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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whiff of Air.

The other day, I was thinking over the good times that we had together in the three tours that was organized, during my University Days. Just as the thought came, the idea transformed into near reality. We may be heading the beaches soon, with Tajpur in our itinerary. The last time, a success was feathered in our hat was almost an year and a half ago, when we managed to tour Ghatshila for four days. A tour to be cherished. This time, it is Tajpur. A Locale, never heard of by most, but with publicity, may be it will be transformed in a hot tourist spot of West Bengal. Some thing our beloved leader, Miss Mamata Banerjee should take heed of, if her dream to turn the beaches of Bengal into Goa-II.

Direction and other specifications would be mentioned after the tour, but, come June/July, Tajpur will rest our foothold tight. An year and a half ago, situation was very different. The touring party comprised of (present status for the coming tour):

* Arijit (Joined a Lab in Kol; available)
* Avisek (Joined a Lab in Lucknow; not available)
* Kanad (Joined Animation in Kol; Available)
* Soma (In Kolkata; Ladies option not taken)
* Budha (In a Lab in Kolkata; Available)
* Ankita (In Delhi; Ladies option not cnsidered)
* Raktim (As RMO in Kol; dicy)
* Joydeep (In Kol; Available)
* Myself (In job, Kol; Available depending on leave sanction)

Another member, who might join in is Dhiman, who accompanied us in our first ever tour to Digha.

Anyways, life is too suffocated up thy sleeves. Its always better to start afresh!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

আকাশ কুসুম

আমি ভাবি। সাব কিছু-র সাথে কোন না কোন কিছু জুক্তো। ভালোবাসা যেমন ARCHIES গেলারি বলে আমরা আখ্যা দিই, তেমনি ভাবে আমাদের এটাও ভাবা উচিত যে আমরা জা চাই, তা তোহ পাওয়ার আশা করা তা আজকের জূগে মুর্খতা ছারা কিছুই না। খুব ভারীক্কি শোনালেও, কিছু ক্কোরার নেই, তাই তহ, সবার সামনে আমার একটি পুরাতন কবিতা তুলে ধরতে চাই।

যাত্রা শুরু সেই যে বেলায়,
শেষটি হইনি আজো-
পথের মাঝে আশকারা দেই,
নুরী পাথর ধুষর কালো।

নাই বা পেলাম মনি কাঞ্ছান,
নাই বা পেলাম রাত্ন,
দসশ্যু আমি নই জ মাগো,
সুখের মাঝি যাগো।

তোমার তোরী তে পার হবো আমি,
আতল জীবন সাগর-
খ্যেয়া পার করো গো আমারে;
পুষ্পো ব্রিস্টি না ছাই আমি,
না চাই আমি প্রতীপত্তি।

আমার কাছে আছ তুমি,
সুখ, ত্রিপ্তি ও আবেক।

---- সোমনাথ পাল।

আর কিছুই চাই না যে...! আর কিছুই লাগবে না।

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing Comes for Free...

There was a University Life, after the College Life, which in turn was after the School Life.... The cycle gets going. Each phase had their dues, hues and gloomies. A good tag line for MTV Roadies eh? Well, running all around, in life is like crossing every hurdle in the road...hence MTV Roadies v. 7.0 can sound my phrase. {so have an advanced autograph book signing folks!!!} Raghu would say: Arre kuch soch!!! kuch alag kar...kya celebrity ki tarah autograph sign karte firega!!!? huh?! I am, saved by God's grace, he would not continue into saying.... autpograph k badle chala!!! I think I am better off not doing that!!! [lolz]

Post-M.Sc was spent trying to become a poke in the wheel of luck and keep on trying crack the GRE and the TOEFL and the NET. Many said, why would you go out, with your lone family member, growing old day by day alone... may be destiny never felt so, and now I am some degree of comfort in my new job. Being a regular employee in a trading company! Cool Offer, I guess, and I grabbed!

