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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Amidst the radio waves, I can hear my soul die out of fresh air..its the same hello, the artificial propagations as to how are you, what are you doing...its as if who are you? What are you? The answer..well i am a Scape Goat, who is just attempting to increase my price in the world of commercial emotions, commercial lands, commercial grounds and what more in the world of false hopes and aspirations!

I hate it...some day they will all die...a death that would be a swan song in the real words. un proportionate thoughts and actions have made them all mechanical Bastards...and fear not the world to say those people bastards who deserve to be bastards!!!

But the things will hopefully change.... Change for the better cause of humanity!

Till then saonara....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Bengal Son is Shinning again...

After such a harrassment in the domestic arena that had made this great batsman of his time remain out of international arena for over 10 months have seen him come back with full vigor. History sees him as the Most successful Indian captain till date, but critics have it this way: This man is a metal of leadership....Beware of him!!!
After all Sourav Ganguly, The Dada of Indian Team and well, the Prince of Calcutta is surely a sportman who takes sports as a challenge and respects the phrase that Every Grea has his critics, the best way to silence them is by performing at the Top level....!!!
Chalo Dada..chalo!!!
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Friday, December 15, 2006

Free Birds...

They are beautiful in that way..not in the cages, nor in the zoos... they belong to the skies. This is ironical, to what i want to point out is about thoughts. Like the birds, they ought to be free, they ought to be versatile. More to look into, they must be as tough as wild boar and flexible as a pond snail. They must wear out the sharpness of time, and in the same time be as precise and valuabe as diamond in cutting and price respectively.
We have a lot to learn from them..rather than they from us....!
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Cannot Penetrate the Darkness...

The present scenario that i am facing is that The Rays of Hope cannot penetrate the haze that surrounds the source of my thoughts. This uncomfortable position is not new, but this peculiar vastness of the sitaution is really new to me..anyways..hope for the best!

pic: taken on a foggy morning. 8th Dec, 2006. Somnath Paul.
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A power packed package here to be together for a while..or may be for a life time... Here are my University Pals, of Department of Genetics, Ballygunge Science College. Few people couldnt be accomodated due to lack of space! Sorry about that though!
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Pachu's Birthday...

The last of the strings of Birthday..Sourav Bose's or our beloved Pachu's birthday, is on 10th Dec, 2006. He is one of the most lively person in the all the five are...but one capability that makes him so special in the group is the ability to link up it anywhere in Calcutta, he has the duriong Pujas he is the Blind Man's stick!
Sometimes acts cranky, like we all five do together, and is very very famous for his laughter...once when at my house, he laughed so loudly that even the sound reached three storeys below in my mom's study room... anyways, all the best for him..after all he has been there through thick and thin in thegroup...and we on behalf of all the five people do wish him all the success in his life!!! In a few days time though, he will be moving down to Hyderabad fior Satyam Online Job!! and we will miss him very very much! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bygone Era....

Those were the days that shall always be craved by the fun loving mind... the year 2000. September....more than six years ago from now. This picture holds the testimony of the Class X, of Calcutta Boys' School posing for the picture session at the hotel in Mirik, North West Bengal, India. All in the funloving mood, such a picture is old and forever prized.
God knows where many of you are, but where ever you all may be, let God make you happy always! Posted by Picasa

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