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Saturday, February 28, 2009

IPL Season II

There should always be a way, a style to finish off the month of romance. Indians, as a mass romanticizes mostly with Cricket, so how about presenting the mass of billion strong Indians with the schedule of the IPL Season II extravaganza? Eight teams shall fight their soul out for the golden trophy that last time was snatched by the least expected Rajasthan Royals. A team without stars, produced their shine amidst the hype of the tournament.
Indian Premier League started its journey last year, as was observed world wide as the most glamorous cricketing tournament. The T20 champions, India, nourished by the BCCI managed to bring forth the greatest extravaganza, bigger than the World Cup. The T20 format of the game enabled the world to watch a 3.5 hour power packed entertainment, with guaranteed rush of passion and adrenaline through the blood vessels.
This time also, there would be eight teams, representing various metros of the nation. The matches start from 10th April and would conclude on May 24th. For the complete schedule, click here. This time round IPL promises to be even bigger and better. Although there will be some recession in the international star performers, but other stars have already registered themselves for the tournament. Of them, the biggest bids were on Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Peterson. Millions rest their expectation on them, as they shall be playing like their regional armies, with the honour and respect of their region rested in their hands and legs!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Small Talks

India had her representation in the motion pictures arena before. She has also embraced awards in certain categories, like in 1982 for Gandhi, Bhanu Athaiya, the costume designer won the maiden Oscar while later on in 1992, Satyajit Ray, a pioneer in movie techniques received his share as a life time achievement award (The Academy Honorary Award*), which was presented to him when he was very ill, his last illness if framed properly.

* The elite recipients of this award are in the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, etc.

This time round, almost after 18 years since Ray, the Indian Music Maestro, Mr. A. R. Rahman knocked the doors of the World winning the two golden statuettes of The Academy Awards. The music of Slumdog Millionaire have touched the heart and soul of billions of people who has in them, a dream. The movie, primed the Indian Slum-life and how an Indian dreamt big to become the rich after winning a quiz contest. Kaun Banega Crorepati, which is the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire changed his life. The character sweetly played by Dev Patel supported by Frida Pinto and the Indian greats like Anil Kapoor, Irfan Khan and others comes out directly from the dungeons of Indian basement.
These awards came in along with the BAFTA (British Award) and the Golden Globe. The list for Slumdog Millionaire which bagged 8 out of 10 categories, has three Indians in it.
A.R.Rahman and Gulzar presented jointly for the lyrics and music of Jai Ho...
A.R.Rahman solely for the Original Score of the movie.
Resul Pookuty for the best Sound Mixing.
Apart from Slumdow, we had another Indian documentary called Smile Pinki, a story line based on how a girl having facial abnormalities on the lips regained the beauty of smile after surgery.

(Slumdog Millionaire Poster)

Now the talk:

Since, the movie was directed by a foreigner, Danny Boyle, so can we consider that the movie got such an international hype? May be another Indian missed out the trophy, i.e the Indian Writer Vikas Swarup, whose Booker Prize winning novel Q&A provides the basis of the movie.
They agains showed that India is poor, which is something that we Indians should be ashamed of. No doubt, on technical aspect, Slumdog Millionaire is a must watch movie, but after 60 years of Independence such a thing persists in the nation, there is something more to be sad of than happy.
Mr. Rahman has various other hits, atleast better than JaiHo. For example all the songs from Roja were super-duper hit. This comment is not to take any shine from the armoury, just feel bad that whenever there is a touch of the white skin, then only we have a world class movie. Previously, in Lagaan also, a similar thing happened. The englishman and woman came a played major parts in the movie and then it went ahead in the category of best movie in a foriegn language. Well before Lagaan we had movies like PatherPachali by Satyajit Ray and after that we had Black, starred by the legendary Amitabh Bacchan. The only mistake they made was that they didnt haveany white skinned jerk in the movie!
It feels really sad to have such a thing happen in the field of art and culture!

May be my small talks became quite long and boring, never mind... Jai Ho Slumdog Millionaire.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Game: Kolkata Maidan.

The tussle between the State Government and The Indian Army came to the forefront, in a city, whose nickname suggests the least tussle prone place. The City of Joy, Kolkata, having the Eastern Head Quarters of the Indian Army and also the capital of West Bengal, a state witnessed a never before seen, illogical "tussle" between the two authorities mentioned above. The platform for this headlock can be traced back to couple of weeks back.

