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Autumn Hues...

Into the Winter...
The year ends up with the note of stress... Semester Examinations makes the expeirence really pain staking. With a life span of 60 odd years of a normal human being, with 40 odd New Years to be able to celebrate... 2 new years and many unrealized new years got bamboozled..thanks to examinations.

Starting from the Standard 10 examinations till today's University semesters, the timing is perfect to rue your New Year plans. Take a word, this time round also, 2007's autumn's hues which shall soon be falling into the winter, will be cold amongst the piled up books, pages of unknown xeroxes and thousands of words compiled amongst the soon wearing off pages.

Anyways, on my behalf:


Love has Mass, but No Weight!!!

To Love and Being Loved is a completely seperate theme from the notion falling in love... Its not a fall... if you shall consider. Its just like getting the proper thrust to excel, a thrust that comes from withing, thats completely naked and natural and nothing more than a small pain that is overwhelmingly hard to bear with a separation and similarly, easy to smile with satisfaction when together hand in hand, should grizzling the shoulders!Its a feeling, that you Feel..but very interstingly, it has Only mass and No Weight. It completes you, makes you feel fulfilled (mass has volume) but you dont feel the burden of the weight. This is what I know love and being loved and Loving is all about..clear and confusionless to me. Have I being successful enough to bring you people around my idea? Guess yes, if not then do contact me at the given ID.

The Fighting Warrior: Sourav Ganguly.

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, the Pride of Bengal... The Maharaja (emperor) of the Game... and the Big DADA (Big Don) of Indian Cricket, is back roaring with his paws held high, pouncing on each and every lions that try to come by his way... He is ferocious... and more hungry than ever... there lurks a quite magestic silence in his approach... its not that shirt waving Ganguly that one saw in 2002 NatWest Final against England... its not that over ecstatic pitch slapping Ganguly any more.. he now a patient listener, more than the wall.. he is a cold poison in the veins of the opposition. He remains calm and composed, ready to pounce on an un-protective prey. Today, he and Yuvraj put on the highest 5th wicket partnership in Bangaluru (erstwhile: Bangalore), of 300 runs, pulling the team from the dumps of 61/4 to 361/4 with Yuvi falling in the next ball faced. He scored 169. Its his come back test also, and he grabbed the oppertunity in style! Ganguly remained unflawed for 125* runs at the da…

Brinzells... blah blah blah...

Starting from X Ray Crystalography to Proteomics/Genomics, this mind had been bang wanged day in and day out, upon the fact that Third semester is galloping towards me.
The schedule is tough and the most interesting point to be noted is that I am losing another New Year bash. With a resolution to Drink once a year and that too.. 31st december..this year, my tummy will be off from that liquor heaven...

apropos to the University to make such an examination line up, that starts off on 26th Dec and ends in 4th Jan.

Bengal ReUnited.

The past few months in West Bengal had been a state of horrendous activities. Fragmentation amongst the masses leading from Singur to Nandigram, Rizanwur to Taslima Nasreen, Jagmohan Dalmiya to Prasun Mukherjee.... today the One man did all the vocal cords (atleast maximal) shrill with at the sam frequency when Sourav Ganguly, our own Dada..the Prince of Calcutta, The Royale Bengal Tiger scored his long waited century against Pakistan here in his own premises, the Eden Gardens.

Witnessing the historic moment, his 14th Test century in a career that literally spanned from 1992 but actually from 1996, he had longed for such a moment for a long long time! On 1st December 2007, The World AIDS Day, the magic was seen from the bats of the elegent former Captain.

Congrats Dada..we are Proud of You!

Image: Sonar Bangla... The Golden Bengal... IRONY!

