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The battle of Titans.

The Match between Srilanka and Australia would be a blaster. here are the probable heroes of the Final, to be held at Sir Viv Richards Stadium, Barbados.

Relationships trickle away.

In life we always make new in roads with respect to the aspect called realtionships! Some relationships are there to stay, while others remain way behind to be even recognized. But the most versatile and common part of it all are the relations that do both. They intriguely remain together for a while, but out of something, it dies out and dies away! Its a simple slow and steady death. Its just like melting ice, which once shines in aura and awe for a lot of people, but in the heat of time, when the ice starts melting, it melts fast. really fast!

The thing is more precise and note worthy when the melting starts not from a direct heat reaction but from heat that radiates towards it from else where. The swan song of the realtionship comes with pain, a pain that really cannot be told...and expression of which comes with tears. Even those seem analogous to the melting ice drops... dont they? Thats why, such relationships are better kept away. Am I right or wrong?

Heavy down pour.

Crossing all the levels of imagination, when Air stops supporting the fire to carry along, then the anger really spills out like hot beans onto the tin roof. Then all the rain clouds and the rain gods of all castes and civilzations come up with only one matra, destruction. It sits heavy.
At this vital moment, any kind of spare sunshine comes up as blessing. the pain of having a realtionship broken down after years and years of hard work and dedication, really makes me feel that was it worth a try? or was it just simply a futile chance to survive amidst the rat race with some one, who will one day drift along with the tide? God knows what! May be He has decided in to take actions! How much surprising it might be! May be he will take all those actions soon!

Night blabs...

When night cold winds blow, The warm lights of the room glow, The penny on the road remain cornered, in one of the Roadside meander. Its here where the light runs out. Its here where the Sun shines out, Its here where the Stars are never realized, Its here where emotions sales cheap... Its here where the root base of the coconut goes down... Seeping up the sap, the way it want... Its the hard of poverty, Where the light shall once grant... The air of life, The air of prosperity. ----- Somnath.


The thought to be around stays in with any relationship, always. Be it friendship, husband wife realtionship or may be the enemity, where the enemy "promises" to be around always. While snapping the different pictures from my roof top, I came across the this instance, where the setting sun seems to promise to the world of coming back the next day. It shall remain with you always. Similarly, feelings and emotions as a generalized term shall remain with you always! Be it a happy feeling or a sad one, the term "emotion" plays on and on, in its own nice little manner. It remains with the human soul, the human power of physical existence to the eternal subconscious expressions, feelinga and emotions pledges to be with him or her.

Life at its best.

With the fast life being on a greater pace to achieve a better way to cope up its demands, drinking has not become a luxury, but a necessity. With the ever enduring andincreasing demands to be precise, the body and mind tends to take a break with some recreation in the liquid bitter. Its a part. Its a part of the game.