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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amateur yet has a good taste of Professionalism...

Department of Genetics, University of Calcutta stiched together few scraps to put forward one of the most cherished play of the Bengali Dramatics, Birinchibaba, written by the Parshuram and based on some of the concepts formulated by Dr. Abhishek Bhattacharya.

We did a good job.. the trailers can be seen hence forth!

finally the trailer... bigger rehearsal!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Chak De India!!!

Mission South Africa. So what its a Mini World Cup? Its a tournament where the Team has been playing like Davids, assasinating the Goliaths!

Match 1: Scotland vs India. It was tied down due to Rain

Match 2: Pakistan vs India. India won the match by the first ever BOWL OUT, as the match was tied. both teams has 141 on board at end of 20 overs. India: 141/5 Pak: 141/7.


Match3: New Zealand vs India. New Zealand won by 10 runs. NZ: 190/8 Ind: 180/7.

Match 4: England vs India. India beat England. Yuvraj became the fastest 50 scorer of the tournament, the first of its kind in 12 balls. he hit 6 consecutive sixes in an over by Broad.

Match5: South Africa vs India. India beat the Proteas. RP Singh turned taking 4/14. debutant Rohit Sharma was announced man of the match.


Match6: Australia vs India. India beat the Aussies by 15 runs. Yuvraj again showed that he was the best in the day!

MATCH 7: FINAL at Wanderers Johenesberg! INDIA vs PAKISTAN.
Pakistan defeated New Zealand to find a place in the Final.

Dream Final ever. Last time such a situation almost arose was in 1987 WC, in India, where India was defeated by Australia and Pakistan was defeated by England in the Semis. But this is the first ever time the arch rivals are meeting each other in the FINAL of a World Cup!!!

Chak De India!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

after Post Graduation...

What??? Dont ask me!!!

There are many options as it is open. Many people have the apprehension that scientific research in the nation is going hay wire. And some one in the DST/UGC has heard the ailing and so has entrusted the national scholars with a hike in their salary by a gross INR 7000/- p.m. The funny part of the whole business is that in school, after matriculation, i.e ICSE/class 10 equivalent, almost 75% of the parents dream of their child pursuing Science. The motif: To become a Doctor (MBBS-->MD) or an Engineer and get a good secured job! I was also in such a queue only that my parents just wanted me to have science, and i too... but inspite of failures in making to the Medical colleges and compromising on a engineer life, I got into amuch General stream of Human Physiology and Graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta under University of Calcutta.

Then I tried for a number of places like Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and IITs along with some more! And many more my friends tried for! Eventually I got through in the M.Sc course in Genetics, under University of Calcutta. Today, 11th September 2007, I have already completed half of my course! Now its a whole new life ahead! Another rush and shots at some more examinations! And as per the topic, what?

1> Staying in India requires to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) for a research life in India and that too with some healthy amount of money!
2> I would also like to take a shot at the GRE and TOEFL so as to try outmy dreams in the States, with a special dream to get into MIT! lets see how far I can achieve that dream!
3> One can also take a go at the diferent autonomous research scholar examinations taken up by CCMB, Hyderabad; TIFR, Bangalore/Mumbai; JNU, New Delh; IISc, Bangalore.
4> Take a try at the Zurich School of Life Science for a good biological research experience!
5> Germany also has lucrative offers of Molecular Biology works and Neuroscience!
6> GATE conducted to recruite students into the IITs and some esteemed institutes is also a good examination to sit for!

options are many... this is just a large chunk of the ice berg! Dive deep, this world is really wonderful!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Price Waterhouse Coppers...not Coopers!!!

...or rather say creepers...
Peculiar, yet it will bear some handy meaning at the end of the article, I guess! Today while walking down the roads of Calcutta, I looked into the Eliot Park, near Maidan and looked at a couple. The lady was draped in a beautiful hand printed baby pink salwar and was looking really beautiful with the Sun falling on her face. She was fair, while her boy friend looked not very attractive, but was fine... just enough to carry on with the match! (after all its all about the heart and not the face cut!!! is it?) They looked to posses a good understanding. Suddenly the girl broke out with anger followed by breaking down in tears! The two weapons correctly used by girls!

Suddenly an onlooking crowd gathered! I also "creeped" my body in the commotion and found out that the two were staring at the crowd and then at each other as just the other minute some alien has made the others imagine by "mind power" that the lady was crying and shouting! When asked as to what was the problem by some "goons" who were always ready to take advantage of a ailing girl, the Girl stammered: "actually kichu na, amra ekta natoker rehearsal dicchi!" ( Nothing, we were rehearsing a play dialogue!!!)

When the crowd managed to move away with teeth bting comments, I walked towards them and asked the girl: "apnar natok ta shottie jibon dayok! puro jibitoh!" (Your act is really life like!!) The girl said: "Thank You!" Then she looked at the guy, and asked : "ki bolish?" (What do You say?) . The guy said: " Ja bolis!" ( AsYou say). He looked straight inbetween my legs! It made me feel little awkward, but then the girl noticed! "kichu mone korben na",(Don't mind), she stammered, "o andho! dekhte paina, tai omni bhabhe takie ache!" ( He is blind!)

The name of their drama was "Price Waterhouse Coppers...not Coopers!!!"

Really Coopers..or Coppers or say Creepers?

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Whats that?

Is it just a cup of tea, stirred, made sweet and then drunk, just to have another one? or is it the sense of being the life giver. like a bottle of water. Ona can go on without Tea, but without water, who can except the desert ship. Even he needs to replenish its reservior before it can carry on further.
In the modern concepts of relations, its just a way to make one understand that I need you..just for the lust or for the love. And in this confused struggle many genuine feeling gets crushed and un understood. Getting on with a sip of the cup of tea is just a simpler job... much simpler than making the tea sweet. At present, many like myself are on the mode of preparing a good tea. Its just a matter of time and God gifted good graceful palate that would make the person for whom all these preparation had been set on track, likes it..rather loves thy preparation...
Many things expressed in this manner may hurt a number of others!
p.s: any resemblance witha nyone's life is purely coincidental and not intensional.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pujo Ese Gelo...

16th October to 20th October, 2007, the biggest carnival of Eastern India, teh Durga Pujas is set to take a full flow in the region. Calcutta, now called Kolkata will be at its Carnival galore, when the new dresses comes off the shelf, to be worn and people would keep on a good move..a good pace with life!

This Pujas, my journey will have a totally new aspect in it, as I will be starting to enjoy with a totally new set of friends. This is the cycle, and a partial displacement reaction in the bondage of friendship!

But I hope to meet with the old and adjust with the new..these pujas, gonna be real other years!!!

Below are given some pictures from last years Carnival...

pic: College Square.

pic: AhiriTolla.

pic: Mandirtolla, Sibpur.

pic: Idol Immersion Procession at Esplanade.

pic: People Frenzy Carnival.

Good Times...

LED Text Scroller

Getting back to the basics, its a real tough job, but like other good times, I shall return back to the place like no one before! Its me, its Somnath Paul. Its analogous to having good times, rather say great times! With the ample fund of good times and a good friendly hand, this job never seemed so easy! Better than a good ****job! I guess you got the idea!

Somnath Paul Photography


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