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The Bicycle Rider

The spikes of the bicycle have been revolving for 10,791 days; and it has gathered the dust of time from all routes the gears of life have steered it through, and it will run many a days, alike.
Dusts and mud, washed sometimes by the clean water of the juvenile stream or by the old stagnant ponds. The lakes and the seas have had their role to play, waving to it an adieu as it heads along through the lush green jungles. The rider would never boast that it ever missed a slip, when the roads were slippery with moist moss. Nature, still he loved and still he strives with his gears of life holding the push-bell firm. There, it still has new in roads to make.
The back seat, well it's smeared with the touch of several soft hands. But, it never missed it's share of being roughed by the barb wires. With all the greatness bestowed upon the lord almighty, it still has the strength to carry on.
Today, the spikes stopped for a while. The rider had put on the brakes; rare one and looked be…

When Hibiscus was Red...

.. and the Leaves were Green; I left my studentship. I left as a we and We never felt happy to step out of the aisles, for there was life and memories that we were leaving behind. Together we sang the bengali numbers and english alike. A point of time, we really felt that "those were the best days of OUR lives!" Then there were cultural programs, alike; and we stood at each other's side, trying to make it a success. That time, the reds and the greens mixed, to give an aura of flora, that would hug the memories for ever.
But today, that same garden is tainted with broken petals of red falling apart from the green leaves! Today, life seems so much red, smudged in the viscous liquid called blood and people die for the farce, named college election. Fashion? Is it? Duty! I say my foot and then the loud speakers blare aloud; exercise your democratic right!
The recent incident at Garden Reach, Kolkata, made me realize it further with the grave shadow of concern; the machinery…