February 9th:
The CPM rally with the well known tag line Brigade Chalo which in colloquial Bengali means Lets go to Brigade. Brigade Parade Ground is another official name of the Kolkata Maidan, which has an area of more that 5 sq Kilometers. Environmentally, this ground can be compared to the Oxygen Producing machine, which is primarily important for the ever growning Metropolis. CPM, prior to the Lok Sabha (The Indian House of Commons) elections, desired to demonstrate the power it still posses in West Bengal, albeit the recent rural election setbacks in the hands of the Opposition. The normal rule for such a mass congregation of followers, over lakhs set their foot in the heart of the city from all over the state, Maidan has always been the preferred arena. This applies to all political party. But in the largest democracy in the world, such a clash between the executive and the judiciary is least expected! But it happens only in Kolkata. ;-)

That day, the whole city stoodstill. The Metro Railway authorities counted over 45000 footfall in the first couple of hours of servicing, which is a record! (Source:

It violated the judiciary rule of restricting any kind of mass meeting. If there is to be a meeting, then they will have to follow the environmental norms, which was flouted like the wooden fire that heated up the pot-rice on the grounds at severla places! The army, who is the custodian of the land, maintaing the beauty of the place, since the British Rule, were ignored in every aspect. Littered and torn papers, unwashed dishes with food parts left for the flies to hover around acted as the "soothing sight" of the grounds, which posses the World famous Victoria Memorial Hall, Indian Museum, Fort William, Eden Gardens, 26 various atheletic clubs, including the national soccer clubs of Mohun Bagan and East Bengal and Mohameddan Sporting! But the political leaders wanted votes.

When their act was severely abominated by the citizens and the media, then the transport and sports minister of the state, Mr. Subhash Chakraborty sent in a request to the Ministry of Defence, Union Government for acquistion of the Maidan from the hands of the Army. The reason: WELL THEY CAN FEAST AROUND AND WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE TO THE ARMY FOR THEIR ACTION! That's my opinion, because the minister has had failed to cite any proper reason for such a whimsicle demand! The Army has had been doing their job perfectly, which the government, as doubted can do! I dont know what plans they have, for it is least expected from them, especially Mr. Chakraborty!

(Pic: Kolkata Maidan. Far off, Victoria Memorial Hall. 31/12/08. By- Somnath Paul.)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kolkata Light Rail Transit System. (L.R.T)

Kolkata paved its way as the first metropolitan in India to have the underground railway system, proudly called the Calcutta Metro Rails. Initially it was started on a trial basis between Esplanade to Bhowanipur (now called Netaji Bhawan). With the desired success in the project, the rail now spans from North to South of the city, a journey which by local on road transport would take nearly one and a half hours, can take only 30 odd minutes starting from Tollygunge to DumDum. The South end extension is on its way covering another 14 Kms. Kolkata was pioneer in this. This rail system in Calcutta / Kolkata is over 40 years old!

(Pic: Kolkata Metro)

Now, it is a multi billion Rupees project, around Rs 60 billion, to build the nations first Elevated Light Rail Transit System. It, as foreseen woyld transfor the city's life style, especially the long minutes of traffic snarls. Some of the pain staking traffic snarls was overcome by constructing multi flyovers all over the city. In a span of one to two years, during the 2001-2003 sessions, three flyovers started plying, one at A.J.C Bose Road, another at Taratala, the third one at Park Street. They helped the traffic snarls.

The Elevated LTR, already in action in some of the major cities of the world like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Melbourne, etc will now set its wheel rolling in the Eastern Hand of India, Kolkata. The project is targeted to be completed in two phases. The first one starting from Behala (Taratola) to Esplanade, while in the second phase the tracks would stretch from Esplanade (via Sealdah) to Barrackpore.

(pic: Los Angeles LRT)

It will cover over 40 Kms of distance having about 37 Nodal Points or Station. The full list is yet to be put into public, but what the public over heard is that this would have four coaches, capable of taking arounf 120 to 150 people when in full capacity. Since it is elevated to about 12 meters from the ground level, it shall always be acting like a flyover. This 2013-14 dream for the city is on its way from this fiscal year. It shall cover the routes @ 40+Kms/hr. Such a cost effective and ecofriendly life style was long due for the citizen of this metropolis.

