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Wireless from Across the Atlantic : First Week

Getting in the pressed clothes, the journey started foe me nearly 10 days ago. A journey, that extended the first day of "hopefully" many more days to come. The day of Aug 20, 2015 was 29 hours for me. 2 hours in India, 15 hours in flight and then another 12 hours in US.
And then started a string of images from across the Atlantic for people back home to have a look, through my eyes. Specially my mom, who recently is taking her first strides into the World of Facebook.
There were two reasons, to be here. One to visit my wife and second to deliver a talk on my research activities at a Global gathering in Philadelphia. To a person like me, its all new... and the next few articles in this blog will be on that. Fresh from the neural network to the digital network.
Courtesy: Google Maps.

Normally, people back home use to compare the "cleanliness" of US. I would like to admit that I am no exception. But, they do not explain why. They do not think why? Population back ho…