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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Amidst the radio waves, I can hear my soul die out of fresh air..its the same hello, the artificial propagations as to how are you, what are you doing...its as if who are you? What are you? The answer..well i am a Scape Goat, who is just attempting to increase my price in the world of commercial emotions, commercial lands, commercial grounds and what more in the world of false hopes and aspirations!

I hate it...some day they will all die...a death that would be a swan song in the real words. un proportionate thoughts and actions have made them all mechanical Bastards...and fear not the world to say those people bastards who deserve to be bastards!!!

But the things will hopefully change.... Change for the better cause of humanity!

Till then saonara....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Bengal Son is Shinning again...

After such a harrassment in the domestic arena that had made this great batsman of his time remain out of international arena for over 10 months have seen him come back with full vigor. History sees him as the Most successful Indian captain till date, but critics have it this way: This man is a metal of leadership....Beware of him!!!
After all Sourav Ganguly, The Dada of Indian Team and well, the Prince of Calcutta is surely a sportman who takes sports as a challenge and respects the phrase that Every Grea has his critics, the best way to silence them is by performing at the Top level....!!!
Chalo Dada..chalo!!!
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Friday, December 15, 2006

Free Birds...

They are beautiful in that way..not in the cages, nor in the zoos... they belong to the skies. This is ironical, to what i want to point out is about thoughts. Like the birds, they ought to be free, they ought to be versatile. More to look into, they must be as tough as wild boar and flexible as a pond snail. They must wear out the sharpness of time, and in the same time be as precise and valuabe as diamond in cutting and price respectively.
We have a lot to learn from them..rather than they from us....!
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Cannot Penetrate the Darkness...

The present scenario that i am facing is that The Rays of Hope cannot penetrate the haze that surrounds the source of my thoughts. This uncomfortable position is not new, but this peculiar vastness of the sitaution is really new to me..anyways..hope for the best!

pic: taken on a foggy morning. 8th Dec, 2006. Somnath Paul.
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A power packed package here to be together for a while..or may be for a life time... Here are my University Pals, of Department of Genetics, Ballygunge Science College. Few people couldnt be accomodated due to lack of space! Sorry about that though!
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Pachu's Birthday...

The last of the strings of Birthday..Sourav Bose's or our beloved Pachu's birthday, is on 10th Dec, 2006. He is one of the most lively person in the all the five are...but one capability that makes him so special in the group is the ability to link up it anywhere in Calcutta, he has the duriong Pujas he is the Blind Man's stick!
Sometimes acts cranky, like we all five do together, and is very very famous for his laughter...once when at my house, he laughed so loudly that even the sound reached three storeys below in my mom's study room... anyways, all the best for him..after all he has been there through thick and thin in thegroup...and we on behalf of all the five people do wish him all the success in his life!!! In a few days time though, he will be moving down to Hyderabad fior Satyam Online Job!! and we will miss him very very much! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bygone Era....

Those were the days that shall always be craved by the fun loving mind... the year 2000. September....more than six years ago from now. This picture holds the testimony of the Class X, of Calcutta Boys' School posing for the picture session at the hotel in Mirik, North West Bengal, India. All in the funloving mood, such a picture is old and forever prized.
God knows where many of you are, but where ever you all may be, let God make you happy always! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 27, 2006

Maine poocha chand se....

Well, dont worry am not going to remix the great Rafi sa'ab's song by any means. Like the moon seems to be alone in the sky, this passing by scrap or rather crap is just to lament that i am also rueing the missed chance, somehow or the other...lets see when the sun shines in my luck!!! or shall it ever sign? god knows! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 24, 2006

Blogger Blabs....

The monotony of life has creapt in my beautiful garden of eden. Its all darkness around, only the beauty is to think of the fact that somewhere there is light, although the span or the illumination is very small, but there is light.
Taking the examples of the last few days. Its being just University and home and back to University. Post Graduation is not a child's play. Its full of hardships. It would really have had been better had i managed to slip into the Joint Entrance and become a doctor or may be atleast an engineer. Atleast I would have had a job top savor at the moment like my other pals.
But as life hates to give a second chance, similarly I hate to look back, but the ifs and the buts and the because does change the life into a monstrous alley, which is dark..with few lights. Its mystery future lying ahead and am sure of that!
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some Fun...

Click the topic title or here to view some of my creations in the world of Videography....
click here.

Meet The Other Scorpio....

Happy Birthday dear pal.....
Sandip Saha, born on 22nd November, is the other scorpio of the S5 after Sangabaran. May be its too late to write the post but as the saying goes...better late than never...
He is now in Bangalore preparing for his Semester, but is in a really jolly mood....hats off to you pal, with all the best wishes from all of us here in Cal.... take care. looking foreward to meet you in Jan.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Coming Together....

