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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Image: Sonar Bangla... The Golden Bengal... IRONY!

Sure its Golden..who doubted it? Its full of Golden light of the fire that each and every day burns in the state, just to protest for anything. I doubt that is this FREEDOM and democracy by true means. The people who protested against Nandigram did the same thing today, streching from Moulali to Park Circus, a vast area, which is said to be communally coloured taking the Islam section of the society into account! The cause, well its flying like a stinky vest in the cold winter air of the City, confusing and deviating. Someone says its against the Govenmental flaws handling Nandigram, someone pointed that its in "Honour" of Rizanur Rehman. Pardon me for the spelling mistake. Someone picked up a poster: Taslima Nasreen Go BACK!!! It seems like SIMMONS GO BACK!!!! once postered by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, now taken up ahead by some hooligans!!! NO DOUBT...INDIA IS CHANGING!!! especially Bengal.
The city of palaces today turned into a play ground of the dungeon survivors!!!. They try to intervene with acommunal aspect of the whole matter..Not a Jihad, but something else. The All India Minority Forum suddenly seemed all so engrossed with the political scenario that more than 150 public and private tarnsport vehicles were torched in that 10:30AM - 5PM tussle with the authorities. The atrocrities went to such a level that even the Army was called in to reinforce law and order in the affected areas!
Today I was watching the media showing the proceedings. One TMC leader defended his actions when accused by a house wife, that he was a culprit..he accused back that she was a CPI(M) supporter... I beg his pardon, but i predict that after reading my article in here..if he happens to be interested in listening to the citizens, he will be compelled to call me like one of the CPI(M) cadre... but my honorable leader sir, please roll your eye balls down the columns..i have similarly criticised CPI(M) for their actions in nadigram!
1. This is not a communal riot as the issue was not atall elaborated to the public as for what the protest "peaceful" had been for.
2. This seems to be a planned attack on the government to bring down the law and order of the state so that the Union Governed becomes helpless but call an Emergency in the State, and an election comes upfront!
3. If it had been a severe protest, then what is the issue? Rizwanur? well some people of the riot said so..but maximum people said its against the grant of the VISA to Tasleema Nasreen..the criticized author of Dikhondito! Even on the grounds of humanity, where has this freedom gone? If you people dont like her writting, then please stop reading the it is its already banned. Then whats the problem in letting her lead her own life!?
4. Some time back when DAN BROWN wrote the da Vinci Code... its so called "against" the Christian community. But Rome was not undulated on the fact that Dan Brown survives! This is nothing but freedom..and over here its called hooliginism!
Let Kolkata live in Kolkata....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Whats Next?

Like the showman's show, this drama goes on...

Eleven months since the first turmoil broke out in Nadigram, Purba Medinipore District in the state of West Bengal, India, the pinnacle of the drama continues till date. Diwali and post Diwali, there was fire works in Nandigram.. the difference between the fire work was that it just didnt bring smile in the faces of the common... but tears in the eyes of the unknown struggler, whose name has just worn off in the days of eroding struggle. No doubt the Right of Property was transformed into a Stautory Right in the 44th Amendment of the Indian Constituition in 1977.

it states: "...the 44th amendment eliminated the right to hold, acquire and dispose of property..." Even if the property is to be safe guarded by the Law and order, as the article points out, the individual do enjoy the property as long as he or she wishes to. If thats not the law, then thats common sense.

Nandigram boiled since Haldia Development Corporation issued a summon of acquiring land for the Chemical Industry in near future. Fueled by the then going Singur Andolan, Mamata Banerjee took on the red clay roads of Nandigram, to shake the government. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, the Hon Chief Minister had acknowledged the mistake made, and assured that no land will be taken. But the TMC made Bhoomi Uchyed Rakha Committee kept the fire on. First it was in March when a nos of people went down due to police firing, then in September and more recently the CPI(M) goons fired at a strong peace rally, killing many people. Non-Co-operation movement and Bangla Bandhs may be a type of protest... but what is going on there, is really inhuman and undesired.

In their 30+ years on the throne, the West Bengal democracy has transformed into an able Dictatorship. This is not Lenin or Mao marches...its a goon and antisocial march. Whats the alternative for the governing party? Nothing, coz the opposition are really bad. But to succumb to the present scenario, its rightfully important that the situation must be overcome as soon as possible. If for that Military rule of President rule gets implemented, then let it be so!

There seems to be a planned machinery in the State of West Bengal. How dare we draw comparisons that we are better off than the Godhra Kand in Gujarat some couple of years ago? How can we say that we are better off in peace than the people in Bihar? The Bengali politics have gone down the gutters. Today, 14th November 2007, marked a new mode of protest when a lakh strong army of unarmed men and women, children and Indian Homo sapiens came onto the roads of Kolkata, in a silent rally to protest against the atrocities of the Government of West Bengal. This is the new light..a new beginning...may be..its no more confinedin the celluloids of the Silver Screen like the movies of the category of Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindusthani, a Shahrukh Khan hit and the Anil Kapoor Hit in the form of Nayak. May be the humane Indians are back..hand in hand...

Bengal had been the root of Indian Rennaissance, may be its a new Rennaissance, the twenty first century one..lets welcome it all!!!

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