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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Plasmodium Injunction

A relapse or not, this is the second time in two years I have been kissed by the dreaded female (read anopheles) to fall back and follow the injunction to refrain all my activities for some "good" motif... get well!

And in these dreaded hours I became more health conscious (to relief of many) and craved for the 26th element of the Moseley's platter. Even Steve Jobs would loved to make me the brand ambassador for the bites I made, resembling his logo; so what you have to sell your kidney to buy the iPhone 6! Well.. I will buy iPhone 6...when iPhone 7 comes out! With another hope against hope... I will be doing my foreign Post Doc by then!

This injunction was too much of a burden on the hepatic system and the medicines are still on to kill the last remnant of the parasite, from their latest visit for a picnic within me. But at the same time, some of the great events took place; a movement got heed and that reminds me to share one of my posts a gew months back, regarding fellowship hike. The Government of India heard to our pleas and it was done with handsome rewards, but there are still some demands to be considered and met, to which they have had mentioned that they would do the needful in due course. The plead post regarding the need for the hike can be found here.

A week over with house arrest, is about to be broken today; but there are many more things that needs to be taken care off when I walk into IICB. But, I missed some precious moments like Bhaifota and Diwali parties. Anyways, happy Diwali to all of you...

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