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The New Foundland

History bears the testimony that human always followed the path of lord to find food, land and shelter. Present bears the testimony when the humans have no new land to search, on the face of mother Earth and future will hopefully bear the testimony that the same Exodus will start off on her sisters and their children like Mars, Europa, etc.
With more and more heads multiplying, the demand for food and water multiplied by greed and money, power over the mass; all brews in the face of the planet which nurtured you for the past million year. The particles which create us all, after death would segregate into the elements and would re-start into some-one's sperm or ova as the DNA or the amino acids. And then what we fight for in the name of extra-ordinary? In the name of being different? Some lives matter? All lives matter... even the grass you walk on and create the massacre in the name of caste, creed or religion. There is nothing new in the death, no news in the pain.
Its pain all…

The Cold Summer

Seems quite an analogy if you are from Northern hemisphere and are located in the Southern Hemisphere, at this point of time in July 2016.

But, the actual reference to the title comes when the world continues to be spotted with the chicken pox of death, terror and unrest! This had been so, for many a decades, ever increasing in count and today, I realize that its getting colder every day. The humans at large are no more humane and the world skips a beat every time it starts to settle and compromise with the pain incurred.

In the words of Kipling, etched in his creation "Hymn to Physical Pain", I would like to quote-

"...Thine are the lidless eyes of night,
That stare upon our tears,
Through certain hours which in our sight,
Exceed a thousand years..."

Hope still persists, more so with the wait for the Winter Rain. When love will catch up, washing the dust at the dusk and bringing forth a fresh dawn where the spring harvest will take away the chill of the day. Till th…

At the CrossRoads

Today, I came across an article shared in facebook and published in The Newyork Times, regarding Epigenetics and the concern of it's supposedly painful trajectory. I, being a disciple in the field would like to emphasize that the trajectory is not at all over exaggerated and makes sense when you look into the larger picture. The environmental cues (actual or micro) does bring forth changes in the long run and that has been re-instated by several in vitro and in vivo studies, leave aside real time patient samples.
The complexity increases several manifold when you go into the higher organisms. In the terms of statistics, which brings forth the "scientific sense" of "significant", is based on the possibility of occurrence given certain assumed conditions  dealt with in the study. Scientifically, it is not possible to take into account every thing. For example, a smoker eats fruits, veggies, may have frequent water intake or an occassional beer. In a study you ca…