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Ghost Under the Sun.

I did see it at last. The grey black establishment, the ghost under the sun that stood still, six storey up, over looking all the pedestrian who once were moving in or out in the fancy hotels and music stores that it housed, beside the broadway. The Stephens Court, tanned like the black tea, tells every one its sad demise after garlanding the famous crossings at Park Street. Its has a fame for itself. It housed one of the most famous resturant in the city, The Peter Cat (Whose Chelo Kabab is the best for the common man's platter.) How can one forget the famous Flury's, the one stop heart throb for all those Choco-pastry lovers!

Today, I went to Park Street for a brief work, before I would make my way to IICB for my work. When I was walking past the ruins, I could get the smell of those charred bricks, mutely intoxicated by the smell of the burnt flesh. I can identify that, for I have been in and around the cremation grounds so I could smell that.
I was busy over the phone that …


Science has this: The constant loss of telomere of the human chromosomes / chromosomes gives rise to ageing or as the Science says: Senescence. I don't have any intension to talk about the technicalities. This is the place, where I enjoy the freedom to "Key" down my thoughts.
I am in the older part of the twenties. Getting bald, white hair lines shows me no silver line, thanks to the over stressed liver and branded scotch that time and again fill down my esophagus! The constant tryst with the scientific world to do research, sometimes get onto my nerves! I have my own life to lead. I know it seldom matters when I write it down as the GTalk Tagline!
I want some sunshine and some rain and some wings to be happy. Somehow, even after getting the proper opportunity, I couldnt enjoy much! Life back in the college days or even school and University were bit carefree, having various degrees of freedom to it. Now a days, to think alternate, to do with my heart constantly begs to th…

The Great India Rift.

Last time, the rift was renewed in South Africa for the Season 2, which was carried forward by the Hyderabad based team of the Deccan Charges, under the able captaincy of Adam Gilchrist. The edition 1 was conquered by the Jaipur based team, the Rajasthan Royals, under Shane Warne. This time on, the fight is back and for 60 matches on the trot, India will be divided into states and ethnicity to ponder on a pride of domicility... to ponder upon the greatest leisure madness in the nation: Cricket.

DLF Indian Premier League 3, edition of 2010, which will be starting off today in Mumbai with match being played at Navi Mumbai between the defending champions: Deccan Chargers and the newly tinted Knight Riders, based from my b'ful city of Kolkata. The latter will be spearheaded by the returning captain, Sourav Ganguly.

Set Max is to bring the matches live, the fixture of which can be obtained from the user friendly schedule chart obtained at the IPL official website. Click here for detail…

Women's Day.

Just as I was prolific with my potatoes being harvested from the Flash Drives of Farmville, I looked at the clock, that ticked on with time and date. It figured out 8th March, 2010...people tend to call it International Women's Day. Just as the figure on the screen was busy harvesting the day's yield from my digital field, a thought came into my mind. Its the strenuous work of 25 odd years of that one lady, whom I call mother... It doesn't require to celebrate a day with her, for the sake of Archies or 123greetings... Every day is a day to be celebrated with her. Making me cozy during the hard times of late nineties to the early part of the millennium, her crop of strength, intelligence, endurance, perseverance, taught, makes me stand tall, against the Sun.
The Socialists have started this movement in the Western World, a hundred years ago [US, 1909], but with time the revolutions of Russia, 1917 have gained in momentum, with the modern era seeing the ladies flying…

....... Forgotten Charisma.

Come this March, 2010, I shall be up beat with some of my creation with the pen and the ink. Long before I had the key pads to taunt me to type, I had them to express my feelings. Sniffing the daily chores and writing them down in my diary to the frequent short articles derived from facts and fiction, used to make way.
Last year or two, while attending to two of my students, Kathakali and Kishalay, I realized that the fire to make instant stories to children liking, still made me feel at ease! May be the pen is gone and now a days the fingers do ache after a long scribble over the paper [Thanks to the keyboards], the knack to beat the best in instant story mixes and fatakas make me stand out of the crowd. They used to require for their Englsih projects at School and I made them the stories, literally at ease!
Here follows one that I wrote down for Kathakali. The topic chosen was: Start a short story with the line [mentioned in italics] The story was dated: 12/10/09.