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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It was over cast. The white shine of the clouds, slowly turned grey. Bright webs flickered through them, announcing the arrival of monsoon. The blade of grass swayed in the wind, that picked up speed and chilled the surrounding. A blanket of dust that once covered the tyres and the pavement, jumped upon it's head. "This is annoying!" thought the blade. "I don't like this monsoon kiss. Can't it come neat and clean?"

Blade, it stands still in it's place. It wins over the scorching heat, the pressing feet, but still it stands up tall to wave a high in the blowing wind. Sometimes, the neighborhood Tommy, would come wagging it's tail, pick up his right leg and bath it in a warm Jacuzzi. Scented, the blade awaits monsoon.

Still it gets angry with the unwanted kiss of the dust that the monsoon announces, before her arrival. May be it's an unexplained expression of love. Humans get weird on this part. Buying balloons, cards, chocolates and sometimes throw some stinky wet balloons around it,  frequently at dawn break! The blade always wondered about that stink, but with time, the scorching sun would fade away those thoughts, making it's vein run water so as to survive. Night falls, blade sleeps.

This year though, the monsoon has taken quite a long time to arrive. It had been waiting for it's kiss. The rain drop upon itself, smearing it's torso to bring back life and love! But what's this. A herd of cattle is on it's way. Will it never meet it's eternal love in the clouds. Will it never meet those sparkling beads of life, falling from the heavens. They come on nearer, while the lightning strikes far away! "Please come to me, I am waiting", prayed the blade. Its sound faded amidst the hoof beats! The clouds seem to play along with the heard, forgetting the long waiting tiny friend under their hoof!

It's ear torn, half head eaten, the blade waves on... Let the raindrop quench it's thirst for one last time;

.... there was a Moo, a bite and a crunch.

It started raining.

Somnath Paul Photography


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