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The verdict has been out, it will be an endless, issue less revolution. News of new unrest in West Bengal is budding up, with Trinamool Congress stating that the all party conference held in Mahajati Sadan, 24th May, 2007 was a comic relief and that she and her party was constantly humiliated in the name of "dicussion", yet she stayed behind.

The mass massacre, once designated by me as a NEW AGE JALIANWALA BAGH (ref: JALIANWALA BAGH REVISITED). It was in the heat of the moment, a mass massacre, and could have been averted on behalf of the authorities. Anyways, what has happened, has taken place, one cannot wipe the blood and infuse life into the dead. But the all party conference, which is oneof the mostiportant tools of democracy should have been much more sportingly taken by Miss Mamata Banerjee. instead of just staying in one single stand, the negotiations and advises could have been placed!

A hostile situation can only be countered by finding out a solution and solutions c…

Its time.

The time has atlast come by. Just like the particles flowing down the river which was once by formed by the confluence of the streams, are now on the verge of segregating into small distributaries. They will meet again, ought to, either at the large ocean that lies ahead, or when they would get evaporated by the mighty sun, they may meet up in the heavens, and form the cloud that give life to this planet!

This friendship will be there to stay for ever, till death parts us up!

Sourav Bose: He will be leaving Calcutta to settle down in Hyderabad, in Satyam.

Sandip Saha: He too will be settling down in Gugaon, after enginnering.

Sangbaran Dasgupta: He has the oppertunity to get into a job, whose postings would be mentioned after he gets the confirmation, but thats not in Calcutta.

Soumillo Sanyal: After Graduation he is trying to get into the Corp. and hence trying to pursue MBA.

myself: Target Switzerland..lets see.

Unexpected Meeting with the President of India.

17th May, 2007: Biomedical Research and Diagnostics Centre, Manovikas Kendra, Kolkata. Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam, President of India (present date), paid his profiled visit to the instituitional laboratories. Since morning It had been a run around with Sniffer Dog, and metal as well as nitro detectors!

The situation looked very serious as the security was tightened up, and the normal people, who are just not accustomed with this typeof arrangement, were really flabbergasted. As per the schedule only 3 of the 10 research scholars would meet His Highness. The rest would be confined in a room, opposite to the room where the programme of the visit is scheduled to be made! (let me put in the fact that I am just a summer trainee at the lab)
The convoy came and so came the Z-Securities, the Black Cats. To our utter surprise,even before entering the designated lab, he saw our eager eyes peeping out from our cofinement and he reciprocated by waving at Us! We were really overwhelmed with Joy. After…

looking for a good start.

16th May, 2007, as I step forward in joining for my summer project, as part of my curriculum, its a mixture of awe and un surety as to what lays up ahead. Although my senior supervisor is a known person, still, somewhere deep within lies the fear of freaking out! lets see what comes up ahead. the road seems clear and bright Sunny, still the Sun is yet to come out of the covering envelop of the clouds.

pic: Digha. © Feb 2007.


In this day to day Rat race, with nature maintaining a parity with survival, but we humans have just amanged to get detached from her (nature) and maintain our own identity. In the quest to achieve our goal, we have left behind many loved ones and beautiful ones. For this picture, taken by my friend, M/s. Moumita Tripathi.

getting past the trench.

It was tough as it stinked all the way. Today at the end of Second Semester examination, some how I am feeling really not in the mood to have enjoyment and things have not fallen into places as it always did after each and every examinations, since Class IX, way back in 1999.
The days have been going past like a big bore, and the trench seems really slippery and jagged. with the hope that in August we all might be going out to some place, be it the school cool gang, or may be the recent Hot University people!
after Digha, it might be Ranchi Netarhat. but it all depends on the progress made by the people in their summer work! to finish with this Hope I would like to end this post with some pictures of Netarhat, taken courtesy Google! am longing to see thru to the place!
Talking of the place, once in standard 6/7, I have read one of the most proficient Bengali writer, Bibhutibhushan Bandhyapadhai's Palamau-r Jangal-e. That small description of Palamau, the chilly weather around in the …

The expensive, yet good.

Alcohol, its a taboo in many parts of the subcontinent. They prefer cigarettes over the drinks, but to look at a much wider perspective, having drinks, is much better than cigarettes.
Alcohol being expensive would build a stress to the pocket. compared to the 220/- Vodka or a 200/-nip of Scotch, and may be some thousand buks of old wine, would be really expensive comapred to a 2 Rs Will Flake! that curbs onto with the fact that, things dont turn good! people can afford mere 40 buks per day to have a puff, but drinks, well it takes some lavish and luxury to the offering before indulging into a cool posture and comforting one self, giving sip to the elegance of Signature or to the Coarse Grumps of Cognac!
hence, on a better front, to look at, drinking is much much better than having some frequent puffs! more over certain alcoholic preparations like Red wine is good for heart and so is Beer for shiny hair and locks! but Cigarette is good for nothing!

Hello, Somnath Paul here.

pic: Arijit Ghosh.

My first blog in May, 2007.

Just a simple blabbing in here. My first post in May. Seem that its coming quite a little and quite less frequently these days around. And rightly so, coz my exams are swinging its bloody axe on the back of my neck! The simplest part of life is that, its too Hard to lead, and why would i say such an Irony? coz even in this time to pass by, mom is not very jubilantly well and cool... and the experience of childhood, to fight against all adversities is coming handy. No doubt about that.

Soon it will all be getting over. soon a new life and a new light will come out through the cobwebs of intelligence! (guess I have only the webbie portion!!!) its May 10th, that I will be having some good time, after my last two exams of the second semester gets over. till then saonara. take care people. friends I love you, God bless you!