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Autumn Hues...

Into the Winter...
The year ends up with the note of stress... Semester Examinations makes the expeirence really pain staking. With a life span of 60 odd years of a normal human being, with 40 odd New Years to be able to celebrate... 2 new years and many unrealized new years got bamboozled..thanks to examinations.

Starting from the Standard 10 examinations till today's University semesters, the timing is perfect to rue your New Year plans. Take a word, this time round also, 2007's autumn's hues which shall soon be falling into the winter, will be cold amongst the piled up books, pages of unknown xeroxes and thousands of words compiled amongst the soon wearing off pages.

Anyways, on my behalf:


Love has Mass, but No Weight!!!

To Love and Being Loved is a completely seperate theme from the notion falling in love... Its not a fall... if you shall consider. Its just like getting the proper thrust to excel, a thrust that comes from withing, thats completely naked and natural and nothing more than a small pain that is overwhelmingly hard to bear with a separation and similarly, easy to smile with satisfaction when together hand in hand, should grizzling the shoulders!Its a feeling, that you Feel..but very interstingly, it has Only mass and No Weight. It completes you, makes you feel fulfilled (mass has volume) but you dont feel the burden of the weight. This is what I know love and being loved and Loving is all about..clear and confusionless to me. Have I being successful enough to bring you people around my idea? Guess yes, if not then do contact me at the given ID.

The Fighting Warrior: Sourav Ganguly.

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, the Pride of Bengal... The Maharaja (emperor) of the Game... and the Big DADA (Big Don) of Indian Cricket, is back roaring with his paws held high, pouncing on each and every lions that try to come by his way... He is ferocious... and more hungry than ever... there lurks a quite magestic silence in his approach... its not that shirt waving Ganguly that one saw in 2002 NatWest Final against England... its not that over ecstatic pitch slapping Ganguly any more.. he now a patient listener, more than the wall.. he is a cold poison in the veins of the opposition. He remains calm and composed, ready to pounce on an un-protective prey. Today, he and Yuvraj put on the highest 5th wicket partnership in Bangaluru (erstwhile: Bangalore), of 300 runs, pulling the team from the dumps of 61/4 to 361/4 with Yuvi falling in the next ball faced. He scored 169. Its his come back test also, and he grabbed the oppertunity in style! Ganguly remained unflawed for 125* runs at the da…

Brinzells... blah blah blah...

Starting from X Ray Crystalography to Proteomics/Genomics, this mind had been bang wanged day in and day out, upon the fact that Third semester is galloping towards me.
The schedule is tough and the most interesting point to be noted is that I am losing another New Year bash. With a resolution to Drink once a year and that too.. 31st december..this year, my tummy will be off from that liquor heaven...

apropos to the University to make such an examination line up, that starts off on 26th Dec and ends in 4th Jan.

Bengal ReUnited.

The past few months in West Bengal had been a state of horrendous activities. Fragmentation amongst the masses leading from Singur to Nandigram, Rizanwur to Taslima Nasreen, Jagmohan Dalmiya to Prasun Mukherjee.... today the One man did all the vocal cords (atleast maximal) shrill with at the sam frequency when Sourav Ganguly, our own Dada..the Prince of Calcutta, The Royale Bengal Tiger scored his long waited century against Pakistan here in his own premises, the Eden Gardens.

Witnessing the historic moment, his 14th Test century in a career that literally spanned from 1992 but actually from 1996, he had longed for such a moment for a long long time! On 1st December 2007, The World AIDS Day, the magic was seen from the bats of the elegent former Captain.

Congrats Dada..we are Proud of You!