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A tinge of smoke in my Vodka.

Nothing psychedelic in it...just that was sitting with my glass beside the bon-fire and enjoying the New-Half Crescent moon under the dark foggy veil of 24th December 2010. Expecting the Santa? Well..just missed him..may be!
Sparkling Smirnoff. Dec 2010, Somnath Paul.
But it was a Party more than expectation! Food (Guha Manab - Tandoor Chicken from Arambagh!); Chinese noodles; Chilli Chicken; Fried rice; Lemon; Exotic Choclates and flow of Smirnoff and White Mischief from the glass "slim" barrels! but, every party should have something and that was the Bon Fire. The roof-top Bonnie was a first in my life, but let me say- I have mastered the art, thanks to previous trekking experience! Niladri- Bo"r"n Fire; Dec 2010, Somnath Paul.
10 souls, Enrique, Souls from our heard off experience, Plans to visit a haunted place, desire to call the souls and many more. Life goes on, 24/12/10 finished 30 minutes before midnight.
That moment, even Rajesh Khanna would have loved to live…

A Decade That Was...


Ten years... changing my status in great many ways.

From a pretty school guy, it turned me into a professional teacher; made me into a lover and a photo-fanatic; a decade that made me receive the only slap from a contemporary female to a decade that gave me S5, Presimates and really ultra cool Lyaad Group. It was a decade that had pushed my limits to getting transformed into a barrel, liking the bitter liquid.

It was decade when I started as well as renounced the pornographics, realized that time was short and there are many more avenues to grab the money on the loose.

It was a decade that had turned me into Sir, into a scholar and also a friend in dire needs!

Many things apart from 3 Soccer World Cups, 3 Cricket World Cups, several medallions in the Olympics, Asiads and the Common Wealth games. A spontaneous blogger now drying up with ideas to run, yet the passion remains to cross the mark and set new standards with every writing remained!

Physiology >> Genetics and no…

I Loved its Creativity.

Discover Madhya Pradesh. If an advertisement is more than making you sit there for over 1 minute, speechless and nothing but admiration to the ingenuity, then the cause would be more enchanting. I have always loved the folk lore that is associated with this region. The oscillation of the string (meniature bina), the music gets you to the heart. All in shadow, depicting all the tourists spots within Madhya Pradesh, I was spell bound to see it.
Come May, I am longing to go out with mom and who knows, this place might be on the charts... I just couldn't stand aside, but share with you all the master piece... have a look:

I wonder, with all the amenities of Nature in West Bengal, why haven't the State tourism board come up with an ad? We have Darjeeling, Dooars, Maithon, Mirik, Digha, Shankarpur, Mandarmani, Sunderbans, Birbhum, Bankura, Murshidabad, Gaur, Malda, etc..etc... we have them...but we are more interested to commercialize potato against against red... there …

Online "Official" Gamble, Indian Media.

Lottery, Satta are all supposedly illegal, especially the latter. The Indian Media goes on with an official version of Satta at night in programs called Online Lucky Name and Win Shows (OLNWS), like aired on Zee TV and Imagine TV named Gold Safe. Every night, since April 2010, this new magic craze for money among the Indians is being capitalized, fooling 99.9% individuals, letting them wait onine for 10-15 minutes (Rs. 12/minute), earing a lot and sharing little. The revenue generated is without any bill nor is it transparent! A few years back, ETV had aired similar shows but was protested and closed. The show genre is renewed with new aura. New Bikini clad girls talking endless shit and shouting for GOLD and SAFE..actually no one is safe from this Telephony Piracy
The Show
            Proper steps should be employed to stop this or atleast reduce the loot. I understand that this is a business and "may be" (as I am skeptical) they pay the winners from the masses! …

2010 and the Journey is ON...

When it comes to thinking, the sounds beckons me to go far and wild. The wild west to the wildest dreams, something like my most feared person clawing me out of the window of The Petronas or something else. Thought is versatile, but when spoken its meaning perceived by others might not be so. Then it hurts! Flawlessly mistaken, still one cannot do anything. Then problems claw in. Crowing around the temple, the birds of confusion flies, mimicking me to be a character out of the Hannah Barbara pages.
But I am not Mr. Flintstone!
Yabba Dabba Doooooooo! Yes, its important to keep your cool and persist with your work. Very important!
In the next few articles, as always, I would note down why 2010 was interesting to me.
@ Haldirams Super Mall, Ballygunge Phari, Kolkata