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A trance sloka uttered by the Lord Krishna Followers all over the World, especially in Nabadip, West Bengal. Recently, a DJ Mix track in the Bengali movie, Challenge.. by Raj and Dev unleashed a pandemonium amongst the sacred followers who voiced their dis-satisfaction regarding the "unruliness" of the Music and the Lyrics and also demanded a ban of the movie unless the censor board trims that part from the movie.


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Recently, another movie, a Hindi film starred by Akshay Kumar, called BhoolBhulaiya also made a spice-mix of another sloka of the Shri-Krishna followers, i.e Har-e Ram Har-e Krishna. Then the Shri Krishna foundation lacked their voice, mysteriously. The most interesting amongst all these is that, both the musics and lyrics, if looked closely resemble the same spice ingredient: BEING FUNKY! Still, one gets a protest, while the other doesn't!


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As it is, some people have no work to do... Not even pray, hence they co…


Katrina Kaif has been voted as the sexiest lady in Bollywood. After her mind boggling sensual performance in RACE, especially "Touch Me Touch Me" from the Bollywood Movie R.A.C.E did increase the pulse beats of most young, as well as old alike! For the past year and a half, SLICE, the Mango drink, which is the third largest mango flavored-soft drink in the market after Mazaa and Frooti, has been emphasizing on the concept of sensualism with the King of Fruits, Mango.
Aam in Hindi means the Mango. Indian culture has a rich heritage regarding the texts on sexual movements and human desire called the Kamasutra. The two words are hybridized into

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The 2009 edition:

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Aamsutra. Katrina Kaif, the declared Bollywood innocent Bombshell was the best choice to rope in. The ad depicts the desire of the people to have the drink, starting from the lip movements to sensual acts!

Mazaaon the other hand have focussed on the older generation, picking up …

IPL Edition II

The theme of having an International tournament, year after year with aura and grandeur might turn out to be little tarnished with the Indian Premier League, edition II getting it's pass to host with "pride" on an International Arena. After the recent terror attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers, the Indian Government were little reluctant to provide full security to the players and the tournament as a whole because, according to certain leaders, "the greatest match for the nation", i.e the general election for the Lok Sabha, 2009 would be taking place, quite precariously coinciding with the IPL matches. The IPL matches were about to begin from April 10th, 2009 while the first date for the Lok Sabha General Election would be taken on 16th April, 2009 where 23% of the nation goes to poll.
The matter is that although the BCCI tried the last thread to keep the tournamnet on home grounds, but due to immense pressure on all fronts, the security couldnt be managed! Head…

Breaking Time

With the onset of the deadline of having polls within a month from now, the different poltical parties are coming up with various manifestoes. Staying in Bengal, it has always been a very charming experience of witnessing one of the most vibrant battles fought between the communists and the non-communists!
In their 30+ years of existence, the Communsit Government has seldom looked towards making the West Bengal Tourism No.1 in India. No other government in the nation's independent existence has been on the seat for so long, which by itself stands in the Limca Book of World Records as the longest running government, since 1970s. The Trinamool Congress, being the "largest" opposition party in the state has brought oput certain points in their manifesto, which may look to be another over ambitious drive and duty but again very true if ever the government had looked into the matter earlier. M/s Banerjee, the supremo of TMC declared to attempting to create Digha into Goa. Ther…

Getting Entangled.

Its always very interesting to watch people around you, something many people boast of achieving a tough task easily, i.e reading faces or face reading. But how about listening to what the emotions say, and act accordingly or prevent thinking with a pipe vision. My friend J along with B came along near my place with lot of expectations have a small अड्डाwhile they would be completing their much prejudiced work! I was on my way, when one of their mobiles started to knock my caller tune. It was B, with a news. The National Eligibility Test (NET)have been published a moment ago and that B has achieved his goal, but our beloved J couldn't. The previous hour, I had a small talk with J as to where were they and when would I avail my self. He was totally excited, magnanimous to amount (if any Scale can measure it) for we were meeting after a couple of weeks gap!
When I reached the place, that magnanimosity had disappeared. There was a tone of dejection in his voice and although B had suc…

