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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Festivities: Bandh... Hartals.. Strikes!

Thats the Bandh Days in Bengal again... Nandigram killings... call a day off!!! Tapashi Mallik Killing, well it was almost a Day off! Pention problems, call a day off... Firing (not at Lokhanwala!), call a day off... sometimes I wonder, that will drainage block in the laterine of the emminent opposition leaders to the ruling party heads will also call for a day off... a Day off for celebration and pull back Bengal, 12 hours to 24 hours, non stop!

Thats the fun of the whole proceedings!

30th October, 2007: SUCI called for a 12 hour Bengal Bandh. Reason, well not clear..some say its for the pensioners' rights, where else others say that its for the vegetable price hike! Whatever may be the reason, to many it looked like another Sunday preponed, but seemed like it would be so...but this time, the Kolkatans came out in masses and completely jeopadized the "Bandh"!

31st October, 2007: Trinamool Congress, the largest opposition in the State Legislative Assembly of West Bengal, called a Bandh in protest of a bullet shell found near the car of Miss Mamata Bandhopadhyay, the leader! Well the whole proceeding is a drama, which better can be phrased into one line: According to Artillery Physics, the story doesn't fit!!!

Well, still its a Bandh... and now its to be seen how the Bengal reacts to the call...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Dusk.

Sitting with the silent stir of the wind beside Rabindra Sarovar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It will be missed. The sky showed in the warmth of the season. For Bengalis its the festive Durga Pujas back on track for this year, 2007. For many its the reflection of the inner self, i.e the heart and for many, its a mere hue of the refraction phenomenon of the Sun's spectrum. Million minds, million thoughts! Unique in each perspective, jovial in the voila, intelligent in the cofrence, touching in thy own room... empty or a coupled heart!
Pujas have started on with a blast! Lets hope for the best!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Laga Chunari Mein Daag... a review.

Touching and a snap shot of one of the most talked about clan of the society, the Call Girls... which in ancient and medieval India winked as "tabyats"...!!! In English, prostitutes!
The film cast by Rani Mukherjee, Abhishek Bacchan and many more just not only touched our hearts, at least mine, but did let a drop or two of real warm tears roll down the corner of thy eyes! How the adversities of the daily life leads a simple girl to become the desire of a hungry sex freaking man's body, who just wants the girl for her body, killing and pressing the stones, is really well potrayed in these 135 or so odd minutes.
Really, before pointed your fingers at this section of the society, its really a thought to ponder upon as to why they fall into this world. This section of the society, when they take birth they do call the first word as "ma"... just like you and me... ( the so called good people!!!) They also cry, they also play they also laugh some point of their "clean" life! Then what makes their "chunari" or the cloth stained with the greed of a heartless body? Its us, the masked men, who call themselves "good".
This world is beautiful. This world is ugly, the boundaries made by us. The mind makes the boundary, that is being expressed out as the Society! Its a thought to ponder, I do repeat. Respect your mother??? Then why not respect other girls, who will be a daughter, a mother and a wife of some one else. Love them, not eat them! They are not meant to be eaten! Money can buy everything, but the determination and the soul ... well, thats not marketed!!!
This film embodies these good thoughts! After a long time have seen a movie of this genre. The songs were self explainatory. The subject of Environmental adversities changing Lives was well expressed! If I had the power to grade, which I will do even if I dont have the power, I shall grade it 10/10....!!! Fabulous movie! Must be seen by all..especially Guys!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Come summer autumn or spring, the Blossom of this perspective shall engross my heart and embrace my life like the flaky crysals of the winter, clear and dazling. It shall be colouring thy life like, a small drop of dew, embodied with the hues of red, pink , blue, yellow and all that possible in the rainbow, to make it look ever colourful.

Thy touch changeths thy style, thy words emphasises thy action, thyself makes me lucky and happy. Its a wonderful feeling, thyself to thine...

Hey ppl, dont have to wait.. we shall soon uncork the wine!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sparkz in Indian Sports

Its really unbelievable, but better believed!

Chak De India, a film that put forward womanhood and the desire to be on top of the world, released world wide some three months ago, motivated the whole nation!

The nation which can do the Champion act, if the inner urge comes out! I still remember the scenes from the film that did make me have goosebumps and shout at the top of my voice when the fowards played for the nation beating Australia at the death moments! It was recreation of a past! But the film had ushered a number of pages in the Indian Sports history this year! 2007. It all started with Indian Men's Hockey team winning an International tournament, huts weeks from the film realeased! The Roller Coaster excitement was more intensified with the Indian football team winning the Nehru Cup for the first time in 25 years, beating a well ranked team of Syria! And the passion was rejuvinated with some of the most exciting cricketing action, with Team India winning the T20 world cup, the first of its kind, beating teams like Pakistan, England, South Africa, Australia and Pakistan again in the finals! The Team showed Team Effort! Days down and some more news came upfront! The Indian U14 rugby team, orissa based players of Kalinga University of Social Science (KISS) won the international Rugby tournmament, beating the favourites South Africa! And one more news to put the cherry to the cream, is that Viswanathan Anand became the World Chess Champion as he replaced the Russian!!!

India is winning!




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