This is the first ever photo where all the five have had come together.... the members of S5 are marked here... its the class X excursion to the North Bengal, and its being taken in Lava Lolegaon...
There are some of the really interseting incidents in this trip especially Sandip and Sourav repeatedly and in form of a relay were faling ill. Today after studying Human Physiology i know theye were simple victims of Hypoxia, which was not acute though! Here i would like to narrate an happened in Mirik//! It was really foggy, but we alonfg with few others...Sanga was not then in the group....decided to trek outside the hotel in teh foggy mountains.... wecouldnt see 5 ms the visibility was so low! And then suddenly Soumillo made his way inside the hotel, and came out with a sunglass and Sandip's camera..reason: HE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HIS PICTURE the clouds!!!! that little incident is a spice amongst the five of us till today..and its some 7 years old story from today! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Every Point leads to S5.

(L-R): Top-----Sourav, Sangbaran, Soumillo. Middle----- Somnath (me), Sandip.

The Story of S5.... As every point leads to something, in our lives....almost every point leads to S5.... this is a group where there are just five members, who have had been the best of friends for the past 7 yeares, since their school era. The group started to come together in bits and pieces, but slowly it gained momentum and today, we just have to meet some time or the other to just have a taste of the golden yesteryears and to have a good shot at the present with an enjoyable note...always. Today, Sangbaran, Sourav and Sandip are doing Engineering, Soumillo is destined to be an economist and well as far as my carrer goes, am trying my best to become a geneticist and also become a teacher in near future.
These episodes of S5 will be on the screen now and then and it is a story to be told, with the very best intention in mind....that is to show that amidst the busy life style, friendship has to live on, for a better living....

(to be continued...)
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Happy B'day Sanga

Pic: Mr. Sangbaran Dasgupta.

One of the most integral member of our group, recently jhave passed his 22nd birthday, on 6th Nov, 2006. We wish him all the best in the coming 365 days and so on.... We the members of S5 are really very very proud that this fellow has crossed a nos of hardships in life...especially dealing with the rest four monkeys, who are Sandip, Sourav, Soumillo and myself Somnath. With lots and lots of love. May you fulfill all your wishes..happy b'day yaar! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fly High.

In this modern world, everyone tries to fly high...higher...and ultimately reach the highest. In the course of their trajectory... they forget that the world is round and some day or the other, the person is bound to fall down...may be not from the position, but fall into the lap of death. Then all those positions, all those up streams are useless, and the person dies an unfulfilled death. Why I say its an un-fulfilled one , because, in the course of their flight, they forget what they are leaving behind in haste. And thats emotion and relationships. Flying is good, looks nice, as the jet plane flies across the sky. But, one should have a destination and a focus, beyond which just like the jet, the person should take a rest off the flight schedule to rejuvinate and recap his or her path,for a new beginning.
Best of luck to those who are reading this blog of mine!
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Draconian Devil.

Getting the Blessing from the Devil? well its just like the other way....getting the blessings from Goddess Kali to kill the devil..rather say the Evil...She is a four handed Hindu figurine who is being worshipped each year with lots and lots of light and fire crackers which again come in the auspicious moment of Diwali that whole India Celebrates.... 2006 was no exception and Diwali this time round was really something to be remembered!
Pray the coming year comes with the best news possible for almost every one!!!
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Monday, October 16, 2006

I Miss Them...

The Best Days of my life...Today I stand at the start of another new life, the post graduation, but still today those days at the Undergraduate level in Presidency College will always be missed. Those were days of turmoil, but we managed to live it out...may we thought that its boring out there, and taht when will we be able to get out of all that junk of a place....but some how...from somewhere, when evr i se this photograph, the last ever of a group taken the bio chemistry lab, i really feel so so to i believe that what may be the conditions back then, i would like to relive those moments, like hell...

Today, sitting and doing Masters in Genetics may be an interesting propagation, but somewhere down the line, I miss some of the really interesting places of Presidays, like the Derozio Hall, the Balcony, Pramod Da's Canteen and the Fields....I also miss departmental LT..where you all just moved about as per your will. I really miss them.
Standing at such a juncture, i allow a tear or two roll down my cheeks..remembering me the warm days left yonder.
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Godess Durga, the Biggest Bengali Festival called Durgotsav are very much linked with each other in the well knit feeling of well being and devotion... Durgapujas, in which the Bengali community all around the world are very much involved in praying to the goddess, on the other hand in this Festive season of autumn, different festivals occur through out the nation called India, whose culture and traditions have resisted the erosion of time! Godess Durga or Ma Shakti, all synonyms, is a ten hand goddess who was the diety of power and fertility, the diety for Goodness...and the winner over evil...
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Light Yonder!

Take it...drink it...but DO BELIEVE IT!! Doing Masters is not a Child's Play...atleast not at the start! Its totally laborious, with every drop of your sweat will be making the steps for your success! Hence, there might be darkness now, where the students just grope and get hit to dead corners now and again, but in the end, if you yield quite a large number of Sweat Drops, then the light and the air of freedom will really be great, infact smoothest..for a Doctorate or P.Hd! Lets hope for the Best!
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

From Infancy to modern state of the Art Tyelami...I have crossed it in a very casual way..taking life as it came..and preparing myself with every sort of the seasons..that comes by. Although many people would say that I am bluffing that, because I am the most Precious Tension accepting machine...but no one can ever point out that i have not achieved my goals. And thats why say that i managed to live the life casually. There's a type of pleasure in taking tensions, because after all the pains, the soothing balm really feels very comfortable..and very touching.
Thats me... ready to take onto a newer life..lets see...what comes out of it..lets hope for the best, as I prepare myself to do my Masters in Genetics, from Ballygunge Science College, under University of Calcutta.
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Calypso....