Changing Lanes


18th March, 2009, as my friend Arijit would put the idea forward like "Rekindling Old Fire", I accompanied Arijit and Dhiman to the place where we once came together two and a half years ago. The tables were same, the walls smelt the molten agar. A fresh coating of yellow lime has clad the department half way down the lane that moved in through to another 30 meters, having two new classes as addition to the department. A new editorial office called the "Nucleus" was neat and clean, with hardly anyone seen behind the desk! It was pre lunch time, and they managed to kiss the clock for an advanced luncheon session.
The tables were filled with many new faces, but the pakoras and the tea tasted the same in Gopal Da's Canteen. The lift man had his ups and downs in his career sitting on that small backless seat, waiting for the new faces and lending a biding smile to the old, like we were! The puff was all so heavy, we were older..w…


With the Lok Sabha General Election 2009 is in a month's notice and all the nominations and the publicity being started or completed (in places facing the election on an earlier date), and with the turmoil over the Indian Premier Leagues' security concern after the terror attack in Lahore, the syndrome "being faithful" crops up again in the masses at various sporadic locations.
Starting from the Slums, even after the magnaminous success of their root film, SlumDog Millionaire, the syndrome grapples the citizens of all ages in the location. A few days back, I was passing through such and area and over heard a few people, sipping on their glass of steaming tea, talking about the parties and politics. I stopped by to listen their view, and well... I can confess I had this article in my mind. How can I miss such a lucrative discussion to proove that the syndrome still exists! In the largest democracy people still fall hollow to this kind of syndrome, which I call Faithful…


Peculiar topic header eh, for Post # 264 ? ? ? ? ? Well, the post itself is a peculiar observation about the magnanimity of Human Imagination, something that leads the visual and cultural ethics completely into the oblivion, just because of some cheap (and I repeat a million times: CHEAP) presentation.

Rafael is a well known Israel Missile Manufacturing company, that have previously won deals by the from the Indian Forces for missiles. Recently, they have come up with a gimmick, a "Cheap" Ad to promote a missile model to the Indian Defence Ministry. They tried to mix up the Bollywood Item Numbers, but have totally gone over board with the "Cataclysmic Collision" of Bollywood and defence industry, marring the name of India in the middle.

When this footing was aired on HEADLINES TODAY, an Indian News Channel, I couldn't supress my zeal to protest in the name of my Motherland. The dancers clad in partly exposing churnis and ghagras supposedly depicted Mother India,…

Holi Hain.

"When the colours of Blood,
Splatter around the Globe.
Blisters marking the Memories,
Tasting like the bitter Gourd.
When hopelessness grabs Eternity,
Ill-beauty of Brains kills Sanity.
The Colours of Rainbow,
Be it Blue,
Green or Yellow.
Celebrates the Life that Creates all Burdens,
India cries with Colours of Love,
Celebrates Humanity with the World,
Turning the Black Smoke from the Rested Nozzles,
Into puffs of Pink, Red or Maroon.
Holi Comes every Year,
To touch us all...
In heart, mind or bosom.
Let's Celebrate Life for Once...
For its a rare Chance!"

by, Somnath Paul. 11/3/09.


Thought of Starting the Post # 263 with this small self composed Poetry. Today is Holi, or Festival of Colours as it known to most. It is celebrated in the true sense of making life colourful. With the yield of new crop from the fields and the common man getting the fuel to drive the coming days, Holi celebrates the notion of Colourful Life. Very few festivities in the World does celebrate Life. Start…

Lok Sabha 2009.

Back Lash:

Like the round stature of the Indian Parliament, the celebration is back on it's track, after a whole term of FIVE Years. In 2004, The United Progressive Alliance, briefed as the UPA came into power at the helm of Indian Constituition forming the Cabinet with the able help from other parties in the Alliance. Mr. Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister of the nation, amidst all the speculations of Smt. Sonia Gandhi can take the chair. The speculations were rightly in place, because of a number of scenarios. Mr. Gandhi was the daughter in law of former Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She was the wife of another IG's son Mr. Rajib Gandhi, who also served the nation as a Prime Minister. Both mother and son were assassinated in what could be called as one of the most tumultous era of Indian Politics. Hence Mrs. Gandhi was a heavy wight candidate. Again, after the Hawala Corruption regarding the BOFOR's Guns, the Congress, which was the Indian Independence Winning…

An Account of SIX Years.

Six years enough time to alter a whole cabinet of ministers and change the members of the House of Commons by a simple press of the thumb. And in these six years, many scribbles in red ink just managed to get through my scanning eyes, looking for perfection in academics. Come April, and I shall complete my sixth year as an academician, a profession that let me earn quite before my friends did. If I remember properly, I've been the first person of my School batch who opted for earning after completing my high school examination. (But if examined closely, I was second after Debojyoti who, as I had heard, was in the profession since we were in standard NINE). Even before the results came out, I got involved in the profession and my first ever student was a XIth standard girl from CGHS, Miss Aditi Ghosh who by blood relations was my aunt! What a way to start off!!!
It was April 2003. By the end of 2003 I was harnessing six students, yielding my pocket money and education fees, which wa…

Blank and Blunt.

