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Sinister or Real?

Today, after a long time, it was really refreshing to go through some of the presentations by my fellows at CSIR-IICB, during the concluding sessions of the British Council Library's Seminar Preparation workshop. While some beautiful presentations on various aspects of society and civic senses, conservation and environment were put on the roll, I had a different thing in mind.
With one of my past blog post, entitled: "Ramayan and Charles Darwin",  having a huge success, with more than 2,132  hits (till today) since it's publication, three years ago; anthropological aspects as well as extra-terrestial conglomeration always fascinated me. And what more could draw the lineage between these two fields, than the pyramids. Do they have something else to say to us? I think like many other astro-historians, anthropologists and historians believe, the extra-terrestrial connection between the Pyramids and The Cosmos. I am sure you like my presentation.

Pyramids: Do They Have a…

Ballavpurer Roopkatha | MK Production : In It...

With the first success in form of Prahuti, Maniktala Kolpokatha team moved onward for their next production. After a long interval of six months, and I thought I would be good in writing my blog too... after an interval of around two months.
The second production put forward by Maniktala Kolpokatha, was supposedly the earliest brainchild of the group, but due to certain logistics problem, Prahuti pioneered the pavement. I, though being an office bearer through both the performances, would like to speak something in depth about the sweats and calories burnt out, to bring this show together.
Mind it! All the actors in this classical drama by the late play-writer, Badal Sarkar, comes from a regular background of service men and research scholars, who, as per the theme of the cultural group; tried to do something different from their own normal daily chores. And we tried our best.
A collage from the Stage Rehearsal
The journey started in August 2012. Just after the resolution of establish…