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Image: Sonar Bangla... The Golden Bengal... IRONY!

Sure its Golden..who doubted it? Its full of Golden light of the fire that each and every day burns in the state, just to protest for anything. I doubt that is this FREEDOM and democracy by true means. The people who protested against Nandigram did the same thing today, streching from Moulali to Park Circus, a vast area, which is said to be communally coloured taking the Islam section of the society into account! The cause, well its flying like a stinky vest in the cold winter air of the City, confusing and deviating. Someone says its against the Govenmental flaws handling Nandigram, someone pointed that its in "Honour" of Rizanur Rehman. Pardon me for the spelling mistake. Someone picked up a poster: Taslima Nasreen Go BACK!!! It seems like SIMMONS GO BACK!!!! once postered by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, now taken up ahead by some hooligans!!! NO DOUBT...INDIA IS CHANGING!!! especially Bengal.
The city of palaces today turned into a play ground of the dungeon survivors!!!. They try…

Whats Next?

Like the showman's show, this drama goes on...
Eleven months since the first turmoil broke out in Nadigram, Purba Medinipore District in the state of West Bengal, India, the pinnacle of the drama continues till date. Diwali and post Diwali, there was fire works in Nandigram.. the difference between the fire work was that it just didnt bring smile in the faces of the common... but tears in the eyes of the unknown struggler, whose name has just worn off in the days of eroding struggle. No doubt the Right of Property was transformed into a Stautory Right in the 44th Amendment of the Indian Constituition in 1977.
please refer:
it states: "...the 44th amendment eliminated the right to hold, acquire and dispose of property..." Even if the property is to be safe guarded by the Law and order, as the article points out, the individual do enjoy the property as long as he or she wishes to. If thats not th…