The Calypso Of Life

The sound of good music is always considered as the best reliever and it couldn’t have had come in a better way. Today, 5th September, 2006, was one of the best days of my life during this current year. Profitable, yet I have to bear a little in the near future. Today, the biotechnology and genetics qualified candidates’ list was published at Ballygunge Science College, Kolkata. The courses are under University Of Calcutta. There is also another list of the candidates, securing names in the Molecular Biology section. In that also I qualified but found my name in the waiting list. In Biotechnology-Genetics, my name has appeared amongst the first list of meritorious candidates, and it was not a fluke! The reasons as to why I call this the music in my ears, because I had least prepared, if you consider preparing in the night, prior to the examination as a short span. Even then that day evening I made to one of my student’s house to teach! I expected very little from the examination, but again deep down somewhere I felt that I can make it.
It’s a new beginning altogether. Let’s hope for the best. And thank you God for being beside me again. Thank you so much.

----- Somnath Paul.

Friday, September 01, 2006

New Ray Of Hope...

31st August, 2006. The Calcutta University organised Genetics and Biotechnology CAT was conducted, and it went along satisfactorily. Hoping to see my name in the first list of the selected Candidates. Amongst the two, I have a liking for Biotechnology. Also that on 5th September, 2006, the name list for Bio-Informatics and Molecular biology will also be published. In that I would like to head for Molecular Biology.
Lets hope for the best and look for 5th September, so that Teacher's Day may be celebrated in full vigor and hope, for a teacher cum student like me! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The leisure of No work really grows over your shoulder when it starts boring you. After a hectic schedule of Bachelorship and becoming a graduate, such a break was desired by most of the students, but the extension is too much. Literally have been out of studies since July 2006. Today its end of August 2006, have not being into the mainstream of academics. It really sucks!
Yet, I dont have the little as where i would end up, but day in and day out, its a prayer that I get through a good masters course in Calcutta University. A course that is enjoyable and satisfactory! Anyways, looking forward for September 15th 2006!
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Best Summers Of My Life...

From Top Left, in a clock wise direction, you can see my school days, first at Union Chapel, way back in 1989. The the Class 10 last day, in 2001 and the School Finale Day, 2003. Miss those days dearly! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Last Lab Class....

Presidency College, Department Of Physiology, is where my Identity as a Presidencian truly rests. And it is From here that people have been able to Run the Show in their lives..and I'm confident enough to do the same.
Things shall never be the same again. with the Three Years passing by too fast and too quickly, we have ever had the time to reflect back to what we got. The most important thing may be, that I have had got as well as others is the good lot of experience. Which is the most valuable to me. The last Class in the BioChemistry Practicals shall always remain a momentous situation for me, where I will be missing my comrades, may be some for ever!
But on the whole it had really been some three years.
This post is to just publish the names, with whom i have had the Good Fortune to work with. Amongst whom amny have had made their ways to great places for a good future, and most of them are waiting for their chances and will soon grab them like sweet tastes!
Sunandini Chandra, Sayanatani Majumdar, Sanchari Ghosh, Charmi Singh, Monika Gayen, Amrita Kundu, Kasturi Pal, Ronita Chatterjee, Syed Benazir Firdaus, Tannia Sen, Diya Bhattacharya, Suman Das, Kanad Banerjee, Samrat Banerjee, Sadashib Ghosh, Umesh Ghosh Dastidar, Sukesh Mandal.


Wrong Calculations...

Sometimes, certain calculations has no base, yet they turn out to be approximately correct. One such example is being illustrated in the script adjacently. Do read it and tell, whether this is cent percent true or not! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Straying Away...

The current was high. Anything would have had made its soft way...easily..flowing along with the tide. But the boats reamained anchored. It knew, that just as the whole river was not for it, similar the whole tide and the associated current was not for it. It reamiained happy and kept floating, preparing itself for the next sail.
How many humans learn from these simple ideas?
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Its Generation Next (to Danger)

Its Generation Next To Danger.....

Mobiles have had become the integral part of our life style. With readymade calculators in hand, students readily use it suffice their needs. As a result they have had degraded in their intelligence. I have had deviced my own experiment, where I subjected a 10 year old student of mine and have asked hom to use the mobile phone to calculate the Simple BODMAS. He did continue for two weeks on my instruction and from the third week when i disarmed from the device, he failed to orally add 7+8 =? This simpleton mathematics we did with our mental ability when in the same tender age. Hence this really is a generation make our lives comfortable, we are paying a huge price..called intelligence...!
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