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Monday, August 23, 2010

TIme to Clean the Lens...

Roam is in the air...

Rome is in Italy....

But I can give a D and an I and a G and a H and an A and put a NEW infront of the whole Cheer Word and move ahead towards the place, South of Bengal, the coming week end...just to chillax with my friends!!! A brief and surprising get away...just going Saturday and docking back on Sunday, coz all of us will be engaged in our daily weekly routine of Work.

New Digha, a relatively quite place, placed on the coastline of Bay of Bengal, is serene with the lining of casuarina trees along the sandy banks... Relatively less crowded, this place is apt for its warmth and beauty...

So, I cleaned my lens, making it ready for the tough salty air ahead...long time (since Jan 2010), did I have a good photo session with my it awaits the fun!!!

New Digha, here we come!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

প্রবাশী হয়ে

“আমাকে আমার মত থাকতে দাও।”

জীবনে এটাই খুব দরকার, কিন্তু লোকেদের ন্যাকামি দেখলে সারা শরীর জ্বলে ওঠে! কেন ভাই, কাজ় নেই? যেখানে যাও, এই হারজ্বালানী, ন্যাকামির ডীপোগুলি এসে ঠিক জুটে যায়! নিজের terms and condition গুলো কেম্ন যেন হারিয়ে যায়। মন খুযে বেরায় সেই সং সাজবার নাট্যমঞ্চ, যার নাম সংসার! তাই যতই গান লেখ র গাও, জীবনের আসল উতস্য হল, জীবন  দেওয়া মন্ত্রঃ কাউকে তয়াক্কা না করে এগিয়ে চলো! আসল উতস্য প্রবাসি... সনগ্রাম কে মনের ভীতরে স্থান দিও না, তার জন্যে তাহা প্রবাসের সমতুল্য, অন্য দিক থেকেও তাই... দেখা হবে!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Independence to Childhood: Soccer with School-mates, 2010.

.... and the tradition continues. An annual saga since 1998, this soccer match has had its own course of atrophy, moving through the serpentine lanes of childhood into the open canyon of youth and now dropping into its middle ages.

The "Schoolies" of mid twenties, accumulated yet again, under the arches of the 132years old institution, Calcutta Boys' School, to celebrate the spirit of ReUnion, with the most enjoyable activity of school days (be it bunking classes, to reaching late at tuition); Soccer has always been an integral part of a CBSeans' life. We behold the tradition laid down for so many years- the numbers might have less, but the spirit was un-putdownable. The veterans that reached the field were: Suvadip (Shyamla), Aniruddha (Ani), Arnab (Mukherjee), Arnab (Chow Chow), Debashis, Aritra (Bhowmick), Avirup (Sarkar/Robin), Sourajit (Mama), Satadru (Hata), Premjit and three more of Shyamla's pal...and me as well.
Courtesy: Arnab Mukherjee

The game started off in a different location, The Famous Philiphs Grounds. Getting into three minutes of the first half, the old and sunken minds of the aging bodies remembered that we have forgotten one tradition - to sing the National Anthem of the Nation "Jana Gana Mana". We stopped the game at the sidelines and started to delve into patriotism with a different mood, the melodious way... A melody, which in other cases made the crows jump the line, some how gathered a small crowd of localites to see what the "Mid - aged Indians" are up to.
Courtesy: Arnab Mukherjee

The game began....

The man of the match was voted out and distributed between Premjit for great Goal Keeping and Shyamla for (ahem) a boasted Hattrick... mmmmmmmmmmm... hey Guys! Did they score 3 goals???

* Brush and Comb: Shyamla showed signs of late onset dyslexia when he forgot the calculation of the ball... he assumed Aniruddha's head as the ball (when the ball was controlled by Ani's right leg), and BAMMM!!! One Incisor of Ani scraped some hairs from Shyamla's temple.... (on Fb, they still curse each other on brushing the teeth and combing the hair!!!)
* Fashion Parade: Shyamla's local mate cursing Shyamla, when he missed to receive the ball on two occassion... Sala gandu...khelte pare na...spikes pore fashion parade korche! (WTF, he cant play and look he is on a fashion parade with his soccer attire!) The delivery to Shyamla came from a guy who was way, way younger than him!
* Mama and his Torn Pants: Ani advanced towards the goal from the left flank.... Cover Up Cover Up!!! Then suddenly there was a splash in the muddy waters.... seemed like a Croc was in a our surprise! It was Mama!!! Sliding with his Humongous body, catching his prey with all his might. Then  suddenly, the V shaped legs exposed a white line bisecting the Black "V"...well...the middle stitch just bid a farewell from each other.... The Croc and the Muddy Splash subsided, so had Ani...
* Goalie scares Striker: The volley by Debashis was high... Ani was placed underneath, when Hata came from behind and shouted with a 120db Tarzanous Yell...Ani froze and the ball dropped on his head!!!

But the main hero of the whole set up was the rain and the field... where ever you might be...u will not stand on stiff ground!! It was a great water polo...cum ballet!

But what ever it may come, school were missed!

Alma Mater
Courtesy: Arnab Mukherjee.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independent Views...

I accumulate certain viewpoints of people I know, expressed either through sms or through the social networking sites regarding the phenomenon we enjoy every year since 1947A.D, but every year, certain notes always get shared and certain interesting notes develops (some say as conspiracy).

