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Changing Guard in the Tube.

For the last two and a half decade, Metro Railways have always been the most sophisticated journey, a person can access to in Kolkata. The footfall accounts over 5 lakhs per day, with the very own Bengali festival days sees a footfall that exceeds a ten lakh! Awsome figure. A journey that took hardly 35 minutes from the North extreme of Kolkata to the Southern extreme, which on any other road transportation, given the lower passage way in the mega city would surely have taken more than two hour to complete!

With the name of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, the film icon of Bengali Movie industry, the new stations inaurganated by the Union Rail Minister, Ms. Mamata Banerjee on 21st August met with awe, when the minister didn't invite the State Chief Minister, Mr. B. Bhattacharya for the occasion. Standing in the state capital, the State all in one was not commenced, and Ms. Banerjee let the gree flag wave announcing the metro service to be extended in the passage that would set in four new st…

Pujas Again... 2009.

Every year, this had always been a scheduled duty to remind the blog readers with the article entitled some where like this. "Pujo ese gelo.." or "Pujas are coming..."

Every year the occassion repeats, but has a new meaning. Some thing or the other changes in every one's life but the expectation of the festive season remains unchanged! Quoting a very good friend of mine from Presi Dayz, namely Moitreyi, who said Change is always constant! Today, I have a very different status to adore my belongings! Although my office will be open on Saptami i.e 25th of August, I shall be taking it off! Actually my Pujas had always started from Sasthi, the "sixth day", but this time round, this is ought to change!

After I got the licence to roam around alone, since 2001, for the past 5 years I have been engaged heavily with friends and close ones! In this transaction have always lost some quality time with my family, especially my mom. Hence this time around, I have pla…

Mangalkot: A place in Mangal...Mars!!!

Before anything can pass into your head, have a look in here to marinate yourself for the reality to come through my keyboard, very very soon! Have a look int this picture and tell me what is it?

The above two are simple pictures, snapped from Wikipaedia account for Democracy, and mind it, India is well placed in the safe zone for Democracy.

Now come to West Bengal.

All the pictures change in the micro-environment of a state, tainted Red in the regime of a party that supposedly has become an instituition in almost every right. After all, over 35 years of sitting at the helm of the State Machinery, that's over 50% time of a nation's independence is nothing but credit, something that they will try to bite into and cling forever!

But as mentioned always, the air is changing..and so is the picture of a "peaceful, no terrorism state" turning violent each and every day. The reason is simple, weakening roots always pay the price of the tree, making sounds of breakage or wreckag…

Hola, The 26th Mile!

Many people whom I expected a Call from will remember that missed the Train I was on when I was crossing the 26th Mile! That too, if they come by this blog article.

Many people will realise that I crossed the 26th Mile on August 8th, 2009 and may be spare me a congratulation on a belated note!

Many realizations will come by, but one realization always pins me into a renewed stream of sadness, that along with the 26th Mile, I have, invested in this day a sense of missing, catering it's 5th round in a row, when I see the seat beside me empty, where my Dad once held, a very special place. Especially, Aminia, where every birthday, till 1998 had I dinner of my favourite Biriyani with Mom and Dad! A school of thought, well said and remembered again.

Yes, the 26th mile is crossed with a tick on the ZEROth Hour on 8th August 2009. A small presentation, loved by mom, gifted to me a long time back [When I was nothing but Idle], is regifted to myself on this day. Have a look... just as silently…

Mistakes, even after death!

Comrade Subhash Chakraborty takes his last abode to heaven, but mistakes keep on get committed.

Just as shocking the news was, for Mr. Chakraborty conducted a meeting a week ago, regarding the transportation hindrances that the State vehicles had, last. Yesterday, his dead body gets burnt in the cremation center, in South Kolkata.

Approximately, two years ago, another Comrade, Mr. Anil Biswas also bid farewell to this worldly affairs, but never could one recall the mass and magnitude of crowd that congregated on the streets of Kolkata, to bid their last respect to the graet leader, whose comments were random and direct from the heart. He was the only man who feared none and even talked against the government as well as party policies, directly on face, being part of the Govt as well as the party. This did make the chairs of some emminent people tremble, but Mr. Subhash Chakraborty was a man of substance, help and goodwill.

Be it sports to personal studies, the man stood by the weak! Alt…

Friends... Friendship...etc...

Mind If I tell you a swine? If you mind, you are not my friend, for my friends know, why I asked you or better say, called you so!

How about getting all the doors locked behind and call upon the hectic schedule... You B**T***D! i guess you can understand what that means?! You are not a mumbo jumbo for not understanding that! Are you?

This is not a day to commemorate the past, for the first Sunday, every August is nothing but a gizmo deviced by the Archies and other card manufacturers to sell their cards! My Airtel already pounced in a sms declaring that the free sms plan will be off today, i.e 2nd August 2009. The simple reason, it's a friendship day! The young generation will ping out the smses: Hi...Happy Friendship Day or it can go like this Dear, wish you a very very very very.... [x million times] Happy Friendship Day! Alternatively, some on like me, can take the opportunity to wish the people in advance:

[dt: 01-08-2009]
Kal hain friendship day,
Aj hain sms free.
Kal nahee!
Iss liy…

Old Candy

Its been ages since I had a Candy Floss. The last time I remember, it was in December 2007. A pleasure trip to the handloom fair taking place at the newly assigned fair ground, called Milan Mela, near Science City, Kolkata.

Some how, the memories pinned me down in my bed, clad in the bed sheet, trying to kill the misty breeze.

Today while coming back from the office, I saw a 6 year old child, holding the last bit of the candy, wrapped pink with spotted reds round stick! He was eating less but getting entangled to the fibres more. Some flew in his hair, some caught his mother's hands and other hugged his soft warm bossom. He fought fought fought... till he engulped the last strand and threw the stick across!

He hated the stick... but that stick can bring two souls closer. Never imagined? Well see the pic then... to imagine... If you want to know more, to hear the story..wait a few more days...or mail me. May be I will tell you the story!! A sweet Story!