There was an immense hype, a literal fracas between the Indian and the US authorities over auctioning of the commodity of Mahatma Gandhi'sassets like watch, specs, sandals, etc. Mr. Gandhi has once gifted various items to a friend in States and now by legacy, they stood the hammer-touch at the auction house, Antiquorum in New York. The Indian government had little to do with preventing the auction of items which belonged to the "Father of the Nation", but asked help from the billionaire Indian, Mr. V. Mallya for his help, and rightly so, the multi-billionaire pocketed out some Rs. 9 Crores to acquire the items. Seems quite a luxury when the people of the nation are dying of hunger! When the government fails to look after the poor, for whom the man in question fought for! They are busy acquiring collectables from all over the world.
If things are so prestigious of the nation to allow them fall in hands of others, then what happened to the Nobel Prize that was won by Rabind…

Cricket and Guns

They were never together, except the near bullet deliveries from some of the fast bowlers of the world, through out history. Be it the Perfume Ball mastered by the West Indies greats like Malcolm Marshall and Courtney Walsh to the really fast beamers from Shoiabs and Lees. But the arms were for the betterment of relationships with the gentleman's game, and not for the enmities and worsening diplomatic ties between nations!
Lahore, 3rd March 2009. The World as well as the sporting fraternity witnessed one of the most heinous acts that was delivered to the heart of sports! After the


Munich Massacre in 1972 Olympics where 11 Israeli Sportsman were killed by revolutionaries at the Olympic Village amidst tight securities, another such hitch in security could be witnessed on 3/3/09 where the Talibans, the said conquerors of Pakistan, have attacked on Sri Lankan Cricketers, who were about to enter the Gadaffi Stadium in …

Another David Copperfield (Part 2)


Shyamal turned round the corner. There was an extra-ordinary culmination of people infront of their residence. Has it happened? Has the worst thing, the worst night mare come true? He teared through the crowd, to find something psuedo relieving. His mom was arguing with his uncles over monetary matters. Why wont they pay back the investment that they once took, more than two decades ago, so that her husband could be treated properly, in a better instituition?
The night before Shyamal's maternal uncle called and asked her to admit Mr. Bera to a well
known Behala nursing home of which he is the incharge. Being a retired military doctor, he has his commitments to the nursing home and promised for a better check up. This nursing home was for the well to do, and such is not possible given the financial status. But with adamant looks and words bitter than the blade of sword, Mrs. Bera forced his paternal uncles to bear the cost. The cloud seemed to get cleared, but onl…

Another David Copperfield (Part 1)

=== It all Started ===

It was the spring of 1998. Everyone had the anticipation that after last year, this one would be better, and compared to the tumultous weather of the region, which can be referred to as the worst weather condition in over 100 years. But to a developing mind, the year would none the less be challenging. The annual examination was just round the corner for Shyamal, our developing mind. It was around 1AM (IST), he was deep into his revisions when his mother came upto to him and asked him to put on some clothes. Within fifteen minutes, Shyamal found himself amidst all the confusion, sitting anxiously in a cab, which was driving them to a nursing home. His mind, which was trading across the Doldrum Belts of Atlantic Ocean, half an hour ago, found itself gazing through the desolate lanes of Kolkata. All were asleep, except the dogs and the occassional bats! He looked over his shoulders, aghast to see his dad panting, grasping for air and his mother anxiously flapping t…

Knights and Angels

One of the most glamorous shows aired by NDTV Imagine, Knights and Angelsmade its debut on 28th February 2009. The show will look for cheer leaders for the SRK-Juhi Co-owned IPL Team, theKolkata Knight Riders. The most glamorous of all the teams, as the last edition's music videos show now has another badge of glamour in its armoury. Having owners who are legends in the Indian Entertainment Industry, the reality series make the platform for several girls to come into the world of glam and media, like several Indian Idols or Saregama winners have fetched their share, for so long.


Purab Kohli plays the role of the able anchor, as the first day first show featured Murali Kartik alongside, Anushka (The Rab De Girl) and most surprisingly, the man who once couldnt match the steps with the dancing sensation, Hritik during a cola ad, Mr. Sourav Ganguly, the captain of the KKR team. …