Sure its Golden..who doubted it? Its full of Golden light of the fire that each and every day burns in the state, just to protest for anything. I doubt that is this FREEDOM and democracy by true means. The people who protested against Nandigram did the same thing today, streching from Moulali to Park Circus, a vast area, which is said to be communally coloured taking the Islam section of the society into account! The cause, well its flying like a stinky vest in the cold winter air of the City, confusing and deviating. Someone says its against the Govenmental flaws handling Nandigram, someone pointed that its in "Honour" of Rizanur Rehman. Pardon me for the spelling mistake. Someone picked up a poster: Taslima Nasreen Go BACK!!! It seems like SIMMONS GO BACK!!!! once postered by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, now taken up ahead by some hooligans!!! NO DOUBT...INDIA IS CHANGING!!! especially Bengal.
The city of palaces today turned into a play ground of the dungeon survivors!!!. They try…

Whats Next?

Like the showman's show, this drama goes on...
Eleven months since the first turmoil broke out in Nadigram, Purba Medinipore District in the state of West Bengal, India, the pinnacle of the drama continues till date. Diwali and post Diwali, there was fire works in Nandigram.. the difference between the fire work was that it just didnt bring smile in the faces of the common... but tears in the eyes of the unknown struggler, whose name has just worn off in the days of eroding struggle. No doubt the Right of Property was transformed into a Stautory Right in the 44th Amendment of the Indian Constituition in 1977.
please refer:
it states: "...the 44th amendment eliminated the right to hold, acquire and dispose of property..." Even if the property is to be safe guarded by the Law and order, as the article points out, the individual do enjoy the property as long as he or she wishes to. If thats not th…

Festivities: Bandh... Hartals.. Strikes!

Thats the Bandh Days in Bengal again... Nandigram killings... call a day off!!! Tapashi Mallik Killing, well it was almost a Day off! Pention problems, call a day off... Firing (not at Lokhanwala!), call a day off... sometimes I wonder, that will drainage block in the laterine of the emminent opposition leaders to the ruling party heads will also call for a day off... a Day off for celebration and pull back Bengal, 12 hours to 24 hours, non stop!
Thats the fun of the whole proceedings!

30th October, 2007: SUCI called for a 12 hour Bengal Bandh. Reason, well not clear..some say its for the pensioners' rights, where else others say that its for the vegetable price hike! Whatever may be the reason, to many it looked like another Sunday preponed, but seemed like it would be so...but this time, the Kolkatans came out in masses and completely jeopadized the "Bandh"!

31st October, 2007: Trinamool Congress, the largest opposition in the State Legislative Assembly…

The Dusk.

Sitting with the silent stir of the wind beside Rabindra Sarovar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It will be missed. The sky showed in the warmth of the season. For Bengalis its the festive Durga Pujas back on track for this year, 2007. For many its the reflection of the inner self, i.e the heart and for many, its a mere hue of the refraction phenomenon of the Sun's spectrum. Million minds, million thoughts! Unique in each perspective, jovial in the voila, intelligent in the cofrence, touching in thy own room... empty or a coupled heart! Pujas have started on with a blast! Lets hope for the best!

Laga Chunari Mein Daag... a review.

Touching and a snap shot of one of the most talked about clan of the society, the Call Girls... which in ancient and medieval India winked as "tabyats"...!!! In English, prostitutes! The film cast by Rani Mukherjee, Abhishek Bacchan and many more just not only touched our hearts, at least mine, but did let a drop or two of real warm tears roll down the corner of thy eyes! How the adversities of the daily life leads a simple girl to become the desire of a hungry sex freaking man's body, who just wants the girl for her body, killing and pressing the stones, is really well potrayed in these 135 or so odd minutes. Really, before pointed your fingers at this section of the society, its really a thought to ponder upon as to why they fall into this world. This section of the society, when they take birth they do call the first word as "ma"... just like you and me... ( the so called good people!!!) They also cry, they also play they also laugh some point of their "c…


Come summer autumn or spring, the Blossom of this perspective shall engross my heart and embrace my life like the flaky crysals of the winter, clear and dazling. It shall be colouring thy life like, a small drop of dew, embodied with the hues of red, pink , blue, yellow and all that possible in the rainbow, to make it look ever colourful.

Thy touch changeths thy style, thy words emphasises thy action, thyself makes me lucky and happy. Its a wonderful feeling, thyself to thine...

Hey ppl, dont have to wait.. we shall soon uncork the wine!!!

Sparkz in Indian Sports

Its really unbelievable, but better believed!

