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The Lost Umbilical

There was a time, when people used to believe in a child, born out with a connection with his or her mother. A connection that has 108 vessels, severed after being nourished for the first 10 months of the individual's existence on this planet, cozy within the cocoon of motherly nest, called the womb. They still do now, not that WiFi and Wireless is effecting the umbilical cord. But, now some of those brainchild, come up with brilliant ideas of reconnecting with that womb of other mothers or would be mothers, not with flesh, but with iron rods!!! They do it, after the inhuman exhibition of strength of their own desire upon a lady who don't want their touch! They touch her, thinking of some iPhone and then, they nail her thinking that Jesus is still not looking! I don't care if Jesus is sleeping or not. What I care is that these cruel, inhuman, senseless animals should be brought to justice.
Yes, I am talking of the incident that took a few days back in New Delhi, with a pa…