Lets see, what comes up!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Say as If

When it comes to elaborating one's emotion, it is always a tough job to cope up with, something that is seldom understood. The other day, I was having a chat with my friend over the phone. I asked B as to what she would prefer in a mood which was completely remorseful at the moment. She said that she would like to be at a place where there is sand, coconut trees, a lagoon whose waters will be sea green. The golden sand would have nooks of moss enveloped all over the including the tiny pebbles that was once ivory white. Then I asked, what more? With an agile leap, she popped her desire to have a small hut, where there would b no one to disturb her. She paused, and I took the opportunity to paint some objects in her canvas of desire. I put in a small hammock, with her swinging on it, the shadows of the palm tree leaves would be playing hide and seek onto her eyes, keeping the Rays of the Sun around her and not one her.

e sole target was to let feel at ease, trying to paint the desire into pseudo reality. I have always seen that it is the best way to relax, which can beat the best of the best Spa massage or the most erotic movies! Happiness, sadness, anger, etc are all emotions. I know you know that! But what you don't know and that I know is that in most cases we mix them up. We try to resolve them with equipments and tactics known to us. And the recipient side gets the wrong signal of no intent from the former side. Then sets in all sorts of problem. Understanding, which was believed to be on the strongest grounds suddenly falters over the fence! It becomes really hard to reconcile and come to terms with the situation. It requires calmness at helm to overcome such a predicament of what to do and what not to do!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Ghajini Fever.

It has been over three months that the South Indian remake, Ghajini came onto the big screen. The film is based on short term memory loss, the character being portrayed by the Indian superstar Amir Khan. In the movie, the character was a well off businessman, who fell in love, but in the course of the incidence, she got murdered. Incidentally, the character was hit on his head that initiated the short term memory loss. On a tryst to achieve a revenge, the man used to inscribe his tasks on his body in form of tatooes. Feels quite fabulous, well Mr.Khan went a step ahead in ensuring that he made 8-pack Abs for the movie. His gruelling diet was in air for the new year with many making it a New Year resolution as a diet chart.
But the fever is somewhere else.
Yesterday, I was coming back home after seeing my friend off. I was seated inside the metro when two ladies came and took the place infront of mine. I would pick up some bits of their conversation, and the fever of Ghajini became prominent in a part of their discussion. Both were working ladies and were very tired, on their way home. They needed abrisk laugh, and Ghajini had in store for them.
Lady 1: "janis, kal ekta khabor pelam." (Do you know, I heard a news yesterday)
Lady 2: "ki ki?" (What is the news?)
Lady 1: "amar sathe kaaj kore je didi... ki jeno naam..." (The lady who is my colleague...well what is her name....)
Lady 2: "kone didi?" (Which lady?)
Lady 1: "arre oi j... dhur obostha...naam tai bhule gelam...roz kaaj korchi... ekdin gari te chorte onar bari giye kachuri kheye elam...! Chih Chih! Amar ki dosha re!!" (That one..shit! I am in a very bad state..everyday I am working with her...went to her house for a delicacy, that too in a car...Shit! I am disgraceful!)
Lady 2: "Amir Khan holi naki re?" (Are you becoming Amir Khan?)
Lady 1: "Yes Ghajini... He He He!"
Lady 1 took out her mobile and broswed her contact register to get hold of the name... Shalini.

Before Ghajini many people took this they have a word to describe it...Ghajini...
In the terms of Madhur Bhandarkar's PAGE3, I can describe that, we all are becoming too filmy... just now I mentioned in context of a film... got the point!!! :-P

Monday, February 16, 2009

Online Gaming.

