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Hope of Change #2

I came across this really "funny" article, intended to tarnish the "change". It really defies me and my understanding  about the common sense of the writer of the column, that winning a "battle" needs muscle power as well as proper planning. The good plans have already being mentioned in my last article, about making "herself" (Mamata Banerjee) presentable and staying with the known faces have boosted the image to a lot of expense. Tying up with the "goons" [which the article mentions] as well as the "elite" [which the article doesn't], made her at par with the ripened and mostly rotten brains of NO CHANGE!
Read the article to go further:
Did anybody give it a thought ever, as to why a party comes to power for over 35 years, without having half of West Bengal developed? Development in West Bengal, since 1976-77 is enlisted below:
1) Land Reforms: Removing the…

Hope of Change #1

In the next few articles, I will try to put down a series of articles called hope of change and really hope to complete the series, before the 13th May, 2011; the day when the West Bengal assembly Results pops out!
This year, for the past 3 years have been mentioned as a year of change. A change from the ruling of the Communist Party of India and it's alliance, which had over ruled all the decisions, for the past 7 terms, ~ 35 years. Started with Late Jyoti Basu and believed to end with Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. Several reasons have been spotted for the need of this change, but till date every one had only one option. None other than the the CPM. This time round, since 2008-09, Mamata Banerjee, the all in one leader from Trinamool Congress holds the batton for the change. In this first article I shall put forward what the ruling Leftists did wrong that helped TMC to gain grounds into the heart of Bengal Population.
1) It is a well known aspect of human society; Arrogance brings the en…

Travel Chronicles to Ravangla: Part 4

To set up the temperature amidst the mid 5-6'C, Menam was the best place to be in. Ravangla, a nice serene, un-commercialized hill station (with everything except ATM) has one of the best place to be in. Apart from the Kanchenjungha, which bares its' brilliance when the gorge is mist as well as cloudless, Menam (or Maenam) Forest is a good Trekking trail. But before I type down the adventure on the slopes of Maenam, I would like to show you the glimpse of the aura, called Kanchenjungha, the third highest peak in the World.
Kanchenjungha, South Sikkim. Ravangla, 2011.
The Game begins....

The climb was estimated for 4 hours. We had a 13Km steep slope climb, at the peak of which we would be rewarded with the glimpse of Kanchenjungha, hopefully mistless, as the time when we would ascend, would be evening and we shall enjoy a peek into the eternal beauty of the Himalayas. Menam is a Reserved forest. which has a treasure of flora and fauna. The most notorious is the Himalayan Black B…

A- Political.

I read it only in the history books. The great struggle to free India... the great fasts taken by several great men and women, some of whom to name are like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru... even our Mahatma! I have always seen those being picturized, but haven't seen a real fast for a real cause!
Padmashree Anna Hazare ji just fulfilled that vacuum of an observation. His 97 hour fast, rocked the Nation and all the Governments (State and Union), that brought ahead a public out cry in support of Hazare ji. Its for the Lok-pal Bill, a law and formation of a Politically Free organization that would be against politicians, IF COMPLAINED! I support it...
After Mr. Hazare broke his Fast, yesterday, there was a wave of celebration all over the country, because the Union Government, under Dr. Manmohan Singh, decided to formulate the Bill. Mr. Hazare wants it to be tabled in this Monsoon Session of the Parliament, June 2011.
I pinged in a comment on Facebook after he broke the Fast and after …

Travel Chronicles to Ravangla: Part 3

Drawing more from Silence of the afternoon, when we reached our lodging, the mountains called my lens towards a serene Sunset! Scenic, similar chrome with any Sunset, especially the ones that I witnessed the seas around... but this had a different meaning. A radiance with an welcomed heat amidst the chills! I loved it and snapped it!
Somnath Paul Mar 2011: Sunset from Ravangla, South Sikkim.
May be, spotting some UFO or even a Snowman/Yeti would have been more than awesome, beside this at that point of time. Fantabulous!
It was the time for a very late lunch, comprising of plain rice, fish (cold due to being late service) and a very good dal (pulses), papad and fried potato (aloo bhaja). The satiety center being filled to the full, the whole team comprising of 41 members, decided for an evening walk. Although the journey had eaten up most of the time, still the mist called me and my Nikon D5000. It gonna be something special. At least I hoped so!
Somnath Paul_Mar 2011: A part of the conti…

