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Connections: Joining Party 2011.

It was a Thursday, 20th January, 2011 that I made some very "great" and "new" connections with a lot of people in our Molecular and Human Genetics Group, IICB. Timeless gains with a token of welcome handed over to us by the emminent faculties within the aegis of the Group, namely, Kunal Sir, Keya Madam, Susanta Sir and Ashok Sir. Anabstractof the whole program is sketched within the non-intellectual reaches of the blog. 

Background:Socials are interesting part of the human community. It makes people know each other and exchange thoughts, made public or shared over a glass of drink (mock or cock), coffee and very appreciatively over a cup of tea. Ideas flow as well as the music, which occasionally brings out the steps that enthusiastically occupy the floor. Socials of these kind is called as a party. The main objective of this program was to toast the mocktail in the name of the newly joined juniors (2009-2010), under the banner of Molecular and Human Genetics Divisi…

Reporting Winter

With the cold spell over Kolkata, just over; the mercury stabilizing at the 12'C mark for the first time over 24 hours and that too after one and a half week, the sun felt cheerful on a Sunday.
And why not. With a regular Sunday Quota of 5 tuition classes, I came across only two and the day is about to get over. 2011 started cold and some astrologers have started recontacting me with a brief report of the year and some prediction of the decade. I am here, sitting and writing the blog, not knowing what will be coming up in the next 10 minutes and then you get such spoofs!
With Sadashib getting married within a fortnight and my mom sporadically reminding me of my age and "wrong" decision to remain a bachelor, I find it really difficult to dream of buying a long craving SLR and start clicking around the backyard for some subjects! (... and be a FREE BIRD for some more years!)
This week is going to be special. I mean, big. Its a week, which will enhance my connections with …


Namesake. Not by Jhumpa Lahiri, but a small article, capable to be a blogging material on the matter, that no more red hot to me.
While having the occasional lab meeting, we happened to stumble across a topic named : Exclusion of Sourav from IP 4. A total massacre that the whole nation is making scoop of and the die hard fans of the great captain falling back to their sentiments, hitting back at IPL... SRK... KKR and even the BCCI and Sarad Pawar. The sentiments do let you imagine (may be aim) at an wide angle.
The Picture: Exclusion of Sourav Ganguly, the former skipper of the Team India and the Numero Uno test captain the nation had ever had.
The Spot: Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 4.
The ISO: Conspiracy Theory, not the one mentioned in the linked book, but the one that many Indians know. Bengal has been in the backyard of the game of Indian Cricket, neglected for ever. Just that, they could do nothing with Dada... the Maharaja of Cricket.
The Print: Distrust and Disrespect all over…

A New Decade and Some Life Changing Plans..

The last decade transformed me to a large extend, but all within the realms of being a student. The next decade has a major role to play. The following are some of the plans and programs that I would be going through (hopefully all, if I am normal). Please have a look and put a toast to it, this new year. More over, this is the 400th post to behold of my blog, who will be completing its 5 years at general service:

1) Completing my PhD. Getting an opportunity in form of a hope is like getting the taste of the wine. Cheers and if all turns up well, I will be getting out as a trained professional in the field of Cancer Epidemiology. Hopeful deadline: 2014.

2) Getting married. Ah..the awaited juncture of my life as almost 35% of my pals, known to me are married, but only 2% has a baby now!!! My mom doesn't know the last stat or else it would a new record being played, augmenting the first; to get married!!!

3) Doing atleast two Post Docs. Hopefully the two will be completed by 2020. M…