But this life style demands a new aspect of life and hence old habits have to wear off! My very close friend once said, sighting me an example in form of a proverb, Whilst in Rome, Do as the Romans Do. But some how, people who say these...sometimes forget that I am doing what the Romans are doing, just to get accustomed to the new environment and then I can alter... them to my own way. But I have to learn how the Romans make Cheeese... and leave the Rasgollas aside for few months I guess!

Confusing article...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bengal Masala

UPA (Congress +)
14 (50%)
8 (28%)
Third Front (CPI-M +)
2 (7%)
No Opinion, Will not vote!
4 (14%)

Votes so far: 28
Poll conducted for 40 days and concluded on 14th May, 2009 (IST)

16th May, 2009:
After a near tiring day the office, writing some article on Petroleum Coke, I would naturally feel reluctant to write another one. But is important. This is Big!

The above statistics was conducted as a general poll, in my blog where the readers paid some attention about how the picture would be regarding the election fiasco of the Parliament 2009. It might not reflect the opinion of the whole nation, but is close as to what the mandate stands for Parliament 2009.

UPA having 256 seats. The UPA alliance has the Major as in Indian National Congress, along with the Samajvadi Party, All India Trinamool Congress and others.
NDA have 151 seats. The NDA alliance has the Major as in Bharatiya Janata Party, Janata Dal (United) and others.
The third front posses the Left Front and the Bju Janata Dal and some more. The Leftists as of now has 79 seats.
The rest well, are the Rest.

That is the national scenario and with an un-imaginable victory by the congress and their alliance, West Bengal comes upfront on the national dias with something that can only be imagined, but true. But it is True.

It is always said that an immense power, if gets rotten, declines slowly and steadily. The Left Front namely, the CPI(M), CPI, FB, RSP have been in WB for over 32 years (now). Their atrocities came forward with the idea of dictatorship over the poor farmers in Singur and the malice mass killing in Nandigram. Their tryst of Industrialization met the dead end, falling face first, infront of the already existing 50, 743+ factories (large and small) shut down for the past 30 years!
They faced their phantom ghost, from the oppositions, namely Trinamool Congress and the Congress. Never ever in their 32 years of history, except in 1984 had the state experienced LF having just 15 seats (a loss of 20 seats) and the TMC (19)+ Congress (6)+ SUCI (1) have gained upon 20 seats from the last election! NEVER!!!

The reasons:

1) After the State Legislature election where LF had wiped over 80% of the seat, their idea of being the lone master in the WB-State Politics came up-front! They called upon TATA for their Nano Car Manufacturing plant and without asking the TMC/Congress i.e the Opposition and the local residents, decided upon Singur to be the site for the plant. Came in Mamata Banerjee and the struggle for survival started. This was in Dec 2006- Jan 2007.
[Why should a farmer leave the land that yielded him good crop would sell the land, and hope for work which seemed vague. Even trying out something else, thanks to the CPM, West Bengal lacked the Industrial ambience since late 70's]

2) Nandigram massacre. Quite comparable to the Jalianwala Bagh massacre, pressed the nail hard the CPM-Coffin! The revolt by the TMC and helped in by INC fueled the fact that dictatorship by CPM goons was not tolerated!

3) An isolated, yet very prominent case of Rizwanur Rehman shook the civilzed society where riuch hoodlums in association with huge officials of the police, murdered a young man who supposedly was poor and married a girl of a rich, well to do family! The government did nothing but transfer the officials. Grave!

The Results:

* Huge losses incurred in the Panchyat and Zilla Parishad Elections by the Left Front with TMC gaining on the whole. An increase in seat share by 40%, in the year 2008.
* Un-imaginable loss in the Parliament Election, 2009. Last time Congress had 5 seats, TMC 1 and rest was under Left Front. This time round, after 5 years, with Nandigram and Singur, TMC snatched 19 seats, INC 6 seats and associate SUCI 1 seat!