Chak De India, a film that put forward womanhood and the desire to be on top of the world, released world wide some three months ago, motivated the whole nation!

The nation which can do the Champion act, if the inner urge comes out! I still remember the scenes from the film that did make me have goosebumps and shout at the top of my voice when the fowards played for the nation beating Australia at the death moments! It was recreation of a past! But the film had ushered a number of pages in the Indian Sports history this year! 2007. It all started with Indian Men's Hockey team winning an International tournament, huts weeks from the film realeased! The Roller Coaster excitement was more intensified with the Indian football team winning the Nehru Cup for the first time in 25 years, beating a well ranked team of Syria! And the passion was rejuvinated with some of the most exciting cricketing action, with Team India winning the T20 world c…

Amateur yet has a good taste of Professionalism...

Department of Genetics, University of Calcutta stiched together few scraps to put forward one of the most cherished play of the Bengali Dramatics, Birinchibaba, written by the Parshuram and based on some of the concepts formulated by Dr. Abhishek Bhattacharya.

We did a good job.. the trailers can be seen hence forth!

finally the trailer... bigger rehearsal!

Chak De India!!!

Mission South Africa. So what its a Mini World Cup? Its a tournament where the Team has been playing like Davids, assasinating the Goliaths!

Match 1: Scotland vs India. It was tied down due to Rain

Match 2: Pakistan vs India. India won the match by the first ever BOWL OUT, as the match was tied. both teams has 141 on board at end of 20 overs. India: 141/5 Pak: 141/7.
Match3: New Zealand vs India. New Zealand won by 10 runs. NZ: 190/8 Ind: 180/7.

Match 4: England vs India. India beat England. Yuvraj became the fastest 50 scorer of the tournament, the first of its kind in 12 balls. he hit 6 consecutive sixes in an over by Broad.

Match5: South Africa vs India. India beat the Proteas. RP Singh turned taking 4/14. debutant Rohit Sharma was announced man of the match.
Match6: Australia vs India. India beat the Aussies by 15 runs. Yuvraj again showed that he was the best in the day!

MATCH 7: FINAL at Wanderers Johenesberg! INDIA vs PAKISTAN.
Pakistan defeated New Zealand to find a p…

after Post Graduation...

What??? Dont ask me!!!

There are many options as it is open. Many people have the apprehension that scientific research in the nation is going hay wire. And some one in the DST/UGC has heard the ailing and so has entrusted the national scholars with a hike in their salary by a gross INR 7000/- p.m. The funny part of the whole business is that in school, after matriculation, i.e ICSE/class 10 equivalent, almost 75% of the parents dream of their child pursuing Science. The motif: To become a Doctor (MBBS-->MD) or an Engineer and get a good secured job! I was also in such a queue only that my parents just wanted me to have science, and i too... but inspite of failures in making to the Medical colleges and compromising on a engineer life, I got into amuch General stream of Human Physiology and Graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta under University of Calcutta.

Then I tried for a number of places like Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and IITs along with some more! And many mo…

Price Waterhouse Coppers...not Coopers!!!

...or rather say creepers... Peculiar, yet it will bear some handy meaning at the end of the article, I guess! Today while walking down the roads of Calcutta, I looked into the Eliot Park, near Maidan and looked at a couple. The lady was draped in a beautiful hand printed baby pink salwar and was looking really beautiful with the Sun falling on her face. She was fair, while her boy friend looked not very attractive, but was fine... just enough to carry on with the match! (after all its all about the heart and not the face cut!!! is it?) They looked to posses a good understanding. Suddenly the girl broke out with anger followed by breaking down in tears! The two weapons correctly used by girls!
Suddenly an onlooking crowd gathered! I also "creeped" my body in the commotion and found out that the two were staring at the crowd and then at each other as just the other minute some alien has made the others imagine by "mind power" that the lady was crying and shouting! Wh…


Whats that?
Is it just a cup of tea, stirred, made sweet and then drunk, just to have another one? or is it the sense of being the life giver. like a bottle of water. Ona can go on without Tea, but without water, who can except the desert ship. Even he needs to replenish its reservior before it can carry on further. In the modern concepts of relations, its just a way to make one understand that I need you..just for the lust or for the love. And in this confused struggle many genuine feeling gets crushed and un understood. Getting on with a sip of the cup of tea is just a simpler job... much simpler than making the tea sweet. At present, many like myself are on the mode of preparing a good tea. Its just a matter of time and God gifted good graceful palate that would make the person for whom all these preparation had been set on track, likes it..rather loves thy preparation... Many things expressed in this manner may hurt a number of others! p.s: any resemblance witha nyone's life is pu…

Pujo Ese Gelo...