Travel Chronicles to Ravangla: Part 2

Its here, where the fun begins. Respecting my reader's comment in the earlier post, I hope I can hold some expectation that you always have from my chip-ings!
We started our climb uphill from NJP. It was HOT! and Gosh, how I cursed the weather for being so Sunny and Windless. (Guess my curses were never ever reciprocated in such a way by nature, before!) Almost half way round, we had a halt at Teesta. A small village, deep within the Lower Himalayas, near the river bed of River Teesta. The river was gurgling with life, but what made me was to take some close snaps of the mountains. In a mini expidition, Niladri found his way to the Bed. The walls of pines and cedars, corrugated the brown soil and the black rocks. Ideal place for a climb or at least a hop or two over the boulders. I admit, I am bit fleshy to do that within the stipulated time of the halt... we were running 1 hours late!
Somnath Paul Mar 2011: The Village of Teesta.
Somnath Paul Mar 2011: The Mystic Winds and Walls of …

Travel Chronicles to Ravangla: Part 1

Himalayas, the beauty lies within the depth of the mystic cloud clad peaks of the worlds longest and highest chains of mountains. Hindus believe it to be the abode of Lord Shiva, the All Mighty.... even if you dont see HIM, but you can feel the ambiance of being in heaven. Love it or shout in it... miles around there is always a serene silence that takes your heart away from your body and lets you soul wander along with it.
and thrilled....
Thats how I would like to place the trip to Ravangla (several names: Rabongla, Ravang and in the colloqial spelling; Rabong), Southern  Sikkim (INDIA) was in it self... intriguing!

Welcome to Ravangla (Somnath Paul, March 2011)

Travel Details:

Onward - Any train to New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP). From NJP, hire shuttles (Gypsies / SUMO / MAXX) to Ravangla, which is a 4 hour trip uphill. Per shuttle can carry 9 people in comfort, rated Rs 3500-4500. Height of the place 8200ft (approx).

Coming Back is a reversal of the situation.

There are many…

2nd April 2011

A Date to Cherish...

Dreams into reality...

Ambiance as electric as it was in a few previous occassions...

At last it has arrived in our lives, my life... My Way!

Being an Indian, several of my generations have heard tales of the street celebrations during 15th August 1947 and then way back in 25th June, 1983 and the 1985 Champions trophy. I have seen the 2007 celebration of the T20, but this was the ultimate for an Indians' Life, winning the Limited Overs Ultimate Trophy, the ICC World Cup. 2nd April, 2011, writes in Gold, after 28 years with Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni (Capt) scripting a reality out of the dreams... The team, that made it possible (including all):

MS Dhoni (C/WK)
Yuvraj Singh
Gautam Gambhir
Virendra Sehwag
Zaheer Khan
Munaf Patel
Suresh Raina
Virat Kohli
Ramchandran Ashwin
Pijush Chawla
S. Sreeshant
Harbhajan Singh
Yusuf Pathan
Asish Nehra...

... and not to forget, the Ultimate Gentleman,

Sachin Tendulkar.

And who said South Africans haven't won? We have the…

What it Means...

For a good build up of a World Cup Final?
India meets Sri Lanka. The Royal Bengal Tigers meet the Singhaleese Lions. Its a battle, all gonna remember coz many things are at stake. But before talking more about it, its time to recapitulate of the week gone by, where everything started to stare at India's way...
24/03/11. The D/N... a full house to view the India Australia match, when I was running to catch the train. It was fun time, a vacation, a departmental retreat as one would like to place it forward. Boarded in the clean Darjeeling Mail, Mayukh Da luckily found a plug point. He pressed in the button and his Tata Photon Plus put forward a great service, backed up by live scores in my Airtel Mobile Internet. In a span of two overs, with India chasing, 13 of the lads in the strong contingent of 41 people cooped in the coupe of S2 Bogey. It was a sumptous entertainment and clap by the fellow passenger, when Yuvraj Singh hit a boundary to secure the Indian Win and meet horns against…