Congrats to UPA for getting a chance to set fort newer changes, and complete certain jobs left incomplete. But request Sir/ Madam, please curb this SC/ST discrimination!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Third Time.

Sounds have been in the air. The Indian Parliamentary Demography would be in shatters after the May 16th polling results come out, with no party attaining the sole majority. To form a government, any party or ally would have to attain the 272 candidate mark! With too many parties at bay and few nationalized party at work, the picture is getting tougher day by day. With Congress and the UPA, BJP and the NDA, Left Front creating a new Third Front and some nucleated Fourth Front candidate, the area of Indian Union seems too small to get segregated! With so many fronts around, I proudly disclose that I have voted for the Third Time, since I received my the Right to Elect!
With the largest democracy in the World, drawing curtains for the public polling on May 13th, 2009, with my city and constituency being part of the fifth and the final phase electoral region, the water was never murky than ever. From a common man's perspective, a number of thoughts work:
1) Why would "I" vote? What can one vote make or break? An argument that I have already discussed two post back!
2) There are so many political parties and their representatives? Who would mean for the nation? For the past 60 years, things have never brightened on the catalog of promises. Very few have ever registered a promised in the catalog of "fulfilled". Now it seems that they keep certain local problems at bay, just to contest the next election!
3) The politicians are best fighting a verbal war with the most noxious weapons possible. Leaders, who are supposedly trend setters can use verbals which even we feel better is being left alone! What for? They don't have anything else to say!
4) "A Change, that We all Believe in". Not too old a phrase. The portfolio campaign organized by Mr. Barrack Obama, The President of United States of America.

The youths, like us should now put the figures ahead than the party. For that they need to vote. If you feel that all politicians are same, then vote an Independent candiadte. But please Vote! May the political party will win, whom you haven't vote, but the first year they would get an idea, that their winning margin have decreased and the independent's margin have increased! If they feel energetic, they will work. You will be benifited by voting, so what if it's an Independent. Everything has it's brighter side. Cash on them!

I Voted! Not for me, but for You. I know there are over a million votes which have been for me, if "I voted for You!" I dont need any more! Keep Smiling, and hope to be a part of a system that creates a stable governement for the coming 5 years! (See you nationally in 2014, with the same topic).

Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy Storm.

Never ever had I felt so happy seeing the welkin gloom with gray. Never have I felt the necessity of welcoming a storm in my life. But again, certain things happen in your life unexpectedly. The place from where I hail, called Kolkata is in the province of West Bengal, India. The annual saga involving the inhabitants with one of the most unpredictable, yet devastating storm of nature, created due to the sudden gush of the North-Westerlies over the Gangetic plains of North India to the Bay of Bengal, creating a cyclonic development. The locals, in Bengali call it Kaal-Baishakhi, meaning the ill-omen in the month of Baishak [Click here for details].

But after the long hot spell in half a century, with the mercury kissing the 43'C mark each and every day for the past two and a half weeks in the city. [Click here for details] A temperature that was 5-6'C above normal, made each and everyone's heart wish for the storm to come and relieve them. It came and relieved all the inhabitants, down the Gangetic Delta of South Bengal in a jiffy. The storm lasted for 25 minutes on a rough with slight to heavy rainfall that was re-installed in the late evening. It brought the temperature down by 18 points. My recent Google Weather update mentions the present temperature in and around Kolkata is 22'C.

I enjoyed soaking my dried soul in the first ever heavy rain of the year, 2009, here in Kolkata. The actual season is still a month and a half away, but this juice was enough for the upcoming sultry season in May-early June! Some things that is worth sharing:

" Down the brows,
Rolls the water so pure,
A life saver for sure.
Love You thy Rain,
Like never before..
Quench us from the pains,
Flushing them down the drains.
Bring relieve to the masses,
We give thy million kisses,
Deancing in the Rain.
Dancing without pain. "


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