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Light Yonder!

Take it...drink it...but DO BELIEVE IT!! Doing Masters is not a Child's Play...atleast not at the start! Its totally laborious, with every drop of your sweat will be making the steps for your success! Hence, there might be darkness now, where the students just grope and get hit to dead corners now and again, but in the end, if you yield quite a large number of Sweat Drops, then the light and the air of freedom will really be great, infact smoothest..for a Doctorate or P.Hd! Lets hope for the Best!
From Infancy to modern state of the Art Tyelami...I have crossed it in a very casual way..taking life as it came..and preparing myself with every sort of the seasons..that comes by. Although many people would say that I am bluffing that, because I am the most Precious Tension accepting machine...but no one can ever point out that i have not achieved my goals. And thats why say that i managed to live the life casually. There's a type of pleasure in taking tensions, because after all the pains, the soothing balm really feels very comfortable..and very touching.
Thats me... ready to take onto a newer life..lets see...what comes out of it..lets hope for the best, as I prepare myself to do my Masters in Genetics, from Ballygunge Science College, under University of Calcutta.

The Calypso....

The Calypso Of Life

The sound of good music is always considered as the best reliever and it couldn’t have had come in a better way. Today, 5th September, 2006, was one of the best days of my life during this current year. Profitable, yet I have to bear a little in the near future. Today, the biotechnology and genetics qualified candidates’ list was published at Ballygunge Science College, Kolkata. The courses are under University Of Calcutta. There is also another list of the candidates, securing names in the Molecular Biology section. In that also I qualified but found my name in the waiting list. In Biotechnology-Genetics, my name has appeared amongst the first list of meritorious candidates, and it was not a fluke! The reasons as to why I call this the music in my ears, because I had least prepared, if you consider preparing in the night, prior to the examination as a short span. Even then that day evening I made to one of my student’s house to teach! I expected very little from th…

New Ray Of Hope...

31st August, 2006. The Calcutta University organised Genetics and Biotechnology CAT was conducted, and it went along satisfactorily. Hoping to see my name in the first list of the selected Candidates. Amongst the two, I have a liking for Biotechnology. Also that on 5th September, 2006, the name list for Bio-Informatics and Molecular biology will also be published. In that I would like to head for Molecular Biology.
Lets hope for the best and look for 5th September, so that Teacher's Day may be celebrated in full vigor and hope, for a teacher cum student like me!