When it come to getting into the constant gaming mode, it means the ultimate terminator being called to kill all the demons of boredom. But in many a case, people get bored staying in the same portal, within the same avenues and alleys racing over and over again. They try to race with the world but getting a LAN or WAN or WLAN is not a matter of few dollars. It would cost big! With ever increasing tendency of human work of art getting crooned within their respective cabins, online gaming like Imperia Online, one of the most well acclaimed online gaming portal which quite like the Age of Empires, one of the most famous games of all times, has the answer where you can play within your coop trying to make a virtual empire, bigger and better than other of the world. You have a whole world to compete with, allies named in your own country and what not! You can be India and eat up the Pakistanis in the virtual world, satisfying your thirst of revenge!
I have been a big fan of this and have been a rightful gamer of this game since 2008. Its cool and never seems boring, You can play 18 stipulated hours of the day while you can order certain tasks over night, like making up a fort, ordering a huge army or conquring other's land. You will have a nice sleep of wining the battle, where you are the Lord of the land, a basic instinct that makes every..well alomst every human satisfied, to become the king or the emperor! (This feeling kills of certain frystation, I can gurantee that!)
The only disadvantahe of the game is, it is very intoxicating. Hence it is an advice that people start playing this game, when they have no big job to do, like no important examination fdor three weeks atleast! Or else, the closed one who are not intoxicated with the game would come and beat me up, just because I have written something like this in this blog of mine! Enjoy! Click here to register! And here is a small pic of the game. This gaming company has many more, but this is the best, as per as I have to give a vote to!

Have a look...!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bitter Love: Thanks Mr. Pramod Muthalik.

Shri Ram Sena, the newest name in the bizz of spreading the bitter taste in the sweet love of life, and that too over the bitter liquor! F**K! ( Well I put the asterix deliberately or these people will come over at my place shouting for the cultural shock! ) In the last week of January they went the extremes beating up three ladies at a pub in Mangalore. They say this is to "protect the wives and daughters" from westernization! They say that is is not in their culture to have anything of this kind. Please, let me remind Mr. Pramod Muthalik, the president of this organization that सुरा (Sura) is also a heavenly drink that is being offered to many gods and goddesses, of the Hindu culture, and that is not a culture shock। Is it?

Mr. Muthalik, it is this drink that made the richness of grapes being identified as Sura and starting from Parvati, Vishnu, Laxmi, etc and to name many, have this and it is mentioned in the mythologies! अमृत (Amrit), the drink of eternity, if remembered properly is part of Somrash or sort of Sura taken by all the lords during the creation of time as per the mythology tunes in.

Mr. Muthalik, then by beating up the ladies and so called "sexually harassing" them, how come you are saving the Indian Culture?

Thank God, Kolkata does have people like you, because people like you are cultural shocks to the City of Culture and Education! Please, Kolkata is a city for the Humanity, not for people like you! I bet, Shri Ram must have had an heart attack when you people came up with this noble idea, and that too using his name! I must do planchit to call upon Narad and get the opinion as to how Lord Ram is over there...up above!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

India does it atlast!

India does what the other nations have done it years and decades ago. They have come up with an online grievance cell, a website that is directed for all kinds of grievances and complaints, be it the railway reservations to the passport officer's misconduct! You name it and they have it. I am sort of trying to put up a picture of the whole setting in here, but I dont know how sucessful this will be. But you all can log in to the website. To go to the Indian Government Grievances Online Portal, click here.
This blog shall act as an awareness, as I believe.
The following is the cut short part of the BIG Thing!

About Us

Grievance Redress Mechanism

Policy Guidelines for Redress of Public Grievances

Directors (Nodal Officers) of Public Grievances in GoI

Centralized PGRAMS

Citizen's Charters of Central Government Organisations

Pensioners' Portal

Department of AR&PG

Your Suggestions/Feedback

Grievance Redress Flow Chart

Redress Process Channels

Site Map

Welcome to Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System

Lodge Your Grievance here

Lodge Your Reminder on past grievance registered with us
View the Action Status of Your Grievances Lodged earlier with us
View Your Grievance Redress Process
Change Password

Forgot Password?

Contact Us

CPGRAMS - For Ministries/Departments/Organisations

Public Grievances pertaining to identified issues in respect of 20 Central Government Organisations (for list click here) are being handled by Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG), Cabinet Secretariat. If your Grievance falls under the purview of Directorate of Public Grievances, Cabinet Secretariat, please click here to lodge your Grievance.

The thing looks really cool as it has grievance links for the following:

1) Railway Officer;s misconduct and indisciplined attitudes.

2) Passport grievances.

3) Police grievances.

4) Housing grievances.

5) Central as well as State government officials' misconducts.

and many more...