16th October to 20th October, 2007, the biggest carnival of Eastern India, teh Durga Pujas is set to take a full flow in the region. Calcutta, now called Kolkata will be at its Carnival galore, when the new dresses comes off the shelf, to be worn and people would keep on a good move..a good pace with life!

This Pujas, my journey will have a totally new aspect in it, as I will be starting to enjoy with a totally new set of friends. This is the cycle, and a partial displacement reaction in the bondage of friendship!

But I hope to meet with the old and adjust with the new..these pujas, gonna be real other years!!!

Below are given some pictures from last years Carnival...

pic: College Square.

pic: AhiriTolla.pic: Mandirtolla, Sibpur.

pic: Idol Immersion Procession at Esplanade.

pic: People Frenzy Carnival.

Good Times...

LED Text Scroller

Getting back to the basics, its a real tough job, but like other good times, I shall return back to the place like no one before! Its me, its Somnath Paul. Its analogous to having good times, rather say great times! With the ample fund of good times and a good friendly hand, this job never seemed so easy! Better than a good ****job! I guess you got the idea!

And These are some of the things we Do....

Well Dont worry..we were playing Truth or Dare, a very famous pass time game from school to university, in Calcutta, India.
Rules: a pointer object, in this case a simple ball point pen was made to revolve and when it stops, it points at some one with a designated point. He/She has to choose from the option: Truth (where the person has to face a question, anything under the Sun and has to answer it!) or Dare (where the person has to perform to a task!)
In this following array of videos, there are people who performs, on taking Dare!

Arijit Steals the Show

Budha Does a Pole Dance

Kanad Emulating Sourav Ganguly.

Another Arijit Charisma

My Turn

Class Mein Hum Log mast rehtein Hain...

Getting spell bound with the fiction unlimited, we manage to weave our own world where fun (Masti) is the ultimate word. Inspite of all the flaws, all the pains in life, we manage get on with the life that we proudly term as Lyaad members! This is one exemplary video of the group!

A Century Old...

Yet like the Wine, goes with the cocktail party of time. Started just over a year ago, this blog has made it visible of many ideas... Starting with the name like neuronal the present name of classQues, it has come of ages. It had always been my ernest try to bring some of my thoughts to the world... from life to death, it has has turned tables, or got turned by itself.
Today i want to put up something, which time and again claimed its due in this web page, rather say blog page. And thats about me...
Many peope tell me that I am duty bound.. I am helpful..and blah blah... then one of my friends asked me, "what do you get out of all these? Helping people like nothing?"
Miss A. asked this out of amuse... and I just wanted to clear myself to her.. It satisfaction I get from helping out people. Because it has been a long way, that I came without help, so I know how it feels being helpless. My aim is tomake the path smooth for people who need help, so that they may not co…

15th August... A CBS Reunion unmatched...

This year, 2007 was the last ever match that took place. The originally section A and Section B match has now turned into a hybrid game, but for the last time ever, we came...and rocked the field which we had done since 1990-2003 as present students...and now as ex students, on the verge of diverging into the bizzare world of Proffesionalism and Money Hunters..if not earners!!!

The game started on time, and as every year, the National Anthem of India was sung with all present respect. Jana Gana Mana, that day sounded so very very passionate, as it would be the last ever such a match earned reunion, because, sparing the few boys in Calcutta, everyone will be moving out by the end of this fiscal year.

