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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cooling Smokes...

The fire had a glow four years ago or more. Stepping into the podium of under graduations, I made a very good friend, with whom friendship always meant chit-chats, fun and frolic. Somebody, with whom a lot of fun was always in store, through the alleys of College street and within the campus!

Presi Physio B.Sc 2006 Batch in 2003 picnic.
(Sadashib is missing though)

Today, 27/11/10 - 28/11/10, the juncture of the day(s), I sit down  to review those wonder years of smiles, that was nothing but went miles!

The Team from Presi Physio (2006)
(l-r) Sukesh, Kanad, Myself, The Bride, Amrita, Sayantani, Sanchari.

Miss Charmi Singh becomes Mrs Charmi Abhisek Singh. Giggs/Giggles, turned Sis turned Charmz turned Chameli turned Charms turned Chulbuli Smiler, ties the ultimate knot and I roll out some of the very memorable (most) days with her and the group.

1) The friendship turned from bitter notes to sweet, when we had a major miss understanding amongst ourselves regarding playing puppets of seniors! Those were fiery days and don't remember how this took birth, but it did! But later on, during Teacher's Day celebration it was her, who came upfront and asked me and the rest of the gang on my side to participate and so did we... that day marked a handshake... that day marked something new...

Few days later, she was chosen as Class Secretary for the Physio Batch of 2003-06 and I was chosen as the Class Representative. Sadashib was the Class Editor.

2) I still remember that day. There was just two or three days left for the New Batch of 2004 to get into Presidency,. The IC (Independent Consolidation) core committee held a meet and I took her along as the second member of the physio to represent the meeting. We had our regular tuitions at BNP (Biswanath Pyne) sir, in Howrah. It was after college, and the way it seemed, we would turn late for the pre-tuition lunch session. I asked her that we sneak out and have our lunch without notifying others. She agreed and so we sneaked out of the meet and had our lunch at Putiram well in advance. That day, I had a long talk with her and discovered her to be a very pure and lovely soul to be friend with! Loved that session with you, Giggzy!

3) Why Giggs? Well, i named her that from the famous toy store at Park Street called Giggles. The way she laughed sounded like a persistent 5-6 minutes of Giggling. and I had a password to open the vault of laughter...any one who is reading this blog and know her, can try this. It will work, unless she becomes worn out with her job! The password to unlock the vault: "Charmi!!.... 1....2...3!!!" She starts laughing! Not a mental freak....just that she is too clean hearted!

4) I don't know how much will she remember this, but I remember it as a very comic episode. Again, it was going to BNP sir's tuition. We were late and we boarded a crowded bus. It was raining outside and we had no other options. There was a child, merely 5-6 years old sleeping on the ladies seat. A lady, startled at this miss of opportunity to sit shouted out, looking at us! "Yeh kiska baccha hain!" (Whose child is it!) I was standing just behind Charmi and the angle at which the shouting lady saw and exclaimed, it seemed she targetted us! I spontaenously replied, "Humara Nehi hain!" She looked stunned for two seconds. Dejected, it seemed with the answer, she looked twice at charmi and twice at me and back again at Charmi... a look that initiated Charmi's blank look when embarrased and angry (both). The reason, the lady made it emminent that WE were Couples...DENYING OUR BABY!!! That day and till date, we laugh over the incident a lot!

.... many more stories... many incidents...

Those days of youth, fun and frolic has long gone... the smoke brings back the memories.Charmi asked me stay back today, to attend the whole ceremony, but I couldnt for other commitments!!! But would have loved to stay back..after all its one of my very dear friend's marriage...

May both you remain happy ever after! Life has started...let it never end!

Charmi and Abhisek.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Circus, citrus and cats.

Central Kolkata had been beeming with life for the past few days. Everyday, since last wednesday, the Biman dadu's good stead circus is costing thousands their time, hundreds their job interviews and millions (including the sparrows), their ears! A tryst to reach the masses, executed aptly as the people are stranded mass of dolls.... you meet them, palms cusp manner, asking for something. _________________ (fill in the blanks with your comments).

Its time for the sourly lime to make their presence felt in the market. The chill is still abrupt as the Kolkata Met office, in their rarest trick, made a good prediction of delayed winter. So is it. But, to have out cuts limed with salt, especially on days when your boss come early, makes the lemon bad...unwanted!

And Cats.... well like they purr, I did after my latest presentation which could have been way better.I fumbled, god knows why? the over all verdict...I am not satisfied and think so isn't others!

Will have to try better...lot better!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The dry season...

Dry to the bottom of the last bottle of Cognac... intoxicated with the contents of work and over loads, that the plate to serve my thoughts to all my valued readers became a playground for the flies. Soon, even the maggots were about to leave, when some zeal re-ignited the torch within me... May be Canonical Cacophony is about to come alive!!!

Come winter, may dues are to be met. The Pujas have been over by over a month and the last festivities of the Bengali Hindus is also on its way to be terminated, the Jagadhatri Pujas. Today is the ceremonious bye of Goddess in the River Ganges (environmentalists shall go ahead and tell...Ceremonious polluting the waters...). What ever...

Yesterday I was going through the Column by Mir, entitled Jab we Met-ro, on the present conditions of the metro. Its a late realization though that the pride of Calcutta (Kolkata) is on the verge of getting tagged as the Pain of Calcutta. Thanks to the lact of planning and failure in upgradation of the system, old by more than 25 years. Once considered as a master piece of the Third World nation, as Calcutta was the third city after London and New York to have such a transit system. But now, with advanced technologies bearing its glow in the cities like New Delhi and sooner, Mumbai, the Calcutta Metro remains within the dark alleys underground. Rusted and (almost) wasted.

Last year, when the Metro got an extended arm, upto Kavi Nazrul and very soon Kavi Subhash, in the southern corridor, the number of heads and the pressure on it started growing as it was the "fastest" route from North to South and vice versa. Now its the most unpredictable one. With Calcutta Airport at its worst, Metro will soon join its league unless the political parties forget the elections in hand and stop blaming as to who is throwing banana peels on the track to who is pulling the wrong chains deliberately!!!

A voice from a simple, daily passenger (me), who has to meet his job demands after clearing the family chores, daily... "Please for god's sake...never make the metro late- too late-, for its nice to see the Kareena-Sahid starrer Jab we Met rather than hear the pissing and hissing from the destination due to Met-rOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Uff...its late again!"


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