Voicing my Inner feelings..

Sometimes I feel so at lost. Sometimes everything seems so under control. And many a times I feel blank, able to do a lot, scripting many success stories, staying witness to a few hundreds but when it boils down to me, I stand all blank at the witness box. Its a hard feeling, a constant knock from the head that makes my heart throttle under immense pressure. Heaps from the options, when I opted for one, staying put, doing idle few works kills me.
I dont know if some maths went wrong or is it my tendency to feel the wall on my back before I race towards success. I dont know. My fortune shouts "Speak d not!" and I fall back to the self same caccoon, a place where no one has ever seen me doing anything or even felt the coldness in there. May be I will not let anyone to feel that coldness. All my friends are better off by this time. Even in the time of recession God has been great to my ears by not bringing in any news of my friend getting fired from their livelihood. The Banshees have not been crying out the newspapers.
Presently I have two more options at hand... again options...! NET and BANKING. I dont know what will happen, but one thing I am sure off, is that by the end of this year I will have a very very good news to post in this blog... Thats a promise to all my bloggers... atleast I am trying 100% of it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

meaningless scraps...

As most people will sucessfully find the answers to criticize as to what I ever utter. But few days ago, a buzz was around in the air that a new project for a chemical factory will be on its way at Nayachar. This will be a chemical hub that has been given a clean chit from the Union Government and an ordinance to install the project at the site is on its way.
But again the people who are concerned regarding the opposition of the CPM lead state governement, said that they are "policy wise" against pollutuion and creating a chemical hub would never the less increase pollution in the said area. It is this opposition, led by the Trinamool Congress have shown their "other" policy that is simply 180' over turned when it comes to the Supreme Court order to convert all the autorickshaws on the roads of Kolkata, into LPG auto's, which if not followed was instructed to be ceised by the authorities. At that point, Miss Banerjee's party supported the auto organisations to go beserk with their agitation leaving the non-lpg auto's on road. These non-LPG autos creates hoards of gaseous pollution and uses spurious oil that increases the risks of cancer and asthama. Then supporting the rights of the non-LPG autos to make business on the roads of Kolkata, then where was the "policy" to act against environmental pollution?
Polticians are hippocrits and that gets proved yet once more!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Simple... I am Happy....

We all try to find out the trick to be happy. Well, "Its simple to be happy, but very difficult to be simple." Today while coming back from my student's house, I looked at an incidence that knocked my realization of what is simple? Simplicity in Character? Or there is something more in it? A family, looked to be below average waged people, husband-wife, three daughters, almost of same age, not more than five years boarded the bus. They took the seat just before mine. Luckily I had my headphones off, for I would then have been very unlucky to miss this. The man was remorsing about his bad health but again the fact that he has to get back to the building site the next day, which he was not feeling like looking at his health. His wife with caring smile asked him to take a day off, but he said that he cant afford or else his daily wage would be deducted! (They needed money, was what the eyes said.)
In the mean time, the youngest sister burst the balloon that she was carrying. She started crying, and immediately the attention focused back onto her. All the wrinkles on the man's face, all the materialistic words that came out from his lips and heart and ailing body turned into a "unscripted" rhythm, "oooliiee ulluuuu na...chuk chuk..." and the crying princess after two minutes started to laugh with her under developed teeth, just looking at her dad's face and hearing a very familiar dialect, which she could understand. The man's face took the most beautiful turn around, and all his wrinkles concentrated at the corner of his lips with a giggle, for his princess was smiling. He seemed happy...may be a happiness that is past all materialism...
May be being simple means something more than character, thoughts, etc. You all may disagree to my terms, but again what counts is that those unscripted words in an unmaterialistic manner means more than they expresses to us.
We run too fast, in the race to out-run our souls. Is that possible? Now that's the pertaining question! I am thinking... are you?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Getting Ultra Exotic.

I came across this mail in my hotmail inbox and got stunned by the creativity. The next five minutes, the imaginative mind started to roam in the alleys as to if this is possible, then many things can be created thinking in such an exotic category. Must be thinking as to what I am talking of, as an exotic taste? Then have a glance to the picture that follows:

What do you think this is? Yes, this a Brand synonym for Old Monk, black rum, but this bottle has a different purpose to sell for. Its a marraige invitation card of Sanaa and Shameem and the bottle depicts an exotic idea borne out from the ultra innovative minds of Kerala.
This, as I have said can be one of the many articles which can take place of the butterfly cards or the jute paper works for invitation. How about a sweet boxes for a label? As this would give the sweet taste of an upcoming bondage as well as serve the purpose of invitation. Not a bad idea eh? Never mind... just think!

