4 more weeks of stay. I shall bring you much more different experiences... I hope. Till then....

Somnath Paul Photography


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