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The green and humemotions!!!

The leaf has two sides, each having a varied colour intensity of greenery. The same are the human emotions, alias called here as humemotions! The darker side is full of life, producingh the food to live while the lighter side, underneath is the distress and the sadness undefined!

There are three basic types of people strategies in playing with this emotions!
Most try to hide them, just like the leaf hides the lighter [low chlorophyllous] side underneath! They are rigid and unmovable!
Some show both sides at ease, dipping out the tears just like guttation of the water from the hydathodes!
And very few are there who will show both side, but the top darker side would be shown better, than the less chlorophyllous side underneath, which will reveal itself to gentle wind to stronf storm! Thats analogous to soft soothing, warm, comfortable talking to harsh forceful confession!

Thus humemotions are comparable to the leaf! What do you people say?

Friends..somewhere they belong...

where else except my dear heart. But each and everytime, each one goes away from me, it pinches out a lot of blood with him or her, coz, some where, down the life of mine, they sat with a considerable portion occupied! It hurts a lot, yet... i value you, and so do i value this song:

Integration to Differentiation

They stare a lot, tells me a lot, kisses my existence a lot. They are the ones who can made me what I am today, they are the ones who will disrupt me to what I didnt want to do today. Again with their closure, all my pains, all my laughters, all my entity will be washed off, just like the mound of sand getting washed offshore. No one will ever get me.. may be I hate to let anymore people get me right. The only thing I would like to point out is, I never did any wrong, never discussed anything with anyone, never wanted evil by my desire. My eyes always spoke in the truth, only that, my eyes are different from the has integrated me, and now will differentiate me....
But the truths shall close down along with the light, it shall never come out..never ever!!!

Those are my eyes... it still has the colour, soon to be discoloured!!!Thank You.

Everything for the taking...

I guess not!

To be together means a lot more than to be sleeping together! it means to feel the passion right from the center of the hear, and to express it! Some one adviced me for my good to turn out to be possesive, but taking the final thoughts into account, i cant be a copycat in emotions! never was a succesful man in that! I am just like the way I am... just that I will be there as a support, and she will be beside me like the shadow... in the light of happy marraige, my existence will be faded away, and will gloom away in the darkness..but wherever shall you go... i shall be there like a shadow, following you every where... and when the shadow shallgorw long , i will sit with you, behind you, beside you... talking to you, like i use to do now!

Have a nice life Dear...
No one will ever think otherwise about you!!!

Roses Unexpected...

People say its easy to bend the iron when its hot, and so does a blacksmith... and an emotional person says that its better to make a hurt bend 200 times round, than when he or she is emotionally sound.
Like the water in the oceans gets circulated around in the different vectorial currents, the tectonic plates move around at ease, life also gets a move with a jolt from roses that has throrns underneath... It pricks yes you love to see the colour, smell the fragnance that has millions of allergic pollens in it, yet you know its not for you but for the boquet that would describe the grandeur of the palaquin in which some where some how moves away from you-- just as the rose has been removed.
If you were an aristrocratic snob, you would have let the palanquin sit at its starting point, but if you were a lover, you would just wait and watch the smile that you long craved for. Never in this world did you value so much other than the smile, thats true! and you shall never let it stop, but boi…

A look Back... memories unlimited... (S5)

Seven years down the line, it has

been some experience to ponder in our memories... the few captured moments of S5 here it comes:

Made of---

1. Sandip Saha

2. Sourav Bose

3. Sangbaran Dasgupta

4. Soumillo Sanyal

5. Somnath Paul

all CBSeans by heart and soul!!! Today, some where down the lane, we all will be some landmark distance... but this online stuff shall stay on so that you all may see it as and when required!

Cloud 9, Dreams Online.

When I ventured into the corridor, the antiglare class panes prevented the blazing sun to have a free look inside my laboratory corridor. Taking a few moments off my busy schedule, I tried to succumb to the facts that I lost and those that I always tried to have a look into, take upon forever. As time ticked on, each and every minute, the sound of my own breath grew louder. Every step I had taken in my twenty odd years of existence seemed so smooth, yet it has been laying on the barb wires of untruely pain. The smile and easygoing survival strategy has bound me to happy, with whatever I have. Many of my friends keep on asking me that what do i expect from my own little life, I smile and look at the clouds... What do they expect by shedding their tears? Plentuful in bounty? May be by lending the thundering sound of my laughter and the sparkling shine of my glee, I would expect the same... Only I shall never give water to the emerging prospects which would one be turned to simple flood, …

Conservation of Luck.

Coming across the barren deserts, when ever i have the smell of some luck, some where, some one makes it a "passive" attempt to take that away from me... and what do I get: "Bad Luck!" This is a prodigy of a new inventive term: Conservation of Luck, which so proudly portrays the heading like never before!

From the four petalled or four bladed leaf, (remember a flower is also a modified leaf), to a much more materialistic horse shoe... neither of the two do I have, may thats why Lady Luck seems so disatisfied with me and always ensures to turn it sour! May be this is the Champagne of Life, sour, yet interestingly it fortifies the want for a lil bit more... a lil bit more ray of hope!

Calculations Un-matched.

The Girl in Red is Sananda Mukherjee, my dear Sis Sanu. today I am going to publish in this blog somepictures which I just selfishly kept to myself, but Sanu loved them non the less. She is no more amongst us, taking on the heavenly abode on Monday 2nd July 2007. She tricked us over there, at such a young age.

May be the world will never come to a stop, but some where in the nature's elements she will always be in touch with us, be it earth, water, wind or Fire. She will shine there like the strength for her family, her mother, father and sister being in the fore front, followed by friends like us, to whom she always was a darling never the less a person on whom you can rely upon day in and day out.

as for me, her friend turned Bro, the world really did come to a stop on Monday. I know Sanu, you will never say Dada again, but what ever you do, where ever you may be, please smile... as we will do (try to) so here...just for the sake of yours. We may not touch you, But we will really …