Its not always that the inspection regarding Netaji's death and dis-appearance along with the aversion that the Union government shows towards the proceeding of the findings remains as a disgust in our mouth. Atleast I expected some justice from the chairs at Delhi, this time; as the Dr. Manmohan Singh's cabinet has some well educated ministers heading and more so, a Bengal Party is second best in the coalition. But, scenarios seems not to change! Let it be, coz its better not insult that great man who played an immense role in making the nation free. The principles of Mahatma Gandhi wouldn't have counted at all, hadn't it been for the aggressive revolutionaries like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Masterda Surya Sen, Binoy, Badal, Dinesh, Khudiram Bose, Deshbandhu Chittaranjan, Baghajatin, Prafulla Ch Ray, Bipin Chandra Pal, Surendranath Banerjee being part of the Bengal line of revolutionaries. They pestered the British Empire so much that the British decided to partition Bengal on the moto of religion, so as to break the unity, but then came the great names of non aggressive revolutionaries like Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Kaji Nazrul Islam, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, who kept the Bengalis and the Indians unified with their pen... We salute you. Not to forget Swami VivekaNanda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Acharya Jagadish Chndra Bose, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, souls who have brought about intellectual brilliance, Bengal as well as Indian Renaissance...late but it did come! I also pay my homage to several revolutionaries from South India as well as North and North East... BUT NOT NEHRU!!! Its not spacious to name the 30,000,000 revolutionaries in this blog...but my homage to all of them1

In another view point, a friend of mine suddenly supports my viewpoint regarding the Independence of India, flashing on facebook as to: We must Thank Hitler for our Independence; and again not very much to the peace loving revolutionaries. Its true, admit it or not, because of the World War II, making Britain so weak that the British Chair of the Administration voted to free India, keeping a scar....across Punjab and Bengal. The then peace loving Gandhiji could have prevented that. But I would credit Gandhii for one thing; he at last realized the importance of aggression when his first and last aggressive movement started with Quit India Movement coupled with Non-Co-operation Movement! Had it not for Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel (The Iron Man of India), the nation would have been in several pieces, thanks to the good for nothing Jinnah!

I will not thank Nehru they did nothing!

Even a few years back, as a tradition, we used to have kites flying the skies of the nation.... It still does, but the number has drastically changed, coz the Modern India has new ideas of celebration. I will like to put an end to this article with a small sms that I recieved. The purpose of the sms was to make the PM read it...I dont have his number...but if CID comes to me for not giving credit to Jawaharlal Nehru and erasing some shine from Gandhiji's achievements, I would like them to read this as well; I consider this as making a better India, coz sometimes criticism makes a better tomorrow (certain bits are modified for a better graphical read):

What is India? 
A nation where the Pizza is delivered faster than the ambulance or the police or the fire brigade; 
Where you get a car loan @ 5% while education loan @ 12.5%; 
Where rice is Rs.40/Kg while a sim card comes free (and so does terrorism); 
Where people worship Goddess Kali and Durga but still are into female foetacide; 
Where the government offers a prize money of Rs. 30,000,000/- to a Olympic Gold Winning shooter but also doesnt forget to offer Rs. 100,000/- to a matyr on the Border Lines or against terrorsts... 
Incredible India!!!

But again, this is where we are...this is India and Indian....

Jai Hind!!!
The Few Indian Revolutionaries
Copyright: Somnath Paul.
Aug 2010.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Where are my Friends?!!!

Friends...! Where are you all??

Suddenly, I realized this insecurity while browsing Facebook and less frequently Orkut. All my friends have started vanishing from their frendsible nature!!! It seems that all their mind have undergone a nuclear meltdown and being a biologist, would term it as an atropy, all speaking in the same tone.

Facebook and Orkut and also Tweeter are made to express the nicks and bits and be in touch. But when ever I find time to browse through the pages, I find people busy writing some Gyaan or Intellectual Cheesy Quotes or making some quotes of their own. Even if I support the latter part, being part of creativity, the former to me seems too boring... Friends, the sole reason I joined orkut (first) and then Facebook was to be in touch with my childhood and adulteration years (college/university). I am not here to meet Alfred A. Montapert (as quoted by Arpan;CBS - Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress)... I know I am not!

In the past few days, this hype of quoting has leaped past the fence, when I see some classic quotes on (some without the authenticity), like quoted by Sadashib, healthy or diseased....the human mind s selfish . But knowing Sada, who is creative, this quote can be Original!!!

But again, please please please.... TOO MUCH SWEET IS BITTER!!! I want my friends, not a bunch of philosophers... as it it, this World is not miser with these bunch of people, who deliver FREE Philosophies!!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

The Cage Called...


Ya, its a cage that comes in all flowers, and for many it becomes a space (dedicated to limited access). The Best example these days: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who after marriage with Mrs. Shakshi M.S. Dhoni have turned numb in his batting powerfulness and his "blasting form" seems to continue everywhere, except the turf!!!

Then we have another cage called Maze.

Its confusing and makes people more confused when others seem to play act of being within one. Maze, the place where the organizing committee of the Common Wealth Games, 2010 are in at New Delhi. They bid to showcase national pride in front of an international arena. Now they play with leaky roofs and patchy fields, that led two sportman great speculate. One bashes, the Indian Soccer captain, Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia commenting the CWG shouldn't have been bid for and then we have the Former Indian Cricket captain, Mr. Sourav Ganguly hoped that the CWG would be pulled off properly. We also HOPE!

And the last cage that I want to mention in this limited edition, quick sleaky posting on blogger, is the Age.

Now that binds all things together from energy (making it limited) to enthusiasm (do), except for the skin (which constantly loosens from the subcutaneous layer and thanks to the business promotion to various anti aging cream that smells!!! Like Olay.)

This is a wit, meant to be taken lightly, but thought deeply with certain social issues especially with the state of Indian Committees, like the CWG organizers! And, also I would like to pray that MSD comes back to form with pleasure... Now thats raunchy!!!

Somnath Paul Photography


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