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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twenty 20.

The last post kissed the gallows here at my blog was some 20 days ago. It was about a second, now I will be talking of 20 x 24 x 60 x 60 seconds to be approximate, 1728000 seconds to be more precise!

Recently I have been harvesting an idea which have been successfully post in Orkut: If pressure seems more than U can handle... U should understand, it's time to sharpen ur nails!!! The things are too alike to be false!

In these few days, my Boss had made his sucessful business trip to Europe. At office certain tensions crept in which coincided with my health matters! The air was too foul with the political hakuna matatas... The opposition being beaten up in Mangalkot, West Bengal. That followed by a very common picture, a Bandh, called by the Indian National Congress, West Bengal Chapter. This was supported by TMC, the major political wing and I slept at home, trying to come to terms with my ailing body!

[Pic: At Park Street Metro Station, Somnath Paul]

A transport strike followed, overseeing the non-co-opertaion by the transport unions in Kolkata, over the Government policies to turn Kolkata into an eco-friendly Metro! All other metroes in India are so, Kolkata still waits!

To top up with some cherry in the cream, the record breaking 6.78 lakh strong TMC rally into the heart of Kolkata, made all the sensation with Miss Banerjee pledging this congregation to be the "last nail in the Red Coffin!"

The TMC Meeting sketched by Somnath Paul (c)

A lot of things happened in the society, but I stood where I started from. New policies, new ideas have fed my mind time and again, but something in life was missing. A happening in life goes blank! All the way! I guess coming August and September brings in some good news, for my mom and myself to enjoy, not mention some very close friend's name and all the more my closest pal's name!! [Top Secret!!!] Ha Ha Ha....

And a part of that Rally:

Download the Euphoria Part 1

Download the Euphoria Part 2

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Faster than a second.

July 7th, 2009:

I was walking down the busy streets of Kolkata, rushing through the gloomy weather with hurry on my legs because I was damn late for the office. I had nothing to talk to, nothing to see for, only the second's hand of my TITAN wrist watch, trying to out run it by a second, every second.

But mysteriously, each tick on the second hand took me aback by twenty years, back in my school days. I could visualize flashing red lights. Some sounds tuned into my ears. Seemed like there was an out break of a war, some where I dont even know. But the sounds seemed familiar. I could relate them with me, which is mots surprising. I could see my first ever electronic gift, that my mom presented me when I was a kid of 8 years old.

A tear or two came across the corner of my eyes. I could feel running behind my mom, trying to chase her down with my toy gun. She would run as agile as a deer and I would frequently get upset for not catching upon her with my gun, "trying to save my kingdom" from a demon! Games, that have long lost into the sephia, past and rusted? I guess not, for I felt them very moist round the corners of my eyes.

I suddenly remembered that today my mom has a probable spondilisis developing. I have just bid her a bye, when she was seating at her seat, in the booth trying to safeguard our finances. Today, I do a job and I know that to become completely settled, I need some time more. But the time when my mom should have been resting, she keeps on ticking with her business. The seconds run faster than her and I try to out run each second...

I try to out run each second... try to catch the metro through the tube to my office, still the second runs faster than me and time? ................ away from me.

Somnath Paul Photography


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