Those long grasses, those confused passes by the half proffesionals and the half till daye amateurs made us realise that we were coming to the and days of real play! Even Sur, who once was a very versatile player, commented: " How can I play both at back and forward, which i used to som…

60 Years down the line...

Vande Mataram.
It has been a good around 60 years since one of the oldest and richest nation of the world awoke in the light of democracy, able to resist imperialism which was borne to the name of this nation since time immortal. In ancient history there were the Aryans, who were followed by the Sultans of the Asia Minor and the Mughals, last to be followed on bt the British Empire under Union Jack!
15th August, 1947 A.D. " the stroke of midnight when the whole world sleeps, a new nation awakes in the light of Independence..." was sounded by the then emminent Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru, who incidentally became the first Prime Minister of the devided India. The nation as itself became fully independent or operational constitution (possesing the largest constituition of the world, under emminent leadership of Dr. B.R. Ahmedkar) on 26th January 1950. This day since then is being celebrated as national holiday, the Republic Day.
Starting from the names of great warriors …

My 97th post in this blog....

Belonging to the main stream of life, the bunch of 10-12 people set out on their way to have a date with nature. Located 60KMs from the main city Calcutta, now called Kolkata, Diamond Harbor was not an exotic location for a night stay and fun... yet they took all the possible steps to make it an exotic experience in true sense! It was a hectic journey, but the sunset on the banks of the river was really fascinating! The place possessed centuries old fort whose 95% is below the threshold of the vibrant river. Some of the photoes taken showed its synonym with life... The arches of the fort refills the urge of getting up...from the waters of tears... millions and millions of tears, while the bent tree rephrases the fact... "I can bent, but will not be broken!" A true warrior minded phrase! You all must be wondering as to how can nature speak so much..and that too to a person, who is just a part of the modern outrageous funky kind of the group, yet nature told him so much? Well my …

Birthday... special... yet missing ingredients!!!

It means a lot more to me. A long journey, almost attaining a quarter of a century! Birth place Kolkata, and staying there to have the Contract with Life Renewed once again! For another year may be...but again who knows that this contract shall get severed off soon, may be the next second.

This year, all has showered their wishes through smses or by kut kut. Few tried calling, but due to Queen Dream, I was unable to answer them! The eve was made special with some enriching thoughts from a close friend of mine. It saw a whole lot of Drama, the reflectios of all sorts of relations that I made up with many people showed its expression in that small half evening of the Day!

8th August, the Leo gets the incarnation to come hither on to this earth and make life of many miserable, but also posses the factor to make people smile out of it!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

MRIH, Stiiching all the emotions into an Experience...

Manovikas Rehabilitaion Institute for Handicapped (MRIH) houses the biomedical lab where I did my Summer Trainee programme for thwo months on an approximation! It started from May 16th and the Journey kept on Track till 6th August 2007.

The experience has been a real knowledge of its kind, with Laboratory work culture and how to cope up with the pressures! My guide, Dr. K. Nandgopal along with my earlier research fellow Miss D. Banerjee and then followed up by Miss. D. Ghosh helped me surf through the world unknown! Mrs. E. Banerjee had been the seniormost scholar of my laboratory section, was of immenese help. I would also like to Thank Dr. M.Singh, Mrs. Usha R. and Dr.Kanchan Banerjee for letting mebe a part of the whole process!

The laboratory scholars were really cool, especially Aneek Da, Samikshan Da, Achintya Da and Subhrangshu Da. The ladies namely Nipa Di, Barsha Di, Shruti Di, Kanyakumari Di, Mouthusi Di were of great help!

There are many good and the bad memories that had take…

Few commodities of my dreams...

And I need some one else... well that is yet to be defined....

A Land Rover to trot the globe, A notebook to get everything scheduled, with Wi Fy keep in touch with the world.... share my world with the outer sphere!!! And wat to share? with my Nikon.... i would share my views of this beautiful world... and when i need to hear your voice, i have my Sony nah...!!!

Hello Moon...

The above picture is that of the dream... a dream that everyone has sought have a piece of land on the moon... its like making dream house in the heavens, literal terms! There are many people who likes to see this dream..the moon, and may simple peep through the windows of their heart and mind to fulfill their dreams! this thought came across while talking to a very close friend of mine, and explaining the meaning via the mail. Then for a practical demostration took the two pics to make her come round my point easily!

