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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kolkata Book Fair, 2008.

This edition of the Internationally famous Kolkata Book Fair couldnt unviel its full potential amidst the turmoil between literature and environement. The Environmentalist protest against the fair, to take place in the conventional long plcae, the Kolkata Maidan, at the heart of the city. Their point of validation being the fact that after the Fair gets over, the Book Fair Guild dont pay a heed to the garbage heap the place and the grounds become.

The epitome of sucess and fame the book had reached, such a huge place is always required and any other alternative, followinf the Indain Army's intervention in the matter also, Park Circus Maidan couldnt suit the needs. Many names like the Yuva Bharati Krirangan periphery (Venue of last year's Book Fair) and also other places like the Netaji Indoor Stadium is also proposed. When the Park Circus maidan couldnt suffice the requirement followed by the Calcutta Hugh Court order against the fair tio take place in such places, many writers like Sunil Gangopadhyay and even the WB Chief Minsiter had showed concerns to find out an alternative!

Lets see whats the fate of the Internationally famous Kolkata Book Fair, with its 2008's edition under jeopardy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Establishing a Fact.

The Australians cant play the Gentleman's game of Cricket, the Gentleman's way. WACA, Perth, Australia..considered to be the inpenetrable den of the hosts, fell loose infront of the invading tigers of the Ancient Civilization called the Indians.

After lotz and lotz of controversies, it came true that, the Aussies can play the game silently. But, what resulted in a silent draw. The are good sledgers and they have won the game and shown the world the way by that means. This is true... a grave reality!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stopping The Aussie Bandwagon yet again...

March 2001: Eden Gardens, Calcutta/Kolkata. India vs Australia. Aussies on the verge of making a new World Record by winning the 17th consecutive test. The second test with the host nation , India recovered well after having faced a follow on. Harbhajan Singh's hattrick following the valiant effort of 271 runs by the elegant Hyderbadi batsman VVS Laxman and the South Paw, the Wall, Rahul Dravid's heroic stand at the crease ensured India to be the first team of the Millenia to win after going through a follow on. The then Captain was Sourav Ganguly.

January 2008: WACA, Perth. Australia vs India. The rivals were common, The battle ground different. The target similar. Aussies yet again to set a record with the 17th straight win. India might not have faced a follow on, but the emotional daram that tainted the Gentleman image of the game was already paid, with the brawl between Andrew Symonds (Aus) and Harbhajan Singh (Ind) in the previous test at SCG, Sydney. On the word Monkey!!! RP Singh uprooted the leg wick of the wicket, and India realised that the have again punctured the Australian dream to set the 17 TEST win record. 7 years down the line, it was a sweet win.

the score card: 330 all out India
212 all out Australia
294 all out India.
340 all out Australia.

India won by 72 runs.
A mile stone well achieved was by Anil Kumble as he became the third man in World Cricket History to cross the 600th wicket mark, which he did in the First Innings itself!
please refer to those glorious moments in the Sony W700i recordings, Somnath Paul.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting the Tour organized...

Tough Job, no doubt, but well executed amongst all fun and frolic each and every time. Its a solemn confession that after the abeyance of the date, the days were coming to some form or the other. 21st January to 24th January, 2008 is the day when the friends from Calcutta will be heading to a well deserved break and enjoyment to Ghaatshila, Jharkhand, India. some 145Kms away from the city of Calcutta.
When the exams were on the verge of ending up, it felt to be in an abyss with all the postponement starting from minor problems some where or the other. This is supposedly the last ever tour as students in PG. So its going to be hell of a party. Apart from visiting to the natural beauties of the region like Hirni Falls and Rumkini Devi Temple, and the banks of River SubarnaRekha, there will be one old companion of mankind... liquor.
Take it this way or the other, the fact was specifically targetted towards having the liquor, but the hastles and bustles of academic life deserves a break.
Life gets abased with such a pressure. To make it aloofed, lets party.. not abduct from life, but to get the taste of the acidulous monotonous life altered a little with the acrid liquid and sweet scenery.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Encountering Dilemma...

Masters or rather say Post Graduation is one the verge of has taken the Silk Route, and hope to be so, till the Red Carpet appears in the scenario. Am happy, but as the Red Carpet comes on the horizon, the urge to be in the Peak Base Camp is coming with staggering outcomes. Thoughts Thoughts and more thoughts, increasing the brains plasticity and remaking and rejuvinating the synaptic conjoints are becomingmore and more prominent. To be or not to be is the basic answer.. and the verdict is that its To Be in the Base Camp. Its a rat race out there, with very little known outcome. Its a highly stringent but conducive environment to be in.
Today, 12th January 2008, 13:30hrs, I am writting this leaving all my doldrums behind. In another one year time, I will have to know where I stand. Its damn important, for it contains the information of my life to come into my soul... Its treacherous thoughts, but with my Life believeing in the Soul, I will manage it the hardest way possible.
Think Biggest... achieve Big...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Who are the Baboons of Cricket...?

Proof~well see the following picture and find out the similarity....

There you go... Andrew Symonds, The Baboon and Ricky Ponting. The sledging accusation to the MOST dignified nation of the World, is an offence which the Baboonic and The Monkey like Australians alledged to the fellow Indian mate, Harbhajan Singh is really not very degraceful act, but also shows that How the Australians are ill charactered..rather say Characterless stinkies in the World of Modern Cricket!

As for Indian on Boys in Blues. We have the morale of Gandhiji, We have the fighting spirit of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh, We have the valor of Rana Pratap and Rani Jhanshi, we have the bravest legacies of the the Greatest People the world have ever seen in their stupid lives! We are with You!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


My first post in the Year 2008. Since the last post a number of incidents rocked the world news. One of the most shocking being the assasination of Benazir Bhutto, the two time former prime minister of Pakistan, in the wake of another well contested elections in Pakistan.

Today India doomed in the second straight victory against Australia Down Under. But one thing I must point out, India played against 14 players in the opposition... the three more were the Umpires.

Anyways, lets start the posts with some good aspects. As life is smiling, the mood swing came after a long long time. Yesterday night I some how felt very down. Dont know the actual reason which is again the typical casology with me. But since Life has been smiling since Last August 2007, this was a long time down the line, almost 5 months that I felt so so down. The year started with the examination, but in the season window to eourselves, this I would say was not very very welcomed!

To end this small note, I would like to dedicate some words to my Life:

" Missing you is not just a habit, its feeling undefined. Without You the life seems so dark and vacuum, and with you, everything smells spring fresh... even if its Dry Winter. "

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