Another Fight.

The table for the I-League, which is the EPL version in India is now on it's hind legs, as the teams gear up to fight for the title. Bhaichung Bhutia, the India captain has promised that the title is going to come in Calcutta, with the Calcutta Giants, Mohun Bagan will win it. The team along with the coach, Bencharifa are quite confident about this, but at the moment, they are a point behind the table leaders after the thirteenth round. On 6th February, 2009, Yuva Bharati will boil with emotions from the Mohun Bagan fans, as they face the table toppers, Sporting Club de Goa, a Goan outfit who has been convincing this season. But Bagan who at the moment has the local Calcutta League and the Federation Cup already under theior belts look forward to make their fame by recreating history of holding titles at all levels. Only if the IFA Shield came back home, it would have been the best deal. Mohun Bagan has won the league (formerly known as National Football League) three times since 1997 opening. This year is I-League's second edition as a new name. This is the present standing between the tournament teams teams:
1 Sporting Clube de Goa - Goa 13 9 1 3 15-09 +6 28
2 Mohun Bagan AC - Calcutta 13 8 3 2 18-09 +9 27
3 Churchill Brothers SC - Goa 13 6 6 1 23-13 +10 24
4 Mumbai Football Club - Mumbai [P] 13 6 4 3 16-14 +2 22
5 Dempo Sports Club - Goa [C] 13 5 3 5 19-15 +4 18
6 Air-India - Mumbai 13 4 5 4 14-13 +1 17
7 JCT - Phagwara 13 4 4 4 12-13 -1 16
8 Mahindra United - Mumbai 13 4 3 6 13-14 -1 15
9 East Bengal Club - Calcutta 13 3 4 6 12-13 -1 13
10 Chirag United Sports Club - Calcutta [P] 13 3 4 6 09-16 -7 13
11 Mohammedan Sporting Club - Calcutta [P] 13 2 4 7 05-16 -11 10
12 Vasco Sports Club - Goa [P] 13 2 3 8 08-19 -11 09

The values are Matches, win, loss, draw, GF-GA, GD and Points. This match will seal the fate for Bagan, for if they carry on winning, they would simply be invincible. The only team that looks quite strong is JCT, who has theor home match agains Bagan.

I Pray for Mohun Bagan...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Observations and Informations.

Two days have gone past, and the new crowned Cricket World Numero Uno are the South Africans. Two days hence, India has started to a strong note, starting to erode the Lankan attack in Colombo. It was on 31st that they won by 15 runs, in a match that has gone down the wire. If the race for the Numero Uno is being up for grabs, it was the Indians who back in 2001 has showed the world that the Aussies were not invincible, when they were made to fore go a match, where the host team, i.e India has already faced a follow on. The Hansie Cronje dream got full filled, as today, the Proteas are on the top. Aussies are second and the closely paced Indians are in the third position.

But, apart from this information, I observed something on 31st January, 2009. It was the annual Sarawati Puja, where the goddess of education and music was being worshipped through ceremonious procedures. A hindu custom, that each and every Bengali "did" with full faith. But as it seems, that slowly and steadily, the urge to be together during Saraswati Puja, going out clad in Sarees (ladies) or Pajama-Punjabi ( males) have some how decreased, thanks to the ever exposure to the Multiplex cultures. Thats why I mentioned did in inverted commas. In my school years, I used to get very excited on this auspicious occasion as it would have meant official study leave through out the day. A small outing with friends after the morning rituals, then eyeing the girls with a good manner (:P) and enjoying a lot was part and parcel of life. Now a days, I see those years a jewels, for now a days, people feel comfortable going to a Cafe Shoppe or may be a Pizza Hut or a multiplex for a cinema 12-3. Changes, that are unwanted... This day is literally called Bengali Valentine's Day, but the changes in attitude are really fast and rigorously bad!
Post #240, just laments on the days and the cultural cXhange!

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