Everyone should dream, so what it breaks... as it is happiness in the fulfilment, their is happiness in engaging time in dreaming and trying to achieve it! and again for some platonic mindsetters, the breaking has a sweet pinch in the heart that swells the tear glands at all avail!

I guess people can understand my legitimate thoughts!

The green and humemotions!!!

The leaf has two sides, each having a varied colour intensity of greenery. The same are the human emotions, alias called here as humemotions! The darker side is full of life, producingh the food to live while the lighter side, underneath is the distress and the sadness undefined!

There are three basic types of people strategies in playing with this emotions!
Most try to hide them, just like the leaf hides the lighter [low chlorophyllous] side underneath! They are rigid and unmovable!
Some show both sides at ease, dipping out the tears just like guttation of the water from the hydathodes!
And very few are there who will show both side, but the top darker side would be shown better, than the less chlorophyllous side underneath, which will reveal itself to gentle wind to stronf storm! Thats analogous to soft soothing, warm, comfortable talking to harsh forceful confession!

Thus humemotions are comparable to the leaf! What do you people say?

Friends..somewhere they belong...

where else except my dear heart. But each and everytime, each one goes away from me, it pinches out a lot of blood with him or her, coz, some where, down the life of mine, they sat with a considerable portion occupied! It hurts a lot, yet... i value you, and so do i value this song:

Integration to Differentiation

They stare a lot, tells me a lot, kisses my existence a lot. They are the ones who can made me what I am today, they are the ones who will disrupt me to what I didnt want to do today. Again with their closure, all my pains, all my laughters, all my entity will be washed off, just like the mound of sand getting washed offshore. No one will ever get me.. may be I hate to let anymore people get me right. The only thing I would like to point out is, I never did any wrong, never discussed anything with anyone, never wanted evil by my desire. My eyes always spoke in the truth, only that, my eyes are different from the has integrated me, and now will differentiate me....
But the truths shall close down along with the light, it shall never come out..never ever!!!

Those are my eyes... it still has the colour, soon to be discoloured!!!Thank You.

Everything for the taking...

I guess not!

To be together means a lot more than to be sleeping together! it means to feel the passion right from the center of the hear, and to express it! Some one adviced me for my good to turn out to be possesive, but taking the final thoughts into account, i cant be a copycat in emotions! never was a succesful man in that! I am just like the way I am... just that I will be there as a support, and she will be beside me like the shadow... in the light of happy marraige, my existence will be faded away, and will gloom away in the darkness..but wherever shall you go... i shall be there like a shadow, following you every where... and when the shadow shallgorw long , i will sit with you, behind you, beside you... talking to you, like i use to do now!

Have a nice life Dear...
No one will ever think otherwise about you!!!

Roses Unexpected...

People say its easy to bend the iron when its hot, and so does a blacksmith... and an emotional person says that its better to make a hurt bend 200 times round, than when he or she is emotionally sound.
Like the water in the oceans gets circulated around in the different vectorial currents, the tectonic plates move around at ease, life also gets a move with a jolt from roses that has throrns underneath... It pricks yes you love to see the colour, smell the fragnance that has millions of allergic pollens in it, yet you know its not for you but for the boquet that would describe the grandeur of the palaquin in which some where some how moves away from you-- just as the rose has been removed.
If you were an aristrocratic snob, you would have let the palanquin sit at its starting point, but if you were a lover, you would just wait and watch the smile that you long craved for. Never in this world did you value so much other than the smile, thats true! and you shall never let it stop, but boi…

A look Back... memories unlimited... (S5)

Seven years down the line, it has

been some experience to ponder in our memories... the few captured moments of S5 here it comes:

Made of---

1. Sandip Saha

2. Sourav Bose

3. Sangbaran Dasgupta

4. Soumillo Sanyal

5. Somnath Paul

all CBSeans by heart and soul!!! Today, some where down the lane, we all will be some landmark distance... but this online stuff shall stay on so that you all may see it as and when required!