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Hannibal | The One Who brought Fear in the Mortal Romans

A story, encrypted in the tell tales of time immortal, Hannibal; one of the greatest general, who said to have brought fear in the minds of the Mighty Romans. Creeping over the Alps, Hannibal made Rome and the mortals who inhabited there, that fear is for every man; death was bigger truth than the heads of pride fallacy. And, then; one thing made me realize that same - I am vincible, hunger has a different pang, if you don't heed to it early.
House arrest with weakness and Malaria, I realized many more things; just like The Banker made the Prisoner realize the value of corporal punishment nor life sentence was never sweeter than the juice of knowledge; it saved the mortals and the soul. I realized, in my week of house arrest, after a long time, that health is the actual wealth, that will earn your the green back and at the same make you play skilfully with your smile and sense. I realized the difference between care and words that say they care. I realized the shades of human fac…

Celebrate Awesomeness | Celebrate Being An Indian

Recently, there has been an advertisement, aired in all the major TV channels available through cable networks, regarding celebrating awesomeness, youthness, kickassness, etc with Tata Nano (Click here to view). But, I guess we Indians are forgetting to celebrate being an Indian. Well, I don't blame solely all except me, I am also a part of the herd. If we would reflect back that what we just missed, we would never say; it happens only in Bollywood... It happens only in India.
July 13th, 2013, 18 young girls from Jharkhand made their way to beautiful Spain and make their team's name as well as India's name shine, by standing Third in the tournament. People might say as what is so great in it? They were not champions... but to remind those "self-extraordinary" gentlemen, it is an achievement, given they come from backgrounds of being maids or daily wage earners, among the billion poor Indians. Just by scratching Telengana or applauding Chak De India is not enough…