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9 Days...

Just the other day, it seemed that I encashed my Paycheck of September and when I sat today, infront of my Work station, the clock blinked: 9th October, 2010. Nine days gone, and I never realized. Especially the last week.
It started on 2nd October, 2010. The body ached under tremendous lethargy. With micturiation below par, thanks to the minimal water intake the day before, the physician recommended me with ORS (!!!) and Water. But the main stuff started on 4th October, 2010. I was just about enjoying my Sunday Trivia with my students, when the fever started paying me homage and since 12PM  that Sunday, the homage continued at regular intervals! The doc almost diagnosed me out with Dengue / Malaria, but also cautioned that since I have not shown COMPLETE symptoms, hence he would initiate a diagnose with Viral Fever in mind! (I prayed and so it was!)
But, this sickness made me renew my old habits, being behind the lens. Inspired by a few of my friends in Facebook (specially) and Orkut, …