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The Shells at Tajpur

Another destination explored. Starting from 2011, it has been a constant movement onward, to places and marking my footsteps on google map. But as the commercial says, every trip has a reason, let leisure be the reason for this one. Celebrating the anniversary of my friends, a pair of couples on the beach was beyond doubt; enjoyable. Friends from the root hold, past as in Masters, the congregation upon the beach was nothing more than breach of the notion of boredom!

Budha-Ankita and Avisek-Soma; they were the reason and alcohol made it prominent across the bon-fire roasting the meat!

(l-r) Avisek, Budha, Ankita and Soma
The toast was on them and some of rum in the Bonfire!
A one day trip, it could have been hectic as we never stayed back in the hotel for more than 24 hours. But, this trip made me realize some aspects of being happy together. Yes, there were news of few parting friends, who would move along in their life. It did hurt a little, but then the smile always made it sure: A…