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SeX... eeerrreee thats Adult stuff...

Many people in this seventh largest nation of the world fear to come up close with their offsprings as to what Sex is all about? When placed with question: "Dad, how did I come to this earth?" The commonest answer would be:"God gifted you to us..." or "A bee cam and put honey in your mother's lap, and so you were born...!" The problem then come sin the adolescence when the nick nack chats comes up. And in a very ethic household, the sons and the daughters rather would eerre away the fact and factonomics of Sex, and would hush it away as an Adult stuff, even when he or she is a Voter ID card holder and above 18 years, i.e, very much contradictorily, adult! What happens to these people, discussed prior to this para. They need a reference guide for sex, where the finest description of the Torso is given. Its just like enjoying the most beautiful truth of life in letters, and spelling out both LOVE and LOVE MAKING! Thats a nice way of learning... Experimentat…

The importance of 25p.

In this context of the modern world, its true that You cannot buy anything with a 25 paise, in India, except the bank account pass books can show Rs.1000.25 credit. But whne you would like top withdraw all the money, they would rather be greatful to pay you with Rs.1000, because they themselves lack 25p. This article is on the realisation that in the time of need, even a small 25p could show miracles, only this time it didnot happen! I was literally dying of thirst, coming back from Manovikas Rehabilitation Institue and Biomedical research, where I have been pursuing a 2 month long assignment on Down syndrome. It was soaring hot and the heat wave continued well behind the evening had set in, on 20th June, 2007. The water carry was empty, and to quench my thirst before i could make my availability home, I decided to have a cold drink, and my favourite Thums Up was the choice. A 200ml bottle costs some where around Rs.7.00 and a 300ml one costs, Rs.10.00.
I had just Rs.6.75p at the day …

Jinx of 1 & 2.

The problem now a days for any common man in a hurry is to pay the bus or the train fare. There is often a confusion as to what we are paying, a two rupees coin or an one rupee coin? The new coins, as shown in fig 1 and fig 3 are very much identical, in texture and size. But the middle figure depicts the previous types, which literally was a better design, as the small bent edges of the two rupee managed a blind man to tell whether its coin or two rupee coin! I think, this causes too much of a problem just as I face in the busy hours, the rush hours! The government must again think of changing it back to the older format, withdrawing all the new formats! What do you say?

The New Horizon.

Today while I was sittin idle in my study, my old diary came to my notice. It contains many of my creations, some worn out with time. In one of my stories, one line came to my mind, which reflects a similar situation in my life at the present moment: ".... I love to walk in the rain, because then no one notices that I am crying..."

Today, the light of the new horizon is round the corner. The fence is sharp, but its has worn down from former hieghts! Its a strong determination that would see my jump through, over the sharp fence. Over the years it had guarded me, but like all old fences, it points out some of the old rusted nails, and that hurts! The shine had been dimmed over the years, today its dull black and white. Its time for newer horizon....

Orkut or Biscuit.

The recent unrest in Mumbai and Maharastra on an AntiShivSena community in a public friends network site called orkut has brought up demands of banning the Site from India, or such from Maharashtra at least! Some one has started a site, against the well known Shiv Sena poltical party and has open forums for discussions of Shiv Sena policies and politics! Fortunately or unfortunately, it has turned out to be against the party, a party or an organisation that has the example of breaking the Prudential Cup, the World Cup won by the Indian Cricket Team in 1983 and which is the only trophy in the 11 WC editions! Then tehy were protesting against Pakistan Playing Test on Indian Soil, back in 1999.
Democracy means a pure line of expression. If that is curbed, then we would think taht Indian people, the citizens of the largest democracy of the world are simply pupets, rather say they are puppies. So better than feeding ourselves in Orkut, we should be feeding ourselves with biscuit, dog biscui…


Whenever future has come up with a new idea, the past uncertainties play a huge role in molesting with the idea. "Past is nothing but an in-famous understanding"-annonymous. The annonymity rendering to the heterozygosity of thoughts makes the future so much varied, not even predicted by simplest to the complicated genetical symptoms. It never was easy, and on the other way of thinking, it never was hard.

There is an anecdote to every solution, bitter or sweet, chilly or sour, it all comes with the anecdote... apinch of salt which just makes the taste for the food. Inspite of all these, undersatnding still plays foul with the present and makes one lose, to follow his heart, especially in situations when Mind should have had played a much more Centralized Role.

anyways, with this much to utter, i leave it to the onlookers and bypassers, tothink, that does all anecdote really play the control loop, or some times it does have detritous effects!?

in the corner.

just as u are looking at the picture, round the corner, what can be...u just simply cannot know for sure. at the moment, everything is just getting into shape and into places, with things just taking unexpected